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Thursday, May 23, 2019

SONORA: 14 apprehended in binational operation

As a result of a binational operation that took place in Sonora, where elements of the Regional Security Division of the Federal Police and personnel of the US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) participated, 14 people were arrested who allegedly guarded a clandestine camp.

The events occurred when federal agents received an alert from the international border patrol liaison, in which they reported a group of people camouflaged in tactical clothing who remained in a camp set up on a hill very close to the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

After exchanging tactical plans, elements of the Federal Police with the support of an air unit of the corporation moved to the communal land of La Nariz in the municipality of Sonoyta, where they were apprehended on foot on a dirt road.

After implementing security and surveillance protocols in that area, the federal troops carried out a rigorous operation to perform the intervention in the circular based camp, covered with the areas natural vegetation, in addition to logs and stones.

Without firing a single shot, federal agents apprehended 14 subjects, including, presumably, seven Central Americans. A short firearm was secured, and five packages with 10 rectangular packages containing about 110 kilos of apparent marijuana.

Before the probable commission of a crime, the apprehended along with the packages of the apparent drug were placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry Agent in the entity, who will carry out the corresponding investigations to determine their legal status.

From VXT by Sol Prendido Borderland Beat


  1. Yikes ! You don't want to know how many of these, thankfully, abandoned or non inhabited site like this I have come across.......rule of thumb: get the hell outta there and pray.

    1. Prayers are for those who are engaging in criminal activity. Clearly a portrait of unlawful activity was being carried out by these individuals.
      Curious to know if these central Americans are part of these caravans taking place? If so? These actions are what's dividing political beliefs. Moreover, fueling the flames of immigration policies.



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