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Friday, May 10, 2019

Estado de México: 2 abducted merchants rescued from safe house

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  from VXT

Agents of the Fiscalía General de Justicia del Estado de México

(FGJEM) managed to free two people who were kidnapped in a house in Tlalnepantla and detained two individuals allegedly related to these events.

The mobilization derived from a citizen complaint in which it was alerted that two people with their their faces covered had been forcibly entered into a building in the Jorge Jiménez Cantú neighborhood.

In response, elements of the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Tlalnepantla moved to the place, located the property indicated in the complaint and after listening to groans and cries for help from that house, entered and located two men, who had been kidnapped, both bound and blindfolded, reclining in one of the rooms of the building.

In the place two subjects were arrested identified as Jonathan "N" and Luis Fernando "N" subsequently filed with the Agente del Ministerio Público, who initiated the respective investigation folder for the crime of kidnapping and then were submitted before a judge in the Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social de Tlalnepantla, authority that linked them to the process.

According to the investigation of the FGJEM, both victims are merchants and had been kidnapped on April 29 in the municipality of Ecatepec.

The probable kidnappers reportedly solicited the relatives of both victims for a large sum of money in exchange for releasing them.



    You’re welcome

  2. If those two were hung by the neck in the town square extortion rates in Mexico would decline by 50% overnight.

  3. The first guy to get into the pgr building, had his pants almost falling down, he will get married real quick, hijos de su puta madre
    Pa que se les quite andar ahi de calientes.
    But I hope this is not puro pinchi pedo staged to make the pinchis cuicos look good, like genarco garcia luna used to do as in the Florence Caszes or the perra esa Miranda de Wallace, Guadalupe Lizarraga got her ess right by the tail...

  4. Great catch, looks like those kidnapper's were not in it together, with the police. How many years will they get?


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