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Friday, May 10, 2019

Armed Commando Ambushes and Kills 4 Custodians of the CEFERESO Michapa, Morelos, Injuring Eight

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: La Verdad

In one place a burning vehicle was found similar to the one allegedly used by the aggressors used to commit the attack.

Armed people attacked a bus that was transporting personnel from the Federal Social Readaptation Center (Cefereso) of the Michapa community in the Municipality of Coatlán del Río , leaving at least eight people injured and four dead, including a woman.

The incident was reported around 7:28 pm on Friday on Calle No Reelection of the Colonia Emiliano Zapata, Municipality of Puente de Ixtla.

The first reports relate that a red Nissan Sentra vehicle was traveling with four gunmen who intercepted the bus at the height of the Mother's Monument, where they fired repeatedly, and then fled to San Mateo. Elements of the Morelos Police and the Mexican Army who implemented an operation in the area to try to find those responsible, without having positive results.

Meanwhile, paramedics helped the custodians who were injured to those who moved to different clinics for their care, and so far their health status is unknown. Motive for the attack also unknown.
Minutes after the attack, reported the finding of a burning vehicle with the same characteristics that the gunmen occupied to commit the attack, however, so far has not been confirmed if it is the same car.     
             The community was beginning preparations for the annual Mother's Day celebrations.


  1. How come there are no road blocks or squad cars all over the city when there is so much criminal activity?
    The strategy of staying put in the poolice station has not been worked for too long, somebody is giving you atole, con el dediado. I mean, les andan dando atole con el dediado.

  2. Lock down the CEFERESO and put the borregas on bread and water until the perps get caught, and make sure the guards are not easily found or identified, prisoners cellphones must be sending pictures, videos, communications, fotos, but outside there is no respect, no checkpoints, no squad cars not even bumps on the road to slow down the ambushes.
    And maybe that's the idea.

  3. There were big security measures put in place due to this incident and the murders in Cuernavaca a couple of days ago, Excelsior reports this morning.

  4. Reacting to crime is always too late,
    What is there for prevention other than waiting in the police station?


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