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Sunday, May 12, 2019

TIjuana, BC: PEP Confiscates 114 K’s Of Meth and Arrests 2 Men

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta

After an operation in the Manuel Paredes I neighborhood in Tijuana, the State Preventive Police (PEP) managed to secure more than 114 kilos of methamphetamine and two men related to these events.

According to information shared by the corporation, this was achieved based on field research and information analysis, this was how the elements tracked the cargo that was transferred to the aforementioned colony.

The operation culminated in identifying a 1999 Ford Ranger pick-up vehicle, in which two men were traveling, the vehicle coinciding with the characteristics of the person involved in the investigation.

The men who were on board the private vehicle were identified as Lorenzo "N" of 27 years, and Jorge "N" of 20 years of age, when being approached by elements of the PEP were nervous, a detail that was enough to proceed to a corporal revision, in which they did not find anything.

However, the police noticed that there were two plastic boxes in the pick-up box. On review, they found several packages of plastic sealed with gray adhesive tape inside, as well as several bags containing a granulated substance of white color with  the characteristics of methamphetamine.

The alleged drug shed a weight of 114 kilos 650 grams, which prevented the possible development and distribution in the streets of at least 1,00,446, 50 doses.

The men who traveled in the vehicle were arrested  and placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities who will be responsible for determining their legal status.


  1. Its unbelievable the amount of this drug coming into the US. Along with those consuming.

    1. Could have been for local consumption too. Meth is the drug of choice in Tijuana.

    2. Who is consuming this much Meth? It has to be a West Coast and Southern thing because not many are doing Meth here on the East Coast. It’s Percs and Perico over here.

    3. Hispanics/latinos do drugs and have easier access to drugs but blacks and whites love drugs way more especially in the US and also Europe. They help keep the cartels in business with their appetite and liberal attitude of drugs sex and parties nonstop

  2. The stated reasons for the search,
    have the characteristics of BS

  3. Just let it happen,,,,...laws of supply and demand that have little effect on bewildered consumers

    1. Population control. Time to diminish the unwanted and uneducated.

  4. People doing drugs is a choice not by force.

  5. Tijuana PEP seems to do a better job than the Marinas. Marina's get the drugs, but hardly no one is caught.

  6. Why are the faces blurred out? Your making me go to a competitors web site to see picture.


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