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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Threaten to execute 13 alleged criminals linked to the mayor of Chiapas or pay 4M pesos

Sol Prendido For Borderland Beat

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chi .- A group of armed men threatens to execute 13 people allegedly linked to the mayor of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán if they do not give him 4 million pesos.

The alleged kidnappers argue that the detained people assaulted and wounded a fruit vendor in the neighboring municipality of Rincon Chamula.

The attack occurred in the center of the municipal seat of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán. According to his version, the man pretended to be a dead man and, once he was stripped of his money, he walked to a clinic to seek medical attention.

The man was able to identify his assailants and a group of armed civilians who arrived at the home of Humberto Ruiz Sánchez, originally from the community of Sonora, and they moved him to Rincón Chamula.

According to the armed group, Ruiz confessed the aggression against the fruit vendor and accused a group of people in the service of the municipal president, José Luis Flores Gómez, emanating from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and member of the Independent Central of Agricultural and Peasant Workers (CIOAC).

Thus the alleged aggressors were detained, who were taken to a safe house in the San José neighborhood, in Rincón Chamula.

The first to be arrested were seven people allegedly close to the mayor who tried to rescue Humberto Ruiz, but were disarmed.

Forced to confess

The armed group claims that 13 people are being held and that all of them were relieved of their firearms. His captors recorded a video in which they confess to assaults, car thefts, murders, rapes and other crimes in the region of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán and Rincón Chamula.

In the video, released on Monday, a hooded man orders the detainees to confess their participation in crimes and “security personnel “ of the mayor of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán, José Luis Flores Gómez.

Then they make a request to Governor Rutilio Escandón Cadenas: "Here we need your presence, we urgently need you to take action on the matter. You see all the equipment that they bring, they are gangsters. They are those who intimidate the people, those who are killing the people. The truth is I want you to take the matter. We have many people who no longer want violence. Here we want peace in our town. "

In the video it is heard that they ask the detained: "Are you security personnel of Jose Luis Flowers?", To which they answer "yes” in unison.

Officials from the General Secretariat of the Government of Chiapas mobilized to negotiate the release of the detainees.

View video by using this link to Proceso


  1. Pinches chiapa’mecos’ jajajaja no mamen

  2. the interrogator has a strange accent.

  3. Tired of violence, desirous of peace...but we want 4 mil or we kill all of them. Some backwards ass thugs.

  4. Damn dog keeps photo bombing them. Lol


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