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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trump speaks about the death penalty for drug traffickers

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

A couple of time in the past few months President Donald Trump has thrown out the idea of the death penalty being imposed on drug traffickers and he said it at a Saturday, to an jam packed crowd in Moon Township Pennsylvania.

He isn’t sure how the American public feels about the possibility saying; 'I have never polled that, I don't know if that's popular. I don't know if that's unpopular. Probably you'll have some people who say 'Oh that's not nice', Trump said, ‘But these people are killing our kids and killing our families! And we have to do something.'

'Think of it, you kill one person you get the death penalty, in many states,” Trump said,  'You kill 5,000 people with drugs, because you're smuggling them in and you're making a lot of money, and people are dying and they don't even do anything,' he continued.
Well, it isn’t as though “they” are not doing anything, hardworking agents conduct the investigations, and bring traffickers to face justice, and it is there that everything goes to hell in a hand-basket.  It is deal time and 95 percent of federal cases are settled with a deal.  If only trials were pushed and allow juries to determine the fate, true justice could be attained.
You are handed this on the plane before landing in Singapore
As it is now, some vile defendants cut a deal and will be able to again join society.

Perhaps, if harsh punishments, in place of sweet deals were the norm, Trump would not have to even think about the death penalty.

In states such as  Florida capital punishment for capital drug trafficking does exist, even without homicide charges.

However, with many drug traffickers extradited from Mexico, the extradition comes with an agreed caveat, “no capital punishment”.

So, in the case of Mexican traffickers, it would seem this would be irrelevant.

Countries having the death penalty for drug offenses

Fourteen, including U.S.  and Cuba, have the death penalty on the books for drug traffickers but do not apply it in practice. Only in six countries—China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore—are drug offenders known to be routinely executed, according to HRI's most recent analysis.

Countries that have the death penalty for some drug crimes

Country          Notes
 Democratic Republic of the Congo           

 India  Option when second conviction for drug trafficking in quantities specified.


 Iran    Drug trafficking crimes are tried under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, a special court that tries individuals accused of smuggling, blaspheming or committing acts of treason. Iran ranks second in the world for most executions.[citation needed]

Myanmar       According to the cartography available on the French version of the website of the International Federation of Human Rights, drugs crimes can still be punished by death penalty in Myanmar in theory

 North Korea
 Saudi Arabia            Saudi Arabia ranks third in the world for the most executions. 43 percent of those executed in 2015 had been convicted of smuggling drugs, ranging from heroin to marijuana.
 Singapore      see Misuse of Drugs Act (Singapore). Muhammad Ridzuan Md Ali is one of the latest drug traffickers executed in Singapore on 19 May 2017 after his appeals were all thrown out

 South Korea
South Sudan 
Sri Lanka      
 United Arab Emirates    
 United States Very large quantities or mixtures of heroin, cocaine, ecgonine, phencyclidine (PCP), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana, or methamphetamine. The United States Supreme Court in Kennedy v. Louisiana struck down capital punishment for crimes that do not result in the death of a victim, but left open the possibility for "offenses against the State" – including crimes such as "drug kingpin activity" (and treason and espionage).




  1. Ain't gonna happen. SCOTUS has ruled no death penalty wherein the underlying offense convicted of does not have a homicide in the fact pattern. Could not get it with child molesters, not gonna get it now.

    1. to be clear, we do have it, but not used. are you talking about the kennedy case? that bastard should have been put to death. What he did to his little stepdaughter, I read what he did and could have push the lethal button myself.

      But remember it was in that decision that the supreme court open the door to capital punishment in drug trafficking cases without homicide.

      It has not happened because Mexican indictments preclude capital punishment.

      Kennedy was given the death penalty, held up in state supreme court but overturned in fed supreme court. because she did not die. To me her fate was worse than death.

      read about it if you can stomach it...

    2. Omg Chivis that's awful. I'm balling. How can they be so descriptive. I'm legit crying so much. I want to hug that little girl. Hold her and protect her ;(

    3. You ever hear about the Juan Raul Garza case, the trafficer put to death by the bush administration.

    4. @ Bignose
      You are definitely correct. I believe he was the first drug dealer to have been executed. However, I believe that murder charges against him made him eligible.


    5. 2:50 Big Nose you big showoff you,
      You must have a Lotta fun doing them linias de a metro,
      and making brownie points...LOL

    6. At 11:54 YES!! and i could not read it all! It is horrible, vile, monstrous,,,how could he not deserve death???

      PEOPLE AGAIN THE LINK IS VERY VERY GRAPHIC-caution I wish I had not read it.

    7. yes E is correct, Juan Raul Garza was charged and convicted of three murders. what is talked about in the post in NON-HOMICIDAL DRUG TRAFFICKING CASES.

