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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cd Juarez: Armed Commando Opens Fire on a Party

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario y ElNorte
Ciudad Juarez:  Two dead and three injured, including a minor, left by an armed attack recorded last night in front of a house located on Xochimilcas Street in the Colonia Azteca where a gathering was being held.

Armed men came to the site and emptied their weapons against the attendees of the party.

After the shooting there were screams and terror, the injured people were taken in private vehicles to a hospital. Relatives of the victims went into crisis mode as crying and screaming commenced while trying to absorb the horror of what happened.

Elements of the different police corporations secured the scene and began with the first investigations. Experts from the State Attorney General's Office lifted the ballistic evidence and the bodies. Until tonight the names and ages of the victims were not disclosed and no arrests have been reported.

With this case, there were seven homicides during Saturday and Sunday in the state of Chihuahua, five in Ciudad Juárez, one in Cuauhtémoc and another in the capital. (that we know of as of now)

Approximately at midnight, in Ciudad Juarez, one man was shot dead and another injured in the Eco 2000 Fraccionamiento, in Lince and Tiburon streets.

In another incident, a man was found dead and hand-tied, in a vacant lot on Manzano Street in Colonia Granjas Santa Elena, near the road that leads to Casas Grandes.

In addition, the finding of a woman murdered and buried in a house in Colonia Nuevo México was reported.

The location was made after a search conducted on Saturday by an interdisciplinary group composed of Agents of the Public Ministry of the Unit of Absentees and the Homicide Unit, investigative elements attached to the AEI, as well as criminologists, forensic anthropologists and agents of the K9 group .

"After making a brief inspection, the canine element indicated the point where an excavation was made approximately 1.5 meters deep in which the body of a woman between 20 and 30 years of age was located," the FGE reported.

The activities were supported by the State Search Commission, which verified the compliance in the processing of graves and the treatment and identification of corpses as marked by the protocols.

The deseased wore a dark colored blouse with pink letters, light colored denim trousers and as the only physical characteristic appreciable at the time of the discovery it was observed that she has light colored hair.

The body of the victim was taken to the facilities of the forensic medical service, where the pertinent forensic studies will be performed in order to establish the cause of death and determine their identity officially.

While in Cuauhtémoc, a man was found murdered Saturday and wrapped in a blanket at kilometer 2 of the road that leads from Cuauhtémoc to Cusihuiriachi.

The Attorney General's Office reported that he was tied with wire and only his lower extremities and head were observed.  Staff of Expert Services packed two bushings of a .45 caliber firearm in place.

In turn, this Sunday, a man was found executed, as well as tied hands and feet in the Colonia Aeropuerto, in the City of Chihuahua.


  1. The idea is to get the "plasa", Mando Unico had its program, but EPN got kicked out of the way, now the Guarida Nazional is taking over, if winning ugly is what it will take, then winning ugly is what it will take. The AEI is the little bich sister of the AFI great agency invented by genarco garcia luna before he invented SSP to keel on robbing and kidnapping fro ransom.
    Th job should be municipales, state and federales and melitary are only to inspect and improve, because if they are on the street shit will never stop as has never improved.

  2. "Elements of the different police corporations secured the scene".
    Probably the only expected result from these security forces. Where preventive measures from occurring are not on their agenda.
    Seems like AFTER THE FACT is what they're only good at these days in Mexico.
    Such hypocrisy whirling when it comes to protecting its citizens.

    1. 7:44 the rolls of yellow tape to secure the crime scene are real heavy, and after spending all that time getting flat ass from sitting at the police station, going to crime scenes gets pretty old. These are 'police officers' not beasts of burden.

  3. Lol what happened to the Mexican cartel? It seems like they are in business of murder and not of selling drugs anymore.

    I guess because it’s become easier to kill somebody in Mexico than actually sell drugs.

    1. Maybe we should look into calling these guys what they really are. TERRORISTS

    2. Why are the Americans putting up with this

    3. 12:37 ay no mames guey, these are criminals killing each other for the maruchan turf, terroristas just pronounce each other terroristas, but the first to hit, gets to hit twice.

    4. 9:26 callese l'osico guey, this happened in Cd Juarez, and then again, it was not like 50 or 50 000 guys got shot at with Russian financed-aproved--permitted weapons of mass murdering.
      Como hay pendejos me cai.

  4. This article begins with "Experts at the scene to determine...……………………etc,etc. WTF are they talking about. The Municipal Police have been corrupted, are incompetent, and will never solve this shooting just like all the thousands in the past. While it irritates Mexicans to have their country referred to as a "failed State", they better sit up and take notice and do something as Mexico continues to go down the toilet!

    1. Interesting point made @4:47.

      Where security seems to be a commodity for the wealthy and not its citizens.


    2. Do what smarty pants???
      Money talks just like everywhere else in the planet and since most of the only people that have an influential amount are drug lords then nobody is ever capable of doing shit in Mexico no matter if they have weapons or not.
      It would be easier to raise the Titanic from the bottom of the ocean twice then it would be for Mexicans to do shit about cartels without funds!

    3. That Titanic line 😂

    4. 4:47 the Mexican polesias and army navy have money, or at least supplies, courtesy of the US government, to supervise the Mexican carnage while they appear to fight the US war ON drugs in Mexico
      --You need to wake the fack up and learn something before eating your shit while asleep.

  5. Typical day at the wild south, where anything goes.


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