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Thursday, May 23, 2019

CJNG leaves manta in Uruapan

Authorities of the C5 region in Uruapan, Michoacán, reported the following: Around 10:00 A.M., Elements of the Michoacán Police, located on a pedestrian bridge at Boulevard Industrial
and the corner of Avenida Prolongación Jalisco, Colonia Eduardo Ruíz, township of Uruapan,
Michoacán, a manta, with the following message:
This communication is from Señor de Los Gallos, CJNG. The director, Comandante, guard chief for Javier Estrada Lua aka El Guapo (Mr. Handsome), and Ivan Andrade Martinez aka El Chucho. Stop fucking around that you want to place control. The people are satisfied without control, cooperation and attacks against authority. Just like you were use to doing Guapo when you had control. So, stop fucking around because there will only be control here until we decide. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to listen and leave the townspeople in peace. And that they live their lives peacefully. Stop punishing people like absolute dumbasses based on gossip from sorry ass people. If you value your lives you will understand. Don’t be dumbasses. Stop humiliating citizens in your bitch ass roadblocks by having them remove their undergarments and forcing them to do squats. Stop abusing your authority by denigrating the families of incarcerated people. This is the first and last demand and communication that will be made to you. If you refuse to listen we will be forced to hang some of your police elements from the bridge. We already have every one of you fuck ups located: Comandante Raul, Negro, Baldo, Magadan, J.R. 
Sincerely, CJNG

We the Cartel Jalisco have not arrived to sow fear for the people of Uruapan. We’ve arrived to cleanse Uruapan of the scum Mantin, Chatarras, Ruso and the rest of his people. Because their the ones who have all the population of Uruapan gone to waste by allowing them to sell meth. We have not arrived to sow fear. We’ve arrived for the scum Chatarras and Ruso. We don’t kidnap nor do we kill innocents. We come with the teachings of El Señor de Los Gallos. We have you all located. So be fucking ready!

Elements of the Municipal Police of Uruapan and the Michoacán Police deputy’s of the S.S.P.E. arrived at the locale, who then removed the manta and handed it over to the Regional Prosecutor of Justice of said township.

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