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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Jalisco: Search continues where 17 bodies found in farm rubble

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from VXT

 After a rubble clearing on a farm in El Colli where the bodies of 17 people were located, the State Prosecutor's Office will resume the search for more people because there are still three rooms to be checked, said the head of the agency, Gerardo Octavio Solís.

"We continue working on the farm of El Colli, in fact the discovery at the moment is of 17 bodies, there are some parts of the farm that has made the work of the experts difficult since there is even the possibility of a landslide and it is a risk for the staff forensic and ministerial that is working ".

Graphic images that may be disturbing on following page

Currently the site is intervened with heavy machinery for the removal of material and debris as a result of a consultation made with civil engineering experts who determined it.

"Together with the forensic personnel they are carrying out the maneuvers to be able to process the entire farm but in safe conditions".

It is expected that now you can enter the back of the neighborhood for the next few days to be able to report if more bodies were found.

On April 4, the authorities began the search for bodies in the building, located at Popocatepetl Volcano and Patria, as part of the investigation of two people reported missing.

That day two bodies were found with the support of cadaver dogs, the search that resumed on April 12 and that led days later in the discovery of the 17 corpses whose cadaverous evolution was between three weeks and up to five months, according to the expert reports.

The prosecutor pointed out that only five of the bodies have been identified, but DNA tests are still applied so that there is no doubt about their identity.

And although the authorities found that the neighborhood was used for other illicit activities such as the sale of drugs, it is presumed that the person who owned the property was unaware of such circumstances.


  1. Y lo que falta...
    In Chile they are still uncovering bodies once in a while, 45 years after the pinochetazo, El general Sergio Arellano Stark did a wonderful job with the victims that fell "en las garras del Puma", he died crying about his heroic innocence.
    In Mexico it will be hard convivting too many people, Alvaro Uribe Velez may be consulting and giving seminars on impunity, the US recognizes the principle of sovereign impunity, unless there is oil or bananas in the middle.

  2. And chinolas keep going to jalisco even though most end up in focus clandestinas.. cjng too brutal

    1. 11:31 Sinaloa never left Jalisco guy lol

  3. El compa Cholo matando los lacras de nueva generación

  4. Why the rubble...


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