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Friday, April 19, 2019

Chihuahua: Sicarios set a trap for the police and storm command headquarters

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat ElSur

An armed group attacked with high-powered weapons the Police Command of the Anáhuac branch where one person died, the same group attacked a police unit in 17th and Ejido streets where the group leader died and another element was injured after being attacked when they went to the call for help from a business that requested help during the night of Tuesday.

Anáhuac, Chihuahua.- A first report received in the emergency system at 9:19 pm alerted the police authorities at different levels tonight about an armed attack that took place in the community of Anáhuac, facts in which the death of an element of the Municipal Police is reported, highlighted to the branch and who was the head of the Group

A first incident was recorded in the streets 17th and Ejido where a panic button was activated in the establishment called LICOR STORE, place where the P-129 unit goes, manned by the group leader Marco Antonio Ramos Soto and the officer Manuel Alberto López Andazola who upon arrival received multiple gunshots from another vehicle, where the group leader Marco Antonio Ramos Soto loses his life and his companion is injured, which moments later was transferred to a medical institution.

It also reports the arrival of several vehicles with armed people to the streets 57th North and Francisco I Madero, point where the building that occupies the Police Headquarters of the Sectional, and where an armed attack against the facilities, the radio operator being on duty and a detained person, who is apparently killed as a result of the inhalation of carbon monoxide that occurred when the building started to catch fire because the projectiles damaged gas tanks that were installed and in stock.

In the same way total damage and fire was caused to a private vehicle, sedan type, Mazda brand, brown, which was parked outside the headquarters

It should be mentioned that in the establishment called LICOR STORE of the streets 17th and Ejido, suffered damage by impacts of firearm, a second private vehicle, pick-up type, Ford brand, Ranger line in white color that was in the interior and a business with a business name "VÍDEO CLUB".

The District Prosecutor, Jesús Manuel Carrasco Chacón, agreed to point to the cartel "Gente Nueva del Tigre" as the group responsible for the attack perpetrated not only in Anáhuac, but in the section of Álvaro Obregón.

The foregoing, after the State Attorney General, César Augusto Peniche, also pointed to the group as the author of the attack in which Marco Antonio Ramos Soto Group leader lost his life.

He also mentioned that at night, various police officers were in a meeting when the incident was presented, pointing out that in some way the operation of the corporations is limited, a situation that was exploited by the criminal group to carry out the attack.

He noted that the list of police officers who were threatened with death is analyzed, since it is unofficially advanced that the three officers who have been killed, including the head of the Anahuac Group, are on that list.

Finally, the morning of this Wednesday, in the Territorial Coordination meeting for Pacification, it was decided to redefine the strategy of patrolling to avoid this type of incidents.

During the attacks they managed to capture how the shooting was heard during the attack carried out by the hit men against the police headquarters

In the video broadcast on networks where it shows a vehicle passing through where apparently the armed attack took place.

Likewise, firearms are detonated that caused panic on Tuesday night in the town that is part of the municipality of Cuauhtémoc.


  1. La ________ will take back la manzana

  2. Replies
    1. Third most powerful cartel in Mexico... behind jaliskas and CDS ... the only thing keeping them behind is that they refuse to get in to the meth business for decades Juarez has dominated the blow and heroin markets supplying both east and west coasts of the US .. their theory is that meth kills consumers rapidly .. and we all know that dead ppl don’t buy drugs .. therefore in the long run you’d be killing your cash cow

    2. @8:44 heroín kills as much or more then meth... now that it gets cut with fentanyl

    3. just a small break in system
      heroin still more long term
      they did state for decades
      compare to fen
      carp infusion
      meth eventually will erode the brain
      thats killin consumers
      i do understand
      what he sayin

    4. That boycott is over. They sell meth.

    5. 12:24 cheap is what cheap wants, cheap wins.
      Nobody is trying to stay alive, all are trying to get high and if they die there is always more supply where the last came from.
      Top businessmen are as addicted to the easy money as pendejos.

  3. They fell for the OLD BOOBIE's TRAP.

  4. Cjng killing cops now. Cjng can burn in hell

    1. Lol cjng has been killing cops where have you been ?

    2. Polesia commanders have been killing their compas and their underlings for a whiles, money, impunity their pensions and their widows, cuantimas drug dealers.

  5. Bad not good. But the Drug War is over

  6. who runs this region?


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