      Juan Raul Garza was a very successful contractor making tons of money and yet decided to drift to the dark side.

    8. They left it open for some offenses

  2. Would Mexico extradite narcos if the death penalty was on the table? Genuinely asking, I don’t know.

    1. No, which is what i said in the post. IMO that is why it has not been tested.

    2. I don't think many countries would extradite if this came into force.

    3. Only thing about taking down narcos has become to replace them with your own confederates, so much facking money!
      And if you are "like smart" you don't pay your contractors, these bitches can't go running home to mommy to make you pay.
      --Losers get sued in Washington DC and fined millions of dollars by ALL AMERICAN JUDGES for stiffing their contractors or evicted from their towers of Babylon in like, Panamá for money laundering and using the premises for drug trafficking and generally giving the place a bad name and a worse reputation, nobody wants to stay associated long to any filthy mophukas like that...

  3. HI Chivis, ya saber quén quererte?
    Hey, how you like my Ingles sin Barreras en español beibi.

    1. @5:54 “Ya sabes quien te quiere”. This is the correct way 2 say it. - Sol Prendido

    2. When I was a kid I’d see Mexican nationals watch Plaza Sesamo ( Sesame Street) in English 2 learn the language. And as an adult I’ve seen Americans watch it in Spanish 2 learn Spanish. It’s free on YouTube. - Sol Prendido

    3. I learned to read A LOT OF ENGLISH IN TWO WEEKS,
      I bought me 5 kilos of Playboys in a flea market in the 70s,
      I know a lot of words, the best words, big words, I have a lot of good words, a lot...believe me, a lot...

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but I though the death penalty could apply here in the USA in federal court where the drugs a person sold could be directly linked to killing the consumer . I seem to remember a law like that being passed many decades ago .

    1. You are correct..but part of the extradition treaty with Mexico, is if they give us their bad guys, we can't execute them....Irony at its finest..

  5. Esta bien pa que se pongan a trabajar los huevones

    1. Jajaja simon loco la neta que si son huevones porque huevudos no...cualquiera puede arriesgar lA vida asi de estupidamente pero solamente un valiente puede mantener a su familia de forma honrada y no dañar a 3ras personas

  6. How about the Doctors who give drugs to people. Nowadays prescriptions are another way that people are dying.

    1. @8:07 Very insightful 8:07. But why would doctors write prescriptions for people that don't need the drug? Here's one reason;

      the amounts of money that some opioid–prescribing doctors are earning from Pharmaceutical companies is staggering, along with the numbers of prescriptions
      being written.

      Over a two–year period from 2014 to 2015, nearly half of the 811,000 doctors who wrote prescriptions to Medicare patients wrote at least one prescription for opioids, CNN said. More than 200,000 of those doctors received payments from opioid manufacturers.

      One doctor featured in the report received more than $200,000 over a three–year period from the maker of a fentanyl–based pain reliever, despite the drug having ruined the life of at least one of the doctor’s patients.

      another study by Boston University researchers published last August in the American Journal of Public Health. That study, based on a review of a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services database from August 2013 to December 2015, found that 375,266 opioid–related payments were made to 68,177 physicians, totaling more than $46 million.

      “Approximately 1 in 12 US physicians received a payment involving an opioid during the 29-month study,” the authors wrote.

    2. MOST doctors are reluctant to give pain meds to patients. as for being held responsible, only 2% of those given RX actually abuse meds. and those abuse other drugs including alcohol.

      BTW alcohol causes almost 90k deaths per year.

      there is a level of responsibility the patient has. a physician cannot nanny sit the patient.

    3. The other 98% that have become addicted and do not qualify for more opioid prescriptions paid for by Medicare, medicaid or private insurance have died or are buying on the street, but most got in through a doctor prescriptions.
      I would not be surprised if the shit bought on the street is supplied through referrals from the entities that do not supply the addicts anymore too much money involved in the scam

    4. I've been given such strong pain meds by my doctors that at 38 I couldn't get anything other than morphine (which they'd give freely to me but I refuse to take it). On my worst days I'd gladly take anything to be free of the pain. I'm lucky that in the uk we do get help, they don't just stop prescribing the heavy meds otherwise honestly if I was in the US and in that situation I'd end up in trouble.

    5. yes there are some wacked docs in he U.S. who will prescribe on demand, but it is getting almost impossible to do so. docs enroll in notification apps that notify a doctor of each and every RX written for pain meds. I was stunned to see my pain med for oral surgery was on my primary's chart when I went in for a check up. this is a good thing in concept. also medicare and insurances are sending notifications to doctors about their patients getting pain meds up to 1 year in retrospect, and notifying the DEA.

