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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Michoacán: Aquila Autodefensas Retake Up Arms; Government Denies It

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Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Due to recent violence and the neglect from state and federal authorities in the region, residents of the municipality of Aquila retook up arms, almost three years after the emergence of the autodefensas.

In an interview conducted by Noventa Grados Radio, the leader of the autodefensas in Aquila, Semeí Verdía Zepeda, stated that in less than a month, there have been three assassinations, two of which were tortured and burned, as well as an ambush against municipal police.

The extreme violence with which have been carried out by criminals and the lack of capacity of the municipal police to ensure the security in the municipality, have forced people to take up arms, Verdía Zepeda said.

The leader of the autodefensas said that neither the state nor the federal governments turn to take a look at the coastal region, as it is its duty to ensure the safety of the state, but also acknowledged that it is the work of the three levels of government.

Semeí Verdía said that the municipal police alone can’t handle the problem of insecurity, so that’s why the civilians will help them, because organized crime forces them to be on alert.

He also expressed the full willingness of the people to cooperate with the authority if it approaches them and asks them, but this has not happened, and instead has kept Aquila outside of security and social actions.

Michoacán Government Denies Autodefensas Retook Up Arms

The Michoacán Secretary of Government, Adrián López Solís, denied that with the recent events of violence in the Sierra-Costa Region, that the autodefensas have resurged.

In this regard, López Solís announced that in the coming days, the state government will work to resolve the issue of the municipal police forces in Chinicuila, Aquila and Tepalcatepec, where this conflict still persists.

According to López Solís, the recent events in the area are the result of the remnants that remain since 2015 when former Commissioner Alfredo Castillo Cervantes was head of the security strategy in the state.

Also, López Solís acknowledged that some of the leaders have problems with justice and despite the requests made, they have not been made available to the courts to clarify the situation, adding that there have not been any arrests by the authorities because they have not shown themselves.


  1. Hahaha massacre coming up in A quilt soon, Elet Americano will assemble it.

  2. Here we go again, let's see how many children the pinchis soldados kill while trying to "arrest" Semei this time...

  3. As has occurred in the past, the response from the state or federal government of Mexico is to arrest the autodefensas leaders and members. Then they disarm them to leave them defenseless against the cartels and sicarios. In carrying out these acts, politicians ensure that they will continue to receive payoffs from the cartels while the innocent autodefensas leaders and members rot in prisons on trumped up charges. Prisons that just happen to be located as far away as possible from the families of the autodefensas and their attorneys. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

  4. Grillonautas just interviewed cemei and cemei said that its a lie people are just spreading rumors

  5. Not this shit again , they al corrupt and turn on their on People once in Power like the narcos do...we need uncle Sam over there already...

  6. Autodefenzas are defenseless against rurales/cjng/viagras and the government who protect them. Michoacan is a narco state just like tamaulipas and sinaloa so as long as there's cartels there things are NEVER going to change. The people of michoacan tried but it's imposible to go against them and win. Too many are in prison on false charges and many more killed off.

  7. Ya que tanto levantamiento de armas de todos modos jamas podran contra el Cartel del PRI el mero mero Cartel de Mexico. Los demas solo son los frentes para desviar su atencion a los hechos reales.

    Tambien pienso que usan a los carteles para rebajae la poblacion de lacras que deciden no estudiar y andar pegandole al aurelio costrillas. Especial en las zonas fronterisas, fijense nuevo laredo puro werco menos de 18 años ya andan de sicarios.

  8. 1:36 education is not compulsive in mexico, nobody needs illustrated snobs that know it all spoiling the privatization dreams of the world's vulture capitalistas, and much of the money stolen by mexican politicians ends up in US Banks, including teacher's pensions and quotas, of course the US is not close to returning confiscated property or capital to any mexican citizen for any reason.

  9. Actually mi Mexico needs more illustrated people to help change minds and souls, specially people from the border slums.

    3:11 Mexican elite are more likely to be found in South America or Europe, if thats of who you are talking about. Most of the empresarios from Monterrey send their kids to Prestige universitys in Europe, stop making the US sound so glorious. Perfect example salinas de gortary (Ireland) and moreira (spain) where would they hide? Where would they invest? Theres more people to the list just check the panama papers out.


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