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Friday, April 19, 2019

Survey: 7/10 Mexicans Feel Unsafe In Their City

Armadillo For Borderland Beat From Proceso
Mexico City .- Although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has insisted again and again that the crimes committed in the country are going down, Mexicans feel more insecure in the cities where they live, according to the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU) done by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

According to the survey done in March 2019, 74.6% of the population aged 18 and over, said that living in their city is unsafe. The figure is higher than that registered in December 2018, when it was placed at 73.7%.

In addition, 32.8% of the population consulted said that in the next 12 months the situation of crime will continue equally bad, and 22.2% said it will get worse.

The ENSU revealed that the most insecure cities, according to people aged 18 and over, are: Tapachula, Chiapas; Villahermosa tabasco; Cancun Quintana Roo; Reynosa Tamaulipas; Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, and Ecatepec, State of Mexico. 

Eight out of every 10 Mexicans said they felt more insecure at ATMs, and to a lesser extent in public transportation, banks, the streets, the market, roads, recreational parks, shopping centers, automobiles and work.

Fear of crime can change routines or habits, as well as the perception of the performance of the police. During the first quarter of 2019, criminal or antisocial behaviors had to do with robberies or assaults (64.2%), alcohol consumption in the streets (62.4%), vandalism in homes or businesses (50.1% ), sale or consumption of drugs (42.8%), frequent shooting with weapons (42.7%) and violent gangs or gangs (33.9%).

The Inegi reported that 66.4% of those consulted - residents in the cities under study - stated that during the first quarter of 2019 they modified their habits in terms of "carrying valuable things like jewelry, money or credit cards", for fear of being a victim crime.

Meanwhile, 58.2% acknowledged having changed habits regarding "allowing their minor children to leave their home"; 55.5% changed routines in terms of "walking around their home, after eight o'clock at night," and 38.3% changed routines related to "visiting relatives or friends".

The population aged 18 and over identified the various police agencies and perceived their performance as "very or somewhat effective" in their work to prevent and combat crime. These are: Navy (86.6%), Army (84.3%), National Gendarmerie (70.2%), Federal Police (65%), State Police (49.5%) and Municipal Preventive Police (39.1%).

As for the way to find out about the news related to insecurity, 63.1% said they consult the "television newscasts" to learn about drug trafficking and violence; 57.5% maintain "personal communication in the environment of the home", while 46.5% were informed through Facebook and 25.4% through "radio news".

On the most important problems in their city, 78% of the population of 18 years highlighted the existence of "bumps in streets and avenues"; 67.9% "delinquency (robbery, extortion, kidnapping, fraud, etc.)" and 62.9% considered "insufficient" street lighting.


  1. Don't know where AMLO is getting his criminal report findings. Jorge Ramos interjected his findings which do not correlate with his reality.
    Either his mental health has gone berserk or simply living in LA-LA LAND.
    Record high statistics are taking place.
    A vote of no confidence from me.

    1. His mental health goes haywire, when he gets bribes. His report is not true to the facts.

    2. J Ramos insisted that AMLO statistics are fuckinng BS. I’m saddened that the blood shed will continue to increase.

    3. People are dying in record numbers. How can one dispute that!

    4. He seems to be. in la la land, or the job is just too much.

    5. 2:30 Jorge Ramos has fallen into the Chayotera Lobby, he has no ideas about how to solve Mexico's problems, but he acknowledges he had to leave Mexico bafore, because it was not healthy for him to stay, a diference to today.
      When you fight crime differently, it has to fight back, and indexes increase, before things get better, you may have noticed that government forces are not executing everybody like before.
      Demanding results through criticizing and parroting the complaints of the PANISTAS AND PRIISTAS orphaned and left without sustenance from their buddies in government. Carlos Loret de Moolah, Denise. Maerker, Carlos Marin, "El ticher" juaquin Lopez doriga alias "Pata de Caballo" and other EPN orphans, have complaints, some get paid to complain, none want to work for their frijoles, some are getting white bread to supplement their hunger, to help feed the invasion of Mexico, propositions, they love Guaido...
      Inventing crimes like the prognosticated reelection of AMLO as dictator of all Mexicos, listening to Ratas like Javier Lozano a lifa long bastard of the PRI or the PAN, WHATEVER, is bad for everybody, he needs un balazo en el jundillo.
      --4 months of "Mexican IV Marxista/ Leninista Internacional" are not enough, even the US did not fix shit in 8 years of ObamaChange or 2+ years of triumphant trumpism, in spite of all the resources of the Obama restored economy, in spite of all the naysayers, and the do nothing Congresses elected for him by the Russians...
      --Propagandistas beware, you will not like it when you get your will and the shit hits the fan for reals...

