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Friday, April 19, 2019

Reynosa Tamaulipas: Federal police facility come under gunfire

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat VXT

Reynosa, Tam.- The facilities of the Federal Police came under gunfire  at dawn on Wednesday by unidentified individuals who were traveling aboard several vehicles.

The events were reported at 02:00 hours on the Reynosa-Monterrey highway, at kilometer 196 + 950 of the La Sierrita road section, close to Libramiento Sur II.

Unofficial versions indicate that there were no injured elements, but several units were damaged when hit by bullets.

In the area were found casings caliber .50 and 7.62x39.

This attack could be in reprisal due to the seizure registered on Monday in this same stretch of road, where they were insured in a family truck 18 long weapons type AK-47, "goat horns."

It was not known how many vehicles participated in the attack, besides that it was not possible to know what type and colors of units the armed subjects were traveling.


  1. That's what's circulating in news outlets. A discontent of confiscation.

  2. Cjng shooting police death to cjng

  3. There are cameras all over the place,
    only when the government facks up they all Malfunction.
    Very strange. May need some "Holy Water" sprinklers

  4. Well since you know they are cameras, why don’t you go investigate yourself....

    1. What, no guards at the entrances? No towers? Roadblocks, ropes? Pinchis Policias valen pa pura verga.
      No panocha cabrones, por pendejos,
      y empinenme su pinche jefe de polesia alias "el cocho de mierda"


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