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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Estado de México: Charging taxation crooks threaten drivers and burn combis

A group of extortionists threatens to continue burning public transport units. In order to force the routes with passage through the neighborhoods of San José Xalostoc, El Salado and Altavilla to pay criminal taxation.

 After a combi of route 44-01 was burned yesterday by members of a criminal gang, whose driver was beaten after being kidnapped, the morning of last Wednesday, in the neighborhood of Altavilla, drivers fear for their lives ahead of new threats.

To sow terror, the extortionists warned drivers on Routes 44-01, 44-09 and 44-10, with passages through the El Salado, San Jose Xalostoc and Altavilla neighborhoods, with continuing to burn units, in case of refusing to pay the quotas that is required of them in order to be able to work in those areas.

Some neighbors reported that public transport drivers are afraid because they have also been threatened. Out of fear they refuse to report anything to the authorities.

Coupled with this, the transport leaders of those lines also have not wanted to make complaints about the extortion of which they are victims, because they are intimidated by men known to carry rifles and who claim to belong to an organized crime cartel.

In addition, they have refused to say what is the amount they have to pay to the extortionists, who have sowed the terror of transporters in the areas mentioned, and that as a result of the intimidation and even death threats, last week they found themselves having to suspend service twice after two drivers were picked up by strangers.

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  1. Diario de Jaurez is showing an article that says Chapo and his lawyers are saying he is claiming and crying that he is receiving "cruel and unsusual punishment" for being in isolation all this time he has been in prison. They claim he can't even sleep because the lights in his cell are always turned on. Wawawawa!

  2. I had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Chapultepec in the 70's.
    From what I've been told by friends and family this pristine place is no more.

    1. Welcome to Mexico. The land of inpunity, and anything goes.

  3. Y el pinche gobierno, apa?
    Esa bola de putos no merecen las concesions give them to the drivers and arm the combis, it will take a few murders and ass kickings before the gavilleros learn their lessons.


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