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Sunday, March 11, 2018

BCS Opens DNA Blood Bank to Help Identify Missing Persons

Translated By Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Mundo Digital

March 9, 2018

With the opening of the National Bank of Genetics DNA samples will help facilitate the identification of missing persons.

The Attorney General of the State (PGJE), in coordination with the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the Federal Police (PF), invites interested parties to participate from March  9 to 11th in the taking genetic blood  samples from relatives of missing persons.

The Attorney General of the State of BCS, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya,  said that the event will be in the Blood Bank, located in the street Lic. Primo Verdad, between N. Bravo and M. Ocampo, ie, in the old  Salvatierra Hospital building , this weekend from 9am to 5pm the DNA samples will be taken.
This action, explained the Attorney General, is being carried out simultaneously in several states of the country and has the objective of creating the National Bank of Human Identification Genetics Samples, which will help lidentify located missing persons across the nation.

De la Rosa Anaya affirmed that the creation of the Genetic Bank will make it possible to expedite the  identification of missing persons once they have been located and also help bring closure to the families who are desperately seeking missing loved ones.

NOTE: If Video does not work go to the El Mundo Digital link at top.


  1. Nothing will change.

  2. Sad that this is even necessary. My condolences to all the families whose loved ones are missing and feared killed. Hopefully this brings them a measure of closure.

  3. The way things move in mexico, I doubt this will help. Good move for the people though, At least their is some hope for closure

  4. 2:37 I hope the families affected by this pinchis wars on drugs can some day put the condolences and sympathies in a bank somewhere...
    --Respectfully, because the money never ceases to flow to the Mexican government satraps, so forgetaboutit,..

  5. They have done that in Guerrero as well.

    1. and tamps and durango and everywhere violence is over the top...when the cameras go so does the effort..."theater"

      I recall in Dgo when hundreds of bodies were discovered, the big announcement of DNA bank. people then began sharing their stories that they were turned away for DNA saying "we have no money"

      what is needed is a "codis" type federal bank for missing and found remains. so that standards and protocol are consistent.

      Problem is cost. DNA testing for CODIS is 400 and more found dental dna extraction and complicated testing.

      however reputable labs are as low as 200.
      How many bodies? 12k migrants go missing in Mx each year.

      I think families could pay for their own DNA. I think they would be happy to if they were satisfied the DNA bank was authentic that is how an american was identified as one of the san fernando bodies. The mother sent her DNA results right after the graves were exhumed. her son was kown to have been taken off the bus by narcos around 2010.

  6. BCS Noticias is reporting that 61 DNA samples were taken over the weekend from Family members that correspond to missing persons in the municipalities of La Paz, Los Cabos, Comondú and Loreto.


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