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Thursday, April 25, 2019

CDS Cell "Los Guilos": Responsible for Murdering Police in BC

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
                                  "Los Guilos" thought to be responsible in police murders

Jorge Eduardo Pérez Jiménez "El Charal", is the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Ignacio Villagómez Robles, an agent with 15 years of experience in the Municipal Police, assigned to the surveillance of Ciudad Morelos, in the Valley of Mexicali.

Members of the Coordination Group of Baja California identified "El Charal" as one of the presumed operators of Vicente Martínez González "El Guilo", leader of a cell belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel, which operates in the North Zone of the Mexicali Valley , comprised by Ciudad Morelos, Ejido Pachuca, Los Algodones, Guadalajara, Merida among others; It is a strategic site for the transfer of drugs and the descent of small planes.

Early on Monday, April 15, when the crime against the municipal agent was perpetrated, police of the various security corporations detained several people and searched as many homes as possible in search of the alleged aggressors, but everything seems to indicate that they managed to escape the municipality; It is thought that they could have taken refuge in Sonora to avoid capture.

The surveillance cameras located on the dashboard of Unit 107 of the Municipal Police, where the uniformed personnel performed their work, captured the moment of the attack on Juarez Avenue, almost at the intersection of Cuauhtémoc Street.

Villagómez Robles, is the first policeman killed during this municipal administration. However, there are seven crimes committed against preventive agents and detectives in the last six years in Mexicali, of which four remain in impunity.

Meanwhile in San Felipe where tensions are still running high:
A Municipal Policeman was stabbed and slashed with a knife in San Felipe's boardwalk; attacker apprehended.
                                         Alejandro "N", 41 years of age, known as "El Cocol"

An agent of the Municipal Police officer suffered a severe injury to the neck, Friday night in the Puerto San Felipe. The person responsible was arrested while trying to escape.

At 10pm Friday night the mobile emergency central unit of San Felipe received the request for support to an injured officer on the street Mar de Cortés, right in the tourist heart of one of the main destinations of the entity.

Officer Ernesto Márquez Villanueva had suffered a wound in the neck caused by a knife, caused by a subject trying to escape down Baltic Sea alley.

Other officers assigned to the port gave persecution and managed to secure the attacker who identified himself as Alejandro "N", 41 years of age, known as "El Cocol", a resident of the community with criminal history related to intrafamily violence and robbery, in addition to other crimes.

While "El Cocol" was transferred to the San Felipe headquarters, the Police officer Villanueva had to be taken to the IMSS clinic of the port community, where he remains under special care due to the knife blade having been broken off during the attack and remained embedded in his neck. 

At the scene was the handle of the knife, while the blade was embedded in the body of the victim.



  2. Should be CD-ISIS, nor CDS! Longest living terrorist organization in Mexico! Dont get crazy by all means Kill all cartels, but start with CDS

    1. Gulf cartel is older. They behead more often bud.

    2. All cartels are scum. There is no difference between any.

    3. 207 Mijo actually start with the one, that is also killing innocent people, including babies. CJNG members need to be shot and taken out on the spot, forget locking them up, as most are freed to kill.

    4. CDS like ISIS got started by Americans bent on privatising some dough; CDS by US government rogue agents and ISIS by corrupt private contractors creating their own war for profit to milk the US treasury... CDS wins of course.

  3. The cops were probrably criminals themselves and cds is the less bad out of the two. There’s always two sides to the story.

  4. Cuidad morelos aka cuervos

  5. We dislike/ hate / do NOT approve of any Cartel or Organized crime group, ie DTO’s that engage in a lot more activities than drug smuggling. There are NO favorites. We do our work to let the world know what is going on; This goal does not include hating / or racial profiling of Mexicans or other Latinos on either side of the border. ——-Yaqui

    1. 6:31 que te valga yaqui, porque estas medio tizonuda.

  6. Cop's are just like any other human, professions don't make people's lifes more important then other's. They bleed, JUST like criminals bleed.

  7. All cartels are scum ok but huggers

  8. Cracked out sicarios from cds. now I know why cjng is kicking their a$$ left and right, up and down, city to city and town to town

  9. 1:51 no capitals penalty.
    callese guey.

  10. 11:55 we know what you meant, clean cops deserve to live, but currupted cops are not to be trusted. As they can turn you in to the cartel.


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