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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Acatepec, Gro - Armed group kills 7 men and 1 woman while they were praying

Chava for Borderland Beat from RioDoce

 Killed while they prayed for rain.........

At least eight people were killed - seven men and one woman - and two more were injured after an attack by an armed group in the municipality of Acatepec, in the region of Montaña de Guerrero.

Proceso reported that the crime was recorded yesterday afternoon at the point known as "Ojo de Agua", outside the town of Plan de Ayala where indigenous people live Me paá (Tlapanecos), indicate official reports.

Reports say that the victims, all inhabitants of Plan de Ayala, were praying at the scene when they were attacked from the hills and the aggressor group escaped due to the fact that the closest barracks of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) is located in the town of Lucerito in the municipality of Acatepec and only has two policemen who lack patrols to mobilize.

So far the ministerial authorities have not determined the origin of the attack in this poppy-producing area that is disputed by criminal groups.

The victims were identified as: Rufino Licho Victorio, 46; José Sánchez Eligio, 49; Roberto Remigio García, 30; Clemencia Licho García, 18; Espinoza Sánchez García, 26; Anselmo Sánchez García, 34; Fernando Eligio de la Cruz, 42 and Gregorio Eligio de la Cruz 38.

The two injured are Octavio Licho García and Leonardo, according to official reports.

Violence in the municipalities of Acatepec and Zapotitlán is old, derived from agrarian conflicts and political confrontations in the presence of social organizations such as the Peasant Torch and the Larzes.

In 1994, the residents of that area lynched 24 men accused of various crimes in the area of Ayotoxtla. The alleged criminals were hanged in a leafy tree and the fact showed the absence of government that prevails to date in the Guerrero Mountains.


  1. Who owns the Teloloapan and iguala plaza? Is it calm there?

    1. Iguala has never been clam...even after the 43 normalistas. Murders increased, kidnappings etc. and even though their top leaders were arrested or killed, Guerreros Unidos still controlled Iguala. Los Rojos de Chilpancingo, continued to take control. and Chipala. I think GU also still has control of Taxco-- this info is of 6 or 7 month ago--if someone knows an pls send info and links. I don't think it has changed. What has changed is Rojos have gained power in the region.


    2. Teloloapan es de la familia Michoacána

  2. If trump does somthing against these lames i will get me a maga shirt. Y soy mexicano pa que vallan y digan.

    1. Hey pendejo at 4:46 the only think hes doing is sending more guns like fast and furious so all mexican can kill each other, also funding agencies to destabilize Mexico.. Mexico will never recover from all the countries taking mexican resources and cartels that started because of supply and demand up north.. just saying...

    2. 9:32 It doesn’t benefit the US to have an unstable neighbor. Colombia, Brazil and others are taking in thousands of Venezuelans. Imagine having neighbors that always have issues and the cops are always having to come over and at some point, break in to your house. Not a good thing for anyone.

      As far as hardware, yes. The US supplies harware and weapons to Mexican military and govt and gets into the wrong hands due to corruption.

      As far as resources. The US has its own resources and technology to extract and the stability, and corporate and regulatory governance in place, to keep corruption in check.

      It does not need to take Mexico’s resources.


  3. The Evil cowards who murdered peasants during prayer may have escaped man’s justice for now; but will not escape what awaits...... 🔥


  4. Where is AMLO, did he not say, he will make the crime wave go down.???


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