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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Elections in Puebla turn violent: four bodies found, armed groups steal boxes and beat an official

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Periodico Central


Seven voting areas were vandalized in the capital in San Aparicio, Loma Bella, Bosques de San Sebastián, Barranca Honda, San Francisco Totimehuacán, Aquiles Serdán and Rancho Colorado.

By Magarely Hernández / Karen Meza

As of 2:30 p.m., the elections in Puebla that so far had passed calmly turned violent. Seven voting areas were vandalized in the capital by armed hooded men and the bodies of four people were found in the municipality of Cuautlancingo, near the Mexico-Puebla highway.

The first report was that of the San Aparicio auxiliary board booth, where 10 hooded men arrived and when the president of the voting area confronted them he was beaten. The vandals took a packet of ballots, so the officials decided to suspend the votes of those who had last names from A to C.

The second report was in the Barranca Honda neighborhood, in the booth area located at Technical School 98, where it was reported that five subjects entered and burst into the voting booths.

The third report was in San Francisco Totimehuacán, in the Cadete Vicente Suárez Federal Primary School voting area, where five armed individuals burst into the booths. Witnesses said they fired three shots into the air.

Also, in the colony Aquiles Serdán several subjects burst into the voting area located in the Carmen Serdán Federal Primary School and destroyed several ballot boxes.

The voting place located in 53 Norte 1402, subjects arrived and intimidated the polling officials to then break the ballot boxes and take the ballots.

The fifth incident was recorded in booth 1012 located on Ex Hacienda Rancho Colorado street when five subjects in a white Sentra without plates tried to steal the ballot boxes.

The men fired twice to intimidate the box officials. A box was destroyed and those affected reported that the subjects tried to take the local election ballots.

In a sixth incident, armed individuals stole three ballot boxes after firing several shots into the air at Loma Bella.

This took place at 43 "Fundadores" secondary school, located on the 105th floor, where box 1206 was installed. Due to this, the officials suspended the vote.

In the seventh incident, citizens reported the theft of ballot boxes and bullets in the box located on 7A Street at number 23, of the Bosque de San Sebastián colony.

While the boxes were vandalized, four bodies were found in the municipality of Cuautlancingo, near the Mexico-Puebla highway. The bodies were found inside a Chevy car, and there is still no information on how they were killed or why.

This is added to the report of the theft of more than 3 thousand ballots in the municipality of Izúcar de Matamoros, the ballots were stolen from the house of the president of the that voting area.


  1. Became Pan always wins in Puebla.

  2. What the Hell are voting ballots doing in the house of the president of anything?
    I hope he was not artificially inseminating the ballot boxes, that leads to getting them pregnant with even dead people's babies...

  3. Nice to see Mexico knows how to keep things classy!!!

    1. 6:12 Mexico does what it can,
      but some perras could have some class,
      it is cheap enough, free even,
      try harder and become a first class bitch, I mean perra.

  4. The question becomes, can the Cartels buy the new Socialist President? They never been unsuccessful buying previous Mexican governments.

  5. AMLO won so get ready for a lot of amnesty drama! I sold the all my peso to by USD and EUR and I think I will be very pleased within the first few months of the AMLO theft from the rich and amnesty and bribes from los narcos. Trump will hate AMLO

    1. If Trump hates AMLO that is a good thing. AMLO is most likely PRI and so he will continue Pena Nietos policy of captureing CJNG in order to open up the market for Sinaloa.

    2. A different era consumed by the signs of the times in Mexico. That blanket over his head by those narcos paid off.
      Expect a wall of this happens. Added with the pouring outcry from those who think they are entitled to enter illegally. More drama on our borders from those who believe they have rights.
      As I always stated before to all those US politicians who support these activists, house them in your home then.
      Laws need to be respected by all.


    3. 7:05; You should read what AMLO is and what he says. He is not PRI or PAN but PRD, similiar to Chavez who ruined Venezuela. This agenda takes land that is being productive and creating jobs and income for remote areas and then distributing to “Poor” people who have no tools, no equipment, and most of all no ambition to produce crops and cattle on high rocky sierra. This happened in USSR, Cuba, earlier in Mexican history and most recently Venezuela.

      In Caracas anything for sale is on market black and people that always worked are now poor and the government friends are oil rich and manage very big cocaina movement. For safety we could not even go to the clubs at night like we did 15-20 years earlier. It is a very sad situation that has happened to Venezuela in a short time and AMLO is extremely dangerous for Mexico and USA.

    4. You guys forget Venezuela was exploited for hundreds of years and nobody worried about the poor, just like Mexico and the whole continent.
      Mining has been stealing LAND from every Mexican for centuries and paying no to very little taxes and a few kickbacks same for farming and everything.
      "The Confessions of An Economic Hit Man" could help you better understand the economic blockades and dirty tricks of the murdering businessmen and the politicians they buy to keep sucking the blood and the lives of the hosts they parasitize for life...
      you are all raza de bronce,
      but show soo much cooper it can't be good...
      Nobody paid billions of dollars for this comment against people that have been stealing from everybody for centuries and should be dispossessed and sent to re-education camps, which is much better than the guillotine, just because you exact it from the government it doesn't make it yours, not even "your country" lately becoming more and more like russian

  6. So now it looks like mex has its own trump it be nice if he has the same set of balls Donald has

    1. 8:28 . I am pretty sure Trump and amlo are very opposite . Not sure what your understanding of policy is but you sure got this very confused

    2. At the end they are all talk and no action. Mexico is too corrupt for a change all if a sudden. Mexico needs jobs and money for education

  7. Bitch what fking balls México is a whole different situation

  8. This is 1980 El Salvador wtf? Where is ABC CNN NBC BBC and the others who are pretending this isn’t happening. Geeeeeez.

  9. They had no Police, to protect the voting booth areas. Why would Cartels want to steal voting boxes?

    1. Oh my dear chipmunk, you really need to do more reading. Stealing ballot boxes means votes can't be counted....

    2. It did not pay to steal the boxes.

  10. Is he really going give everyone 3000 a month? Where do i line up


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