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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Irregularities in the 2018 election, minute by minute

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Regeneracion

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Murders, removal, vote buying;  Irregularities of the election in Mexico, 2018

By Gabriel RC

Fepade Report, 13 hours
After 1:00 pm, the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for the Attention of Electoral Crimes, reported that 74 complaints had been received at the national level for various irregularities and 6 arrests had been made. Its owner, Hector Diaz Santana, said that the majority of complaints are for the purchase of votes and the withdrawal of voter credentials and acts of violence; especially in the State of Mexico, Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca.

Special Election Booths
As in all elections, the lack of ballots in special election voting booths has provoked anger and mobilization in various points of the republic, as detailed below, included a sit-in in front of the offices of the INE in the peripheral area of Mexico City. The protests were repeated in Jalisco, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Yucatan. The INE in the voice of Counselor Ciro Murayama, clarified that by law the special election boxes only have 750 ballots.

Installing boxes is NOT the same as opening boxes
Although Lorenzo Córdoba announced that only four boxes throughout the country were not installed. However, there were disagreements throughout the country due to delays in the opening of polling places for voters.
Such is the case of the polling place where Andrés Manuel López voted

Tabasco Delay in the installation of voting stations, violence in three municipalities and a woman executed in the voting row
The National Electoral Institute declared itself in permanent session. At the end of 11 hours, 26.5 of the boxes had been installed.
Violence in Huimanguillo face PRD and PRI militants; in Nacajuca, SSP takes control, Disarman police in Nacajuca, in Tabasco and Federales take control. The government of the state confirmed the incidents and also affirmed that "the assurance of firearms of the municipal police is carried out". In Tacotalpa a unit was burned.

In the municipality of Candelaria, a woman was murdered in the voting line, apparently belonging to the local PRD.

Incidents in the State of Mexico (By Davos Galván)

Cuautitlán. Location: Tlaltepan set. Cause: alteration to the order in the electoral process. Report: people intimidating voters.
Almoloya de Juárez Location: primary Benito Juárez. Cause: purchase of votes. Report: purchase of votes by the PRI and the PRD, they give 500 pesos.
Zumpango A grenade thrown in the offices of MORENA. The device did not explode. CES staff removed device. State Police reported the finding of granade (apparently fragmentation), in the courtyard of facilities of the Morena party, located on Hidalgo Avenue 115, Barrio San Lorenzo; "INTRODUCE, SUBMIT OR MODIFY ELECTORAL BALLOTS" ". * 

Chalco Valley Solidarity. Location Oriente 2 Mz 396 Lt4 / Altamirano / Santa Cruz
Hecho Reporto: two men tried to steal ballot boxes, one of the responsible has been arrested.
Nicolás Romero Location Emiliano Zapata / Encarnación / El Trafico 
Fact Reporto people are paying their vote to people. "PEOPLE PREVENTING VOTING".
Location Samuel Gutiérrez Baraja / Av La Palma / Misiones 2 
Fact I report several people organizing to prevent voting in booths.
Location Fuente De Hernes / Fuente De Hércules / Fuentes Del Valle 
Hecho Reporto 20 representatives of the PAN, PRD and PRI party are fighting on the spot. "AGGRESSION OR VIOLENCE AGAINST BOOTH OFFICERS."
Location ACORDADA / CAPUCHINAS / Lomas Verdes v Secc 
Hecho Reporto box booths are very aggressive with people who want to vote since they just opened the booths. "ROBBERY, ALTERATION, REMOVAL OF BALLOT BOXES.".
Location Sixth Avenue South # 60 / Calle 17 Y 16 / El Sol 
 reports male while intoxicated aboard a Nissan truck with 659ZU plates trying to take boxes. "ALTERATION OF THE ORDER IN ELECTORAL PROCESS (VOTING, COUNTING, FILLING OF MINUTES".
Location Alzate / Independencia and Santa Cruz / Barrio San Antonio 
Fact I report individuals who are intoxicated by altering public order outside the booths

Baja California North

In Mexicali, represenative of Morena beaten and robbed
Lindero Norte pointed to the incident in the section 544 booth, located in the technical secondary school number 9 in Colonia Santo Niño, east of Mexicali.

Representative of MORENA reports attempted beating and deprivation of his freedom when he was going to enter the voting center, but the voters of this booth prevented him. They stole their accreditations, the nominal list and money. Municipal and ministerial police made a report.
Posted by Lindero Norte on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Protests for lack of ballots in special election booths
# Elecciones2018 People who could not vote in the special election booths installed in the Clinic 38 of the IMSS are blocking the circulation in Calzada Madero to demand the INE their right to cast the vote. SEE INFORMATION:
Posted by Noticias Oaxaca Voice and Image on Sunday, July 1, 2018

4 people killed, including an INE employee and a student.
Proceso reported that in Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa announced the deployment of five thousand troops to ensure security on election day, four executions were committed in the last hours, including a student and an employee of the National Electoral Institute (INE).
The INE confirmed that around 20:00 hours on Thursday, Joaquín Andrés Bernal Rojas was deprived of his life, who had been serving since 2014 in the Executive District Board 09 of the state of Oaxaca.
According to the first reports, Bernal Rojas was murdered outside his home located at 4 Oriente and 8 Norte streets in the Flores District in Pinotepa Nacional, a coastal region.
Before, in Juchitán de Zaragoza, at around 5:30 p.m. on the same Thursday, a suitcase was located with the human remains of the student of the Technological Institute of the Isthmus (ITI), Biiani Rosales Ramírez, 20 years old.
While in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, precisely in the vicinity of San Pablo Huitzo, yesterday the bodies of two people were found executed and later wrapped in blankets and thrown in the vicinity of the dam of the community.


