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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chilchota, Michoacán: civilians enter voting booths, burn ballots

 Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Sin Embargo


Mexico City, July 1 (SinEmbargo) .- Inhabitants of Chilchota, Michoacán, entered voting booths, seized electoral materials and set them on fire.

According to information from local media, a group of men entered the 0381 voting area, located at the José María Morelos y Pavón Elementary School, took the material and ended up burning it in public view. After the ballots were incinerated, the demonstrators said it had been a symbolic action.

Another square, in the municipality of Michoacán, went the same way. Officials from another booth (the third) have been held against their will.

Ramón Hernández Reyes, president of the Electoral Institute of Michoacán, confirmed that the materials in the booths were seized.

Special ballot booth 0381, in the same municipality of Michoacán, also canceled activities due to violent acts that put officials at risk.

#Seguridad #Morelia # Michoacán 
Burning of election material in the municipality of #Chilchota 
So far no authority has ruled on this. # Eleccion2018 # EleccionesMéxico @INEMexico
- The Balance (@LaBalanzaN) July 1, 2018

Yesterday, on the eve of the election, the tension in the community of Nahuatzen, located in the heart of the Purhepecha Plateau, increased: the offices of the National Electoral Institute (INE), the municipal committees of the National Action Party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) were sacked. Furniture and electoral material was burned; there were gunshots, and in the struggles, a comunero suffered a severed finger.

A day before, inhabitants carried out blockades in the four accesses to this community on the part of the Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzen and ditches were dug to avoid the passage of the electoral ballots.

The same day, shortly before midnight, it was detected that some ballots were given to the municipality of Michoacán, so comuneros gathered in the plaza and went to the INE offices from where they stole and set on fire electoral materials; and later to the municipal committees of the PRI, PRD and PAN.


Until before the events in Chilchota, during the current electoral process, there had been 34 stolen packages, after the seven stolen Friday morning in Chiapas. Of the total, five correspond to the federal election and 29 to the local ones.

Next Sunday 3,406 elected positions will be elected, both at the federal level and in 30 states. The register is composed of 89 million 1233 thousand 355 registered people, and 96 thousand more who already exercised their suffrage from abroad.

It is expected that at 23:00 hours on July 1, "there will be enough information to publicize the results of the Quick Count" on the results of the federal elections.


  1. What possible statement can this behavior state?
    A no vote of confidence towards its politicians? Its government?
    Or simply imposing rules and laws by criminals?
    Turmoil and distrust has defined this years election. Many here in the US are closely watching.
    Hope for the very best for its citizens.

    Glad to see postings other than cartel related issues.
    Nice work BB.


    1. It's candidates and traffickers paying for votes, and disrupting it all. This is the ultimate act of corruption. Why arent the police or military watching over voting sites? Because the gov is allowing this.

    2. This is cartel related, believe it or not. Just like what happened in Oaxaca today

  2. Why burn offices of PRI, PRD and PAN?
    Por hijos de su puta madre, they are killing Morena and comuneros,
    a big difference.
    --Next time PRI, PRD and PAN members should be burned...

  3. Interesting that here in Chihuahua I watch both CNN and Fox news on television to get both perspectives. They blocked FOX news in all of Mexico but left CNN news intact. It says on the screen that after the elections are finished they will return FOX news to be available to view. This is what happens when your governments want control you, and even what you can view.

    1. i get fox news here in sinaloa. my cable provider is megacable

    2. It's because people in Sinaloa don't vote lol

  4. Why was there no military forces out and about voting booths to prevent, de criminal acts. Let's see if Obrador really will have criminals set free from prison.


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