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Monday, May 20, 2019

Another Weekend in TJ, BC: 17 Dead Plus Human Heads

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y ElSol
      Five dead and  a human head in a bag with narco - message; no word on the message itself.

In front of the grocery store "7 Gallos", located on Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas, in the Niño Artillero neighborhood, a human head was left wrapped in a plastic bag and a threatening message, which until now is unknown.

The incident occurred on the Niño Artillero neighborhood, of the Sánchez Taboada delegation, when the report of a black bag containing a human head on top of a white blanket with a message towards a criminal group was answered.

Soon, the area was cordoned off by the Municipal Police, and an operation was set up to arrest those responsible, however it was not successful.

It is worth mentioning that just yesterday Friday, another human head was found inside a backpack, on a pedestrian bridge at the height of Colonia Manuel Paredes.

6 people were deprived of life, two of the victims were women, just in the first section of this report.

First thing on Friday morning on Farolito Street in the Hipódromo II neighborhood, a man was shot to death in the back.

The body of a man wrapped in plastic bags with visible strangulation marks was found in Callejón Chapultepec in Colonia 20 de Noviembre.

In the Malvia street of Colonia Ejido Francisco Villa, the body  of a male with various blunt injuries and a groove in the neck was found. Cause of death to be determined.

The early morning of this Saturday, May 18, at the ISSSTECALI Hospital, a young woman identified   as Karla Janeth Diosdado Peña, 22, died. The victim had injuries by firearm. When she arrived at her home located on Casuarinas Boulevard in Riveras del Bosque, a young woman named Mirian Peralta García, 22, was shot dead.

The second of the young women who were killed was also 22 years old and her name was Miriam Peralta García.

The first data refer that she was killed in the Rivera del Bosque subdivision in the La Presa delegation. Apparently, her father was informed that his daughter had been injured and he found several spots of blood from the injuries. So far the cause of death is unknown.

In addition:
In different events, a man was executed in the Colonia Royal of San Francisco and two young men were shot in the swap meet 5 and 10, the afternoon of this Friday, May 17, in Tijuana.

The first in an address of Venadito of the Colonia Real of San Francisco, was located a lifeless body in a putrefied state, which was gagged.

Then it was reported around 5:00pm that in the tianguis located in the La Mesa Delegation, shots were heard by firearm. Upon the arrival of the municipal agents, they moved to corridors 5 and 6 where they found two young people around 17 years old.

Paramedics from the Red Cross treated men with injuries one in one leg and the other in one foot. The two were transferred to a local hospital.

Witnesses say that the alleged perpetrator was dressed in black and left the grounds.

By Sunday Night 11 more were murdered within Hours:
By: Antonio Maya from: El Sol

Within 10 minutes, two men were killed in different areas of the city; A total of 11 more people were executed between Saturday and Sunday:

The first homicide on Sunday was recorded at 10:30 in the morning at kilometer 133-350 of the Tijuana-Tecate toll road at the height of the Pontevedra subdivision, where a man was found dead with bullet wounds in the body .

10 minutes later, a man was found dead on Violets Street in Colonia Jardin; he had multiple bullet impacts on the body. According to the municipal police, the alleged perpetrators of the homicide fled on foot.

At 7:15 in the morning, a man with bullet wounds in the face and neck was found among a gray canvas on a dirt road of the Murúa Campestre colony.

Near 9:00 am, the body of a man in a state of putrefaction was found in a ditch. According to the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), the victim was located with several bullet wounds to the chest and face at the end of Hacienda Santa Isabel street in the Hacienda Las Delicias III subdivision.

GunFire is registered in Cerro Colorado:
Before midday, two men were killed with a firearm on San Benito Street in the Buenos Aires Sur neighborhood in the Cerro Colorado delegation. According to the PGJE, the victims were identified as Alejandro Esqueda Inocencio, 32, and Jorge Alberto Inocencio Aguilera, 39.

In the course of 12 minutes, four men died violently in different parts of the city; The first violent incident of that afternoon was recorded at 5:28 pm, when a man with a handcuff was found with bullets in the head and face in the Urbi Villa del Prado ll subdivision.