In Santiago del Pinar, Mapastepec and Huitipán, theft of tickets was registered, said the INE in Chiapas.
In Mapastepec a group of people with firearms stole materials and in Huitipan they stole ballots to elect governor. Around 14 hours, 71.25% of the boxes had been installed in the entity.

Confrontation before the election day in Palenque

🔴 [Envivo] Confrontation between citizens for the alleged purchase of votes.
Posted by Diario de Palenque on Sunday, July 1, 2018
Tuxtla Gutierrez
Violent voters and vote buying, sections 1602 and 1605. Report inhabitants of Colonia Las Granjas, a group of people aboard a black chevrolet pickup are violating the people who come to vote in sections 1602 and 1605 in Tuxtla Gutierrez
Same in 1602 in the room "Casabli" there are people outside waiting for the vote and talking on the phone giving instructions "You have to send me the picture of your finger" There are also envelopes thrown away. Regrettable.
Purchase of vote at one o'clock in the morning
In Tuxtla Gutiérrez, purchase of vote at one o'clock in the morning. Crowds were reported in Tepoxina kindergarten in # TuxtlaGtz Tepoxina Pintado, waiting for a political operator who will pay them for their vote. The video was published by journalist Isain Mandujano.

A few minutes ago in the kindergarten of the center of #TuxtlaGtz Tepoxina Pintado, waiting for a political operator who will pay them for their vote.
Posted by Mandujano Isaín on Saturday, June 30, 2018

San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Announced that Marcos Cancino will pay 500 pesos per vote as long as it is reflected in the elections. Report in video, threats recieved: "I'm going to cut up your mother."

San Cristóbal de Las Casas #Chiapas

Posted by Mandujano Isaín on Saturday, June 30, 2018
San Andres Larrainzar
Voters assaulted with stones and the vote is suspended momentarily.
Chiapas Minuto reported that "momentary suspension for injuries in Santiago El Pinar during this election process, they refer that a group of people came to assault voters with stones  transferred SanAndrésLarráinzar hospital for medical care."

Mexico City

Protests in Periferico at the headquarters of the National Electoral Institute. Protests due to ballots running out

#EnVivo Citizens block peripheral south for lack of tickets
Posted by The Universal Nation on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Facebbok users report that special election ballots were not installed in the first frame of the city. They are in the Vasconcelos library and General Hospital.
In the area with more foreign voters, the INE does not place special election boxes! I share in pissing off the people who will not be able to vote. The ballots of Vasconselos were used up very fast, at 9:30 A group of foreigners are complaining that from very early there were no tickets in General Hospital.
Testimony of Father Solalinde
The special election box of the Vasconcelos Library is a disaster: it opened late, they are disorganized and the line is endless. The ballots are totally insufficient. Why do Mexicans have to be so irresponsible and disorganized? And the institutions?
- Alejandro Solalinde (@padresolalinde) July 1, 2018

Gustavo A. Madero

In my neigborhood (La Pradera, GAM) in the booth of Section 1437 (Secondary 326) it occurred to them to say that "INE did not arrive" but the reality is that the boxes are relocated in Popocatépetl # 68 and San Martín # 89 . We have already done the signs, but we must be on the lookout.
Chiguil denounced that there were also stolen tickets in the Gustavo A. Madero

Milpa Alta

PAN militants attacked the citizen for refusing to sell their vote.

In the Milpa Alta Delegation, a man was beaten by alleged sympathizers of the Front, for refusing to sell his vote in ballot 3139 in Santa Ana Tlacotenco. Legal procedure was initiated.


In Santiago Acahualtepec they could not vote due to theft of electoral materials
Neighbors of the Santiago Acahualtepec neighborhood, Iztapalapa, annoyed at not being able to vote for mayor or local deputies, demand the president of box 2567, Israel Juárez Rojas.
Around a thousand people expect to vote in box 2315, in the Santa Cruz Meyehualco neighborhood in Iztapalapa. However, there are only ballots for 750. Many of them come from places like Santiago Acahualtepec, where they could not pay because they stole the ballots for the local election. But when they arrive, they are informed that they will not be able to exercise their vote there.
These women are buying the vote in the Mirasoles unit, Iztapalapa.
These women are buying the vote in the Mirasoles unit, Iztapalapa.
- Fernández Noroña (@fernandeznorona) July 1, 2018


In Guadalajara Jalisco; "Problems in the voting booths do not allow people to vote. PANISTAS and PRIistas groups do not leave the people and try to inhibit the vote. In other places reported armed people according to the authority already investigates or in a month we will know what happened. "
In San Juan del Río they got into the Campaign House of Morena with police and took the people, including a candidate for Regidor.

