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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mexico City:2 gangs of drug pushers are dismantled in Tlalpan, main cause of violence in the south

Mexico City police captured two gangs of drug dealers in the Tlalpan city center called Los Macedos and Los Cambrón, identified by the authorities as the main generators of violence in the south of the capital for control of the territory.

From the first group was achieved the detention of six people under the command of Eduardo Mejía Herrero El Macedo, they were caught with 124 plastic bags of marijuana and 50 pesos

Meanwhile, five members were arrested from the second criminal gang, a group led by Jorge Romero Cambrón El Boludo (Mr. Big Balls), who was caught with 75 wrapped rocks of cocaine and cash.

"In the four actions that were carried out, a total of five members of the 'Los Cambrón' gang were arrested and in two other actions, six members of the 'Los Macedos' gang . What we are doing is dismantling those groups that are generating violence, above all homicides, starting from the territorial dispute over narcomenudeo, "Security Secretary Jesús Orta Martínez told a press conference.

The El Macedo gang operated mainly in the Miguel Hidalgo 1 and 2 neighborhoods, as well as in San Juan Tepeximilpa. While the Cambrones concentrated their criminal activities within the limits of the Coyoacán mayor's office.

In the framework of the Operative Rubik, the arrest of a band dedicated to the theft of cargo transport and transfer of stolen goods was also achieved.

After the indictment of the Philip Morris company of the robbery of a truck in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, one person was arrested and 6,600 packs of cigarettes were recovered. And in pursuit of this crime, four more people were arrested recovering 15 thousand packs of Marlboro cigars and 880 thousand pesos.

The Operation Rubik consisted of the deployment of 12 cells in different points of the city, each one integrated by 15 elements. There are 87 policemen, four vans and 21 motorcycles, while the Investigative Police has 19 elements in 10 vehicles.

In addition to drug trafficking gangs, 66 were arrested for fraud,  45 for drugs, one for extortion, six for illicit proceeds, 23 for carrying a firearm, 3 for the use of false documents and 2 for theft of objects from within the interior of a vehicle. In addition, 87 cars were seized.

According to the authorities, the areas where the Rubik strategy has operated, high-impact crimes decreased by 16 percent.
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Milenio


  1. Can imagine the overcrowding in Mexico's penitentiaries. Doubt that AMLO has any budget for the construction of new holding facilities. Since his sermons aren't getting through to these criminals.

  2. There is a new penitentiary in Morelos. It is not in service yet. It is near the pay highway from Taxco to Cuernavaca.

  3. 10:30 que se metan su nueva penitenciaria por el jundillo.
    Hijos de su puta Madre.


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