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Sunday, May 19, 2019

CJNG Blocks Highways in Michoacan

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Financiero y LaVozdeMichoacán
               Alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel block roads in Michoacán

In this regard, the Ministry of Public Security channels and said that the blockade had been carried out by armed ''civilians''.

By: Arturo Estrada
Presumed members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, (CJNG)  made two road blockades on Saturday in the state of Michoacán, both in the municipality of Uruapán.

Civilians armed with assault rifles and hoods robbed drivers of two trailers to hinder vehicular traffic on the state roads of Uruapan and Gabriel Zamora.

According to information gathered by El Financiero, it was learned that the alleged members of the CJNG did not use their weapons, but they did show blankets with the initials of the cartel. La Voz de Michoacán reports that factions from both CJNG and "Los Viagras" arrived heavily armed with their initials on their trucks. The drivers of the tractor trailers stood down for fear of being injured or worse; but ultimately the armed and hooded men fled in the trucks.

     Later, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) only recognized a blockade by "civilians" on the                                                                    Uruapan-Lombardy highway.
The agency said that personnel of the Michoacán Police moved to that area, after receiving a report to 911, which reported that a group of civilians had stripped the operator of a tractor truck, red, which used to block both lanes of the road at the height of kilometer 88.

Through the State Command, Communications, Computing, Control, Coordination and Intelligence Center (C5), the road and neighboring points are being monitored in order to guarantee free transit and the safety of the population, the secretariat added.

He also stressed that police officers remain in the area to provide security guarantees to those who travel through the aforementioned road, in addition to helping in work to streamline the flow of traffic.
The vehicle, he said, will be made available to the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán , in order to carry out the corresponding actions.

The SSP pointed out that it will not take "a step backwards against any act that threatens the safety of the Michoacán people". There was an operation to catch the perpetrators but the authorities were unsuccessful.

It should be noted that both the CJNG and the criminal group of "Los Viagras'' have unleashed a fratricidal struggle in the state, ie warring factions, which has increased the number of intentional homicides.

The Prosecutor's Office admitted that the number of intentional homicides recorded during the last 16 months reaches an average of 3.4 a day.
Among the most violent cities of the state are: Buenavista, Morelia, Uruapan, Zamora, Huetamo, Apatzingán, Mújica, Lázaro and La Huacana, according to official reports.


  1. Seriously doubting the incompetence of policing and military action by an intentionally politically motivated agenda.

    Patrolling the skies with drones and aircraft to curtail this criminal behavior would be an effective tool.
    Added with nearby military bases to confront these individuals swiftly.

    These events clearly seem to be a norm in all parts of Mexico nowadays. Creating havoc and insecurity to its residents and the transportation industry.

    Then again its evident that these cartels dictate and rule not government!

    Why should we care if they themselves are the cause of their own demise. America has its own demise with the high rate of consumption of drugs.

  2. Why would CJNG use mantas and shit with "their name"? To rob truck drivers or to just stop traffick?
    Looks like a blow job to flood the area with soldiers and Federales and SSP to look after the viagras que ora se andan cagando de miedo por andar ahi de calientes.

  3. Dang cjng sure have been busy this few years

  4. Gun down any cjng members on site. Cjng are pussies when confronted gun to gun. Theres no respawn in real life cjng d bags. Go back to cod.

    1. Damn bro, put down your CDS pom poms.

  5. EPN and PRI chose to steal the AutoDefensas Revolution and to give Michuakan to the PRD to keep up their clown show, what now.

  6. What safety can the secratant provide, if there are killings everyday, also CJNG is becoming famous for killing babies at parties. But then again will they go after CJNG, when in fact they bribe government officials to look the other way.

    1. 2:46 unless u know or belong to any of these cartels other than that ur just speculating pretending to know exactly what happened u dam cjng fan boy...btw cjng is known for killing babies its happened in other places like mexicali when that puerco of el puma EXECUTED the 7 year old kid...u dont know shit ur just guessing..

  7. Black windows are an enemy. A camioneta with four doors can pass and it may have a family inside or it could have six sicarios with five cuernos standing straight up. Marinas and the ejercito need to see what is inside the motor vehicle. Windows tintas were banned. Now it is time to say "Basta Ya" to new camionetas with black windows. Tell car manufacturers new camionetas with black windows are prohibited. This will cause disconfort but the gangstras will be forced to ride in older and older vehicles. There is no other way to confront this.

  8. This is where several grenades would come in handy!😊


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