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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Municipal Police are the Latest Targets in Sonora

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LSRota
                                       Municipal Policemen, the new crime target in Sonora
              Commander César García Medina, the most recent victim murdered while off duty
So far this year, six agents have been assassinated in different police headquarters, but to date no perpetrators of these murders have detained.

The fight against organized crime represents a great risk for the police of Sonora , after agents have become targets of criminal groups in recent months; from January to date six municipal agents from different towns have been assassinated.

Last Tuesday, the brutality reached one of the most recognized commanders in the rural area of ​​Hermosillo; this is César García Medina, who was murdered at noon in Colonia Villa del Cortes, north of the capital, while he was traveling in a private car with his two children.

Minors, aged 15 and 16, were found to have minor injuries from shrapnel and their health situation so far is reported as stable and out of danger.

Given these facts, the Attorney General of Justice of the State (FGJE) opened a folder investigation to clarify the facts and identify those responsible for the attack, of which already two lines of research, however they have not been revealed by the authorities.

According to the first versions of the events, the César Garcia Medina traveled from East to West, through Villa Flores, in a Saturn vehicle, blue, model 2005.

The first inquiries establish that a commando of heavily armed men on board another car fired several times against the police commander. The victim lost control of the car and ended up crashing into the wall of a house, while the alleged perpetrators fled,  minutes later a burning car was located in General Piña and Corazón de León.

Citizen's Group Demands Justice:

Manuel Emilio Hoyos, representative of the Observatorio Ciudadano Sonora por la Seguridad, asked the authorities responsible for law enforcement to speed up investigations into the attacks against municipal police, as well as justice for the victims. ( Citizens Observatory Group for Security in Sonora ) a citizen's advocacy group.

"We ask the investigating authorities to expedite the investigations so that the murders of our policemen do not go unpunished, unfortunately the murders of police officers go unpunished in the country, I think it is time for the prosecution to investigate and find them".

He commented that the security measures imposed by the municipal public security commissioner, such as patrol shields, should also cover the schedules in which the commanders are outside their working hours.

The six police officers killed so far this year , 2019, are:

Commander Marco Antonio Vinicio Gálvez, from Empalme, murdered on January 31.

Agent Said Villa Hernández, of Esperanza, fallen on February 27.

Agent Francisco Asdrúbal, from Hermosillo, executed on March 11.

Commander Aaron Guadalupe Arvayo, from Hermosillo, died on April 9.

Commander Jesús Ernesto López Rojas, from Guaymas, assassinated on April 15.

Commander César Alejandro García, of Hermosillo, fallen on April 23.

The police, he said, are often described by the public as corrupt and linked to organized crime, however, a large number of them are committed to safeguarding the security of the population.

"It is a national agenda issue, a democratic police reform is urgently needed, because as it is possible that right now we can not modify Article 123 where the police officer does not have the right to be reinstated, a police officer is the only worker who can not be reinstated once he has resolved his or issues ".


  1. Thats what they get for delivering detainees to a rival group....

  2. Is it safe to say this is rooted in the cops handing the guys over to the other cartel in san carlos? Which would make it the salazars? Or is it cuz theyre working for blo and the salazars want to send a big message?

    1. Goes to show that majority of these municipal officials are in cahoots with cartels. Policing communities and providing safety for the residents in Mexico has evolved into a criminal structure. Not worthy of the badge they carry nor the laws that they are supposed to enforce.
      This story like many to come is the future of what Mexico has embraced and become.
      I am quite sure that there are many who would like to do good work protecting their communities. Moreover, honoring the responsibilities entailed in being a policeman. But no one is willing to pay the price from all those corrupt officials who have a bullet with their name on it.

  3. A crooked cop is no different than one of these methhead cartel dipshits. Play in dirt, plan on getting dirty. Feel sorry for all the law abiding citizens with nowhere to turn.

  4. Polesias could be more Selective with their Operatives, if they think it is OK to be around alone without support and to have no barriers or control of traffic in the area where they are, they running dead fool's errands, blame their comandantes.


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