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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

At Least 12 Ambushes Against Police In Michoacán This Year: 8 Dead, 12 Wounded

By: Cecilia Sierra | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Morelia, Michoacán, October 25, 2016 — There have been 12 ambushes against municipal, state, and also federal police forces so far this year in the state of Michoacán. 

In addition, the attacks on law enforcement have left eight police officers injured by gun fire.

The attacks have occurred on state highways, especially in the vicinity of remote communities of the municipalities, as has happened in the most recent events in Acahuato, Cancita and Las Yeguas, in Aguililla y Apatzingán.

There are also cases of attacks against municipal police forces from Ixtlán and Gabriel Zamora that killed two police officers; of the Director of Public Safety of Tiquicheo along the highway Mil Cumbres-Morelia; of Ziracuaretiro and San Pedro Barajas in La Huacana; where a federal highway police officer died and left another one severely injured.

In addition to these violent acts, is the ambush suffered by the mