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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Dressed as Avengers culprits kidnap municipal official in Veracruz

On the Día del Niño, two men disguised as superheroes kidnapped a municipal official traveling with his youngest son. Authorities managed to rescue him.

According to Proceso, the director of Social Development of the City of Cordoba, José Domingo Medrano Vázquez, was kidnapped by two subjects disguised as "Avengers", this the morning of April 30, Children's Day, in the vicinity of the city ​​of Fortín de las Flores.

The Millennium report indicates that the events occurred when Medrano Vázquez was preparing to take his son to school. The minor, who was abandoned in the truck, narrated that two people disguised as "Avengers", removed him and threatened that they were going to kill him; After this, they took the official to an unknown destination.

Immediately a search and rescue operation was launched. The operation not only covered the streets of the city in which the kidnapping of Medrano took place, but also in the surrounding communities of the municipalities, informed the Ministry of Public Security.

According to what Veracruz's SSP reports, without needing to use super powers, the agents of the XXI delegation of the State Police found the official, who was in a security house located in the La Posta neighborhood.

"It was through the cries of the person, found alone in that place and tied hand and foot, that the police could act," says the statement issued by the authorities ... although another version indicates that the official was found on an avenue close to the Villareal subdivision.

Finally, as reported by Proceso, the arrest of those responsible for the kidnapping was achieved, without the authorities of Veracruz having detailed what hero of the "Avengers" the criminals disguised themselves as.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Proceso and Laroja 


  1. Only to be called PITUFOS.

  2. I remember when el Chino Antrax had operative dress like a clown and eliminate a target


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