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Sunday, March 11, 2018

BOLA, BC: US Citizen Bludgeoned to Death, Suspect In Custody

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AFN and San Diego Tribune

                      Suspect arrested in killing of elderly U.S. citizen in Bahía de los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles, BC once a typical sleepy fishing village and a paradise of fishing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, turtle nesting and whale watching is particularly known for the Blue Whale and Fin Whale populations , the two largest and fastest whales on earth. An unforgettable sight with the desert islands dotting the backdrop of the azure Vermillion Sea.

Ensenada, BC, March 4, 2018 
The Deputy Attorney General of Ensenada through the Ministerial Police of Baja California linked  the legal process of the alleged murderer identified as Gabriel "N", 28 years of age, for his alleged participation in the death of the American Charles Lewis Crabtree of 75 years old.

The murder occurred between 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. on January 8, when the defendant took a hammer and allegedly hit the "elderly man"  several times on the head while he was outside of his motorhome, located in Campo Amigo, at Km 5 of the Transpeninsular Highway #1 in the delegation of Bahía de los Ángeles, where he lived at Campo Amigo.
Cultural Note: In Mexico a person of this age is referred to as in their " Tercera Edad", the third stage of life, it is a term of respect.

Gabriel "N" was captured yesterday around 1:30 p.m. , March 3, in Bahía de los Ángeles by elements of the Ministerial Police. He was placed in detention accused of the murder of the US resident in January.
In the research folder, the probable participation of this individual along with another unidentified man was established in the homicide of the foreigner. Hours later that evening  a friend of the victim located the body and notified the authorities.

Three individuals arrived at Mr Crabtree's motorhome and noticed he was outside. Gabriel "N" and his still unidentified accomplice got out of the car and accosted the man. Suddenly Gabriel "N" grabbed a hammer off a table and bludgeoned Mr Crabtree in the head until he fell to the ground. The two men then took a shovel and drug the man behind his motorhome.

They continued to beat Mr Crabtree to death. The autopsy revealed the cause of death as encephalitic lacerations and hemorrhage due to severe cranial trauma and contusions.

The motive for the horrific murder is unknown at this time.
The accused Gabriel "N" is being held in the Provisional Detention Center (Cedepro) at the disposal of the Judge who will determine his legal status next Wednesday at the corresponding hearing.

By: Sandra Dibble March 3, 2018, 5:25 PM

Baja California law enforcement authorities have caught a suspect in the killing of a 75-year-old U.S. citizen who was found beaten to death in January in the community of Bahía de Los Angeles.

The victim, Charles Lewis Crabtree, had been a part-time resident of the picturesque fishing town on the Gulf of California. Members of the tight-knit U.S. expatriate community were shocked by his death.

According to authorities, Crabtree’s body was found on the ground outside a trailer on the afternoon of January 8 at Campos Amigo, a camping and RV park north of town where the victim had been living.

In a statement Saturday, the Baja California Attorney General’s Office announced the arrest of a 28-year-old suspect identified only as “Gabriel N.” The statement said that he had been captured by ministerial police in Bahía de los Angeles about 1:30 p.m. Friday, March 3, 2018.

Investigators said that the victim had been standing outside a motor home when the suspect struck him repeatedly with a hammer on his head and body. The victim’s corpse was found by a friend hours later at the same location, authorities said and the authorities offered no motive for the killing.

The suspect remained in custody on Saturday, pending a hearing on Wednesday, when a judge will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to hold him for trial.

Tuesday, March 13 : No New Motive has come to light : Unfortunately, I did find this :

Not only was it a hammer, But a Sledge - Hammer.


  1. Those bastards should be put to death in the same manner as they did Mr.Crabtree.

  2. A very costly and poorly made choice committed by this individual. Truly believe it was not in his best interests to have committed such actions.
    Never is! Until it hits you and have to pay for ones consequences.
    Actually surprised though that Mexican authorities put an effort to finding a culprit.
    Quite sure comments of wrongful apprehensions to quell a political issue ( American citizen )will follow.

    Nice B.B.

  3. Why kill a defenless, old man that was minding his own business. I am greatfull that they investigated, this and caught de criminal.

  4. What happened seems to be very clear but there is some vagueness in the details . Did they know one another or did Gabriel pick him at random ? To rob him , revenge , or just didn't like his looks ? Obviously Gabriel is a real piece of shit but the devil is often in the details .

    1. Devil is in the details; SOMETHING will come out. I’m keeping my ojos peeled.

    2. Speaking of devil+ojos did the lovely and talented La Mano con Ojo (Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya) get a prison day pass to touch up his orange highlights and orange spray tan?

      _Canadian girl

  5. Wow that place is a TINY remote fishing village.The electricity for the village was run on a generator for years til recently with all lights out at 10 .They are pretty much all ex-pats there living in lots of campgrounds around.I wonder if the motive was robbery and if the arrested was a local or an 'outsider from the mainland?'

  6. Not even subhuman. Animals.

    1. Animals don’t kill at random, these were subanimals

  7. Was he homosexual?
    Crime says passion, hate, anger
    Must of known the assailant
    Nothing random

    1. Plain shakedowns go wrong sometimes, not everything is homos.
      Of course, gringos always have all that money, you don't tempt the gorillas with the peanuts for nothing.
      As Mexico sinks deeper in the shit we are going to see more murders like this. For your own good, gringos go home!

  8. I agree, not random, unless they were just drunken tweakers.........but doubtful.
    And the obvious question: Why did it take the local police nearly two months to arrest “ Gabriel”. Someone knows a lot more about this.

  9. Old dude been trafficking to the trailer park boys for years.
    Operating on credit and he fell too far behind.
    happens everyday.

    1. HUH ?
      A lot of these retired folks are barely getting by on Soc Sec or their wives have died........that is often half the reason they are there to start with. you think this guy was trafficking WHAT ? Was he the designated BOOZE run guy ? It is a LONG way from BOLA to get some good booze if they run out in the Pueblito. They didn’t use to even have gas or ice , electricity or ANYTHING for that matter, and no ex- pat community either, that is all fairly recent. You still have to often buy gas outta the back of a pick-up from barrels on that stretch of #1. Forget Diesel.

  10. If you morons believe this what went down, you're more gulible than BB thought. In mexico 97% of murders go unsolved,m. Of the other 3%, 2% are "solved" using shady tactics or tortured into false confessions. Only 1% are solved puttinh behind bars real killers.

    1. Great comment! Finally people are seeing the light on this site! Keep it up because this site needs a swift kick.

    2. My 90 year old buddy who I know for more than 30 years,
      who has never seen me doing anything drug related,
      was asking me if I would want some grifa, few months ago, there is no ageism when you want to be a businessman, or a Don Juan, there are many offers to hook up from every gender under the sun or the moon.
      old people are old, but they are not dead!

  11. Sounds like some thugs were trying to get some beer money.

    plata o plomo/hammer


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