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Saturday, May 11, 2019

San Luis Potosi: in Ciudad Valles, couple incinerated in revenge

The judge of the community Los Otates reported before seven thirty in the morning that two bodies were lying on the road that is diverted to that community, shortly after the famous tourist spot Micos.

The report was received at 7:30 am, after the land authority found the partly burned corpses of a man and a woman in the deviation of the aforementioned road, only three meters from the train tracks. On one side of the two bodies were found .22 caliber rounds, according to the authorities who arrived at the place.

So far there is no more information on the finding, except that the authorities of all corporations are already on the site and that the investigations were initiated.

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Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. What cartels are beefing in San Luis Potosi?

    1. Zetas golfos CJNG blo a lil n a bunch families

    2. 1:27 cdg,talibanes,cdn,cds,zve n maybe cjng....cdg vs cdn vs talibanes vs cjng...maybe the ones not killing each other is cdg-cds-zve...

  2. Sol, you are cranking them out today !!
    Revenge for what ? any hint ?

    1. I’d say old lovers spat. Or just plain ass envy. People kill each other for the dumbest reasons. Especially when so many hold on to old grudges.
      - Sol Prendido

  3. Who runs Valles cdn or fegs???

  4. Oh my, what a horrible way to die. I bet they owed somebody


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