      This will lead in taking away meds for terminal and chronic painful conditions like MS. My friend has MS and is in tremendous pain. she is non-ambulatory and she was able to function, even work part time with pain meds until her doc wanted her to try acupuncture, epidurals and motrin. She did with zero success. Doc said insurance companies were on his ass and threatening him. She checked out of her drug ins plan 5 mos ago.

      This will get worse and those who abuse will just go to the streets and maybe some legit users as well.

    6. Chivis is 100% right on this one.

    7. Me anon 8:07 . It is my understanding that today half of the people addicted to drugs in the United States get drugs from drug cartels and the other half get it from who ever supply prescription drugs.

    8. the actual facts is only 2% of all pain meds are given to abusers. fact is now it is far easier to get in the streets. cheaper also.

    9. Only after the cat got out of the bag were regulations tightened and enforced, what remained of it, after US congress and Senate oversight committees grilled DEA administrators for abusing their unconstitutional powers and victimizing the poor drug distributors before enough people had died.
      We can't do much about street dealers, some of whom have their own precursor suppliers and pill making machines manufacturers of pills could not use anymore, but American lawmakers on the take have a lot of shot to answer for, Motherfakers should be fined, expelled, fired and their pensions cancelled for starters...

    10. Fact is once the market has been created some smart-ass 3nds hacking the formula or leaking it to the street for nickel and dimeing, by then the real crooks have all the money in the world in their banks.
      Nothing wrong with giving real sick people their meds, for free, but a lot is gone to perfectly healthy people, except for their sick twisted minds, imagine ME ON SPEED, DOWNERS, UPPERS, QUAALUDES, PCP...then there is women's viagra, I don't know what that means, anybody wants to share?

  7. Death penalty. To dealers. And help to the users. Death by electric chair. Or better yet. Feed to a great white shark.

    1. Let's not stop there
      Let's get rid of all liquor stores and cigarettes too.
      Alcohol kills more ppl than it's getting credit for,cigarettes as well..lets have a TOTALLY drug free america.

    2. Yay @9:17 I'm with you on that one! Or even set an alcohol limit purchase for every ID! :)

    3. 9:17 you want to get rid of my grifa too?
      Tás más pendejo, güey, what next, tepache?
      Va a quebrar La Chiva que nos tiene entepachados...
      There is a clear difference between sick people and making a whole generation addicted to the products of drug traffickers that don't give a rats's ass about their fellow man...scary guy skrelly been given about 7 years por hijo de su puta madre, raising 5000% the price of some life saving AIDS medicines...

  8. Full-duterte!
    I told you all it is coming!
    Folks are sick of the low life-scum narcos!
    Write a corrido about that fact!

    1. Yep your country is turning into a banana republic lol.

    2. working on it

  9. What about methadone clinics, do they get whacked also?

  10. Fuck Trump! If a person willingly without the so called doctor induced addiction takes drugs he or she is worthless and deserves to die! Simple. Fuck this keep drugs out of our country and execute drug dealers crap! People choose their own destiny most of the time!

  11. Not a trump fan but his tactics are showing results. maybe not beinga sellout politician is good for us.

  12. It is illegal for Mexico to let a foreign govt give the death penalty to one of its own citizens so no won't happen.

  13. He just talks to talk, good show man. Won't fly though, That's the only condition that Mexicans get extradited, no death penalty. Unless of course they catch them crossing the drugs but then they would be considered mules, there would be thousands put on death row. Can't believe a country so great gets brainwashed so easily

  14. Part of that Supreme Court document mentioned one punishment as "hard labor." I've never heard of a prison that applies that kind of punishment. I would think the 8th amendment on cruel and unusual punishment would make that unenforceable. When I was in the U.S. military (1966 - 1972), each military base had a punishment of "hard labor" which was actually enforced. One form at one base was the sand pile. You would be required to fill two buckets with sand using only your hands, carry them on a shoulder yolk 50'and empty them; repeating it 8 hours a day for five days a week. 30 minutes of this with a 5 or 10 minute break in between. Another base it was swimming for 30 minutes non-stop, then 5 - 10 minute break and back in the pool. Again, I have never heard of any sentence being imposed that allows for hard labor--true hard labor. In Louisiana, where this monster was caught, Angola prison used to have chain gangs and maybe still do, but I have never heard of forced, strict military-style hard labor imposed. If this punishment can be enforced, then a true hard labor type of revenge would be my choice rather than the death penalty. I want these kinds of psychopaths to suffer, if possible, for the rest of a very long life. A quick death is not justice in my opinion.

  15. I never understood the drug dealers kill people by selling drugs logic. It is the users choice and risk to buy and use drugs. No one is forcing them to do it. There is so much information out there on drugs and with the internet ignorance is not an excuse.

    If you are going to give the death penalty for drug dealers fine but then also give the death penalty for beer distributors and alcohol brewing companies. How many people die in drunk driving accidents in a year?

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