Subsequently, at 17:40, three people died in the General Hospital of Tijuana; of those, one for injuries with a firearm and one for blows to the body.

Finally, a person named Antonio Sánchez Morales, 32 years old, was found with bullet wounds on Jesús García street in the Maclovio Rojas neighborhood in the La Presa Rural delegation.

                       A Body was found on the second story of a house next to the Fire Station

Meanwhile in the Municipality of Ensenada:
In separate events, the remains of two people were found  in the municipality of Ensenada on Friday, May 17, reported the Ensenada District Attorney's Office.

The first was recorded at 11:20 hours after a call where it was made known about a person who died with violence inside a home located on 20 de Noviembre street, in Maneadero.

It is a person of male sex, approximately 47 years of age. The deceased was lying on the ground and tied up. At first sight it presents with contusions on the body and head.

The same Friday at 20:25 hours it was reported that in a neighborhood road passing the Rancho Las Escobas, San Quintin the finding of a male body in an advanced state of putrefaction which was recorded. The identity of the deceased is unknown.


  1. Definitely a war zone borderlandbeat.
    If not for this transparency by those few dedicated reporters like yourselves. These atrocities will be overlooked and unpunished because of awareness.

    1. Cont: 9:46
      To think that children are the adult product of the eco system around them.


    2. 946 things are still overlooked and no punishment. Mexico reminds me of the wild west, where there's always a shootout, people getting killed. Then you have this cartel that kills babies. Welcome to Mexico.
      Luna Apagtha

  2. Welcome to the sicario slaughter house

  3. Who is all fighting in tj at the moment?

    1. 11:47 less see, since Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra started as a civilian council member for security until he was elected to SSP Tijuana and discovered there was a lot of money in public security and started dismantling municipal police with examinations, purges and discrimination to put himself up there as Mando Unico, who got fired and rehired, it has been hard for law enforcement to cope with crime, the Estatales, federales, and military fight vs municipal police and criminals is hard to win from mexico city or the capital of the state.

  4. 9:46 makes the point. Without B.Beat and a couple of other blogs this sad era in of Mexico's history would not have been properly recorded.
    Certainly the government of Mexico wouldn't post factual data of record violence and death.

    1. The murders and disappearances are still inaccessible and inaccurate. If people were to go to each murder scene or count the bodies that they find. I am sure it's on the millions and not thousands like every story claims "the war on drugs" has claimed. Yes, we need BB

    2. The military and the police are the ones who hide their victims the most, in hopes the windfall of power and money never ends, let's remember the military was brought over to take over police functions since Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra was SSP in Tijuana, "where the money is" and how he was celebrated for repealing an armed Commando of 250 ATTACKERS with machine guns all by himself, in spite of having no weapons training... He earned his knee pads and the title of "el Rambo de Tijuana" and lrft Tijuana hecho cagada with Julian Leyzaola, a former Mexican army motherfacker, graduate of "some courses" in School of the Americas who just wants to get paid somehow.
      They leave el Lazca and Co. far behind in evil dust.

  5. Without proper leadership and law abiding federal forces, this mayhem will continue on for decades. Always be a third world dump where corruption goes on unpunished and morals are like a fart in the wind

  6. Tijuana is a straight sewer. I hate working next to Tijuaneros. These people belong in maquilladoras, not stealing jobs from US Citizens. Thanks to them I had to buy a car alarm. Pinches Tijuaneros!

    1. 8:18 better watch it bro, I am sure the tijuaneros are planning to steal the car alarm and the car, US congressman and former car thief Darrell Issa made himself a millionaire selling car alarms, but he is still in business, even Mexican cops I. Prisoner on the US for auto theft had to be released because they were parnas and the CIA said let him go, like Miguel Nazar Haro, DFS commander and his buddy DFS commander Julian Slim Helu, Lebanese like Carlos Slim Helu his brother...think of it, if you can't beat them, you may join them pinchis tijuanos, no?

    2. Yeah, man, tijuaneros will steal the shit from any tacuache.
      You better stay home with mommy.


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