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Monday, May 20, 2019

At least 6 Dead: Confrontation Mineral La Florida, Municipality of Múzquiz, Coahuila

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Rancherita y Vanguardia

On the night of this Sunday, May 19, in a security action, elements of Fuerza Coahuila confronted a group of heavily armed civilians in a breach near the community of Mineral La Florida, in the Municipality of Múzquiz, Coahuila, which until now shows a balance of at least six likely criminals killed, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Public Security through a statement. 

To this action responded a helicopter and elements of the Federal Police, as well as members of the Secretariat of National Defense.  Staff of the Forensic Expert Services Dept of ​​the State Attorney General's Office is currently gathering evidence.

However, due to the lack of lighting, as well as the complex conditions of the land where the events took place, they have not yet concluded, so the final balance that this action could not be determined by the security forces and is yet be determined.

Schools classes are now officially suspended. Graphic Photos Next Page; VIDEO bottom
A new day of violence was registered in the Carboniferous Region of Coahuila , where a " war " has broken out between authorities and alleged criminals that left at least six dead, according to a press release.

The State Government and the Attorney General of Coahuila confirmed the confrontation in the Mineral La Florida community , in the municipality of Múzquiz.

Based on the above, a search operation was implemented for some of the armed civilians who managed to flee through gaps near the site. An element of the State Police was injured and already receives medical attention.

As soon as the conditions allow, it will conclude with the work of gathering evidence and the corresponding information will be made known to the public, concludes the dependence in the statement sent around midnight.
The message would have been directed by the campus director early on Monday. Students and citizens regretted the events in the region; citizens are terrified.

In response to the confrontation reported yesterday in the Carboniferous zone of Coahuila , Technical High School # 2 announced the suspension of classes.
"Good night, for safety and to events raised today and in order to safeguard the integrity of students and teachers and staff, tomorrow Monday , May 20 classes and work are suspended in our institution  " published on their official Facebook page.
The State Government and the Attorney General of Coahuila confirmed the clash in the Mineral La Florida community in the municipality of Múzquiz on Sunday night.

Director of the municipal police of Monclova, Fernando Olivas, announced that the Red Code had been activated in that locality due to the report that trucks with armed men were approaching on board.
Late at night, the Public Security Secretariat reported that the Office of the Public Prosecutor continued to raise evidence in the area, so that it was not yet possible to define a precise number of the people who died, so that it could rise.
As evidence continues to rise, the final balance will be given. In addition to the deceased, a state agent was injured, for which he was already treated. Through social networks it has transpired that the dead in this event would be even greater.
Weeks of violence in Coahuila:
In less than a month several criminal acts have been reported:

April 26: A woman is found murdered and with a message in Saltillo
April 27: Authorities face a crime cell; 9 of them die
May 5: Armed men shoot a sub-delegation in Ramos Arizpe.
Confrontation: Authorities and criminals "collided" in this community near Barroterán, in the Carboniferous Region.
May 6: Government of the State informs that they arrest those responsible for the previous attack.
May 18: Sicarios attack delegation of the FGE in San Juan de Sabinas; they leave 5 corpses
May 18: State authorities face armed civilians in Nava

Last Night:
May 19: Hit men and state agents "clash" in Múzquiz; leaving at least 6 dead :
Vanguardia now reporting these events as "A War"


  1. Cdn getting man handled....

  2. Patch on that last pic of the vest by itself is upside down, like someone slapped it on there after the fact.

  3. Just for context, it has been alleged that Coahuila State Police are paid by CJNG to exterminate CDN cells.

  4. Worse than Beirut!
    And its right on our backyard.

    1. And your government supplies all those weapons. looks at those AR-15 mags, those are not cheap surplus STANAG magazines. Those are fancy mags .

    2. Our government doesn't supply us with weapons. A free market society and our constitutional freedom to bear arms is how that works. It's not perfect but still the greatest country on earth.

    3. 1101
      Go peddle that on t-shirts,you didn't mention fast n furious?


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