Despair begins ... in San Juan del Río they got into the Campaign House of Morena with police and took the people, including a candidate for Regidor.
Posted by Cazamapaches Querétaro on Saturday, June 30, 2018


In Yucatan the booths were delayed up to three hours. On the other hand, TV Azteca leaked audio in which the candidate of "Partido Accion Nacional, Rafael Gerardo Montalvo Mata, listens to the mayor of Ticul, Yucatan, where he demands his female heads to go out to "comb their areas " and buy elector credentials."
As in other entities, the ballots of the special election booths were insufficient for the number of voters; a total of 11 special election booth spaces were installed in the entity. The people who could not vote were mobilized to the cry of "Fraud, we want to vote".

Adio Candidate Ticul PAN
LAST MINUTE NEWS 🗣 Candidate audio is filtered by the National Action Party, Rafael Gerardo Montalvo Mata, to the city hall of Ticul, Yucatan, where he demands that his female leaders go out to "comb their zones" and buy voter credentials.
Posted by TvAzteca Yucatán on Saturday, June 30, 2018
On the other hand in social networks they denounced that in "The most corrupt State of the Country, doing of theirs. In Mérida, Yucatán . In the boxes, some women who, according to surveys, ask you for the information, fill out a ballot and put it in a bag, take it out when you leave, review it and if you did not put PAN they break it and make one with PAN ".


In Chilpancingo, Guerrero, the Ministerial Police arrested a man in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood of the capital, because he allegedly had false ballots and bought votes for the PRI candidate for mayor of the capital, Beatriz Vélez Núñez.

Around 1 in the afternoon a man was reported for copying the vote, which generated conflict with the voters, later personnel of the Fepade intervened and the Ministerial Police stopped him, according to information provided by an INE worker.


  1. Thanks for the update profe.
    An eagerly anticipated result of what's transpiring in Mexico.
    Spoke with mom early this morning trying to ease her fears.

    Thank you again Profe.

  2. Crazy to see how brazen they are. Anyone who doubts corruption has to be blind.

  3. Sounds much like a Nigerian election. kayode.

  4. Amlo is the President. Nothing will change. But will get worst. To bad the Pan did not win.

    1. 4:37 blame the fake ass huichol, stealing FECALS's call ones cagados and his wife''s panties was not nice...
      --El huichol anaya could have waited 6 pinchis years and helped Mágara "La Señora de Calderón" win her party's nomination and not rely so much on his stolen moneys, but what really needed to be stolen was AMLO'S VICTORY...

  5. A BIG gracias for putting these up ! thank you .

  6. pri/pan suffocation kicks

  7. Father Solalinde needs to stop complaining about "the mexicans" and see where he can help the most, he did a lot of help when people were most desperate trying to find the 43 ayotzinapos, conspiring to deceive with PRI government COVER-UP agents and secret conferences...

  8. It's all about the MONEY. Corruption is Globally and The rich get richer!

  9. The election for AMLO will some day be proved to be funded to enable the amnesty for the family of El Azul Moreno y la familia de Señor Zambada. I only pray and hope AMLO does not take our land.

    1. I agree with the funding of his campaign by those narcos. Something I stated back when he pitched amnesty.
      Why else would there have been a blanket over his head from any attempt on his life? The promise of freedom to those narcos and to those serving sentences.
      It's not rocket science to read between the lines.


    2. Mexico does not revolve around those narcos. There are way bigger fish then those hidding in caves full of paranoia. But then again that's all the Sinaloas look up to and admire so much they think they make everything happen . pebdejos

  10. For Fu#%s sake; what is wrong with Mexico?

    Is this why we are asking for "open borders"?

    All this nonsense, corruption and violence makes Mexicans and those of Mexican decent look horrible!

    1. Where have you been, this has been going on for years, care to open an Autodefensas? Just promise not to get sucked into the dark cartel forces.

    2. 7:54 the ones coming illegally into "your country" these days are mostly Guatemalan and hondurans, special ordered by "the regime" to put pressure on the "DEMS" to make them cough a 25 to 30 billion dollar wall...
      a rocket up the ass would have produced netter results...

  11. The US news sites state that the elections went peacefully, with no Major incidents....what a joke.

  12. Unfortunately Mexico and the central american countries use their people as income. Thats why they all support open borders. Money people send back to their countries of origin are a huge part of the economy because of their lack of doing their job. I bet if Trump said you can all stay but cant send money a whole new protest would start. I hope AMLO makes a difference but he is fighting a lifetime of corruption.

    1. 7:26 from our menial jobs and minimum wages we support family and friends, some on our countries, no welfare, no Obamacare, no Obamaphone, lots of persecutions and discrimination, and we still make it work...
      --but you with your robust salaries and office jobs, language skills and high schoolings can't even support yourselves?
      --And are bitching about our stealing "your jobs", really?

    2. How will he, of he is in favor of the Cartels, just stay tuned, your in for an adventure. Keep in mind he wants the Cartels kingpins out of prison, yes even if they murdered innocent people.


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