  2. 3/10 of those surveyed are narcos;
    Meaning 100% of Mexicans are directly impacted by this bullshit bloodshed.

  3. Great News Amlo says the war on drugs is over. Congratulations Mr. President.. Now we r totally safe in Tamps.this is wonderful.

  4. There is no denying that drug violence is occurring everywhere. Across many borders. Affecting many people and families.
    However, In recent years meth has flooded Mexican cities, devastating communities. According to government data, use of drugs in Mexico has tripled.
    Due to the epidemic; violence is associated with drug usage. Always together, Never apart.

    Wake up AMLO!

    1. 5:45 AMLO IS UP AT 6:00 am for the mananero, try and get there,
      But where have you seen the executive trying to exercise his magic powers to fix things like crime on the streets, drug trafficking, drug addiction, public corruption and past and present criminals all by himself with his Magic Wand?
      --you could help, send AMLO your fairy powders to sprinkle around.

  5. I feel unsafe in my little city in Canada. 4 ppl got shot on Monday and the killer ran by my office! SWAT was outside. I was in Mazatlán for spring break 17 days with my 9yr old daughter and felt safe, was not in a resort but was in a local community with all working class Mexican families (Fracc. Real del Valle) Never saw any problems the entire time. I go there for about 3 months per year.

    1. @9:18 it’s cuz there are CANADIANs everywhere in MEXICO. And Canadians are polite, respectful, and very,very, sweet. They’re not really known for running their mouths or causing trouble. God bless all Canadians. Mexicans love them and their tourist money.

    2. so true we are very civil
      with small degree
      of difficulty
      be apart
      dont try to change
      what we have
      we know who
      we are by being
      who you are

      you just become
      institutional inward
      protect one
      don't mean it protect
      All..we ammend to accept..but don't try to change what accept you.. we will never be seperated by party allegiance..welcome to kanada

      now stay Out
      just kiddin

    3. Canadian Corporations are robbing Mexico and paying Mexicans minimum wages, no Canadian lives in Mexico on 2 dollars a day, but they are loverly, the Americans love the mexicans too, all the world loves Mexico, Mexican politicians love robbing Mexico, and are mad because AMLO's retrato is on their way all over.

  6. I know many will think I am BSing, but long ago, I predicted that messing with addictive drugs (growing, processing, smuggling, trafficking, etc) would one day backfire. Mexicans have become consumers of the poisons they handled (as above). There are plenty of videos around showing young Mexicans indulging in these drugs. I remember paisas laughing at the stupid gringos' love of heroin, coke, meth, etc. Now. Mexicans have grown a need of their own poisons and are increasingly destined to be shooting up "shit" down along cement rivers, abandoned houses, and bar toilets all over Mexico. In short, "evil begets evil" and Who will save Mexico from its own home grown narco-monster?

    1. You predictions were correct. Consumption has been destroying Mexico for some time. Each year intensifying in numbers of usage. Jalisco like many states have seen dramatic increases of drug usage and the violence which is associated with drugs.
      It's one thing to produce and distribute. But to indulge in it was its destruction. Following in the footsteps of those Americans in consumption has resulted in an epidemic many are fighting.
      Drugs have always been a cancer to communities and societies.

      Food for thought

    2. remember 1048,USA is number 1 on drugs abuse.

    3. 10:48 it is getting old, your blaming "mexico" for its problems without considering factors that have led to this situation, most of them Colonizers, colonial powers, foreign induced drug trafficking, owners of the business that pay in product only and force their Mexican associates to force feed their shit to resellers or eat it themselves.
      --It may be time for new glasses mister watcher, it is like blaming the African people for their misery, imported for centuries by the indies company of slave traders and other associates, and modern war profiteers now associated with clasless Europeans and Chinese in exploiting the old continent for themselves, never leaving anything behind but death and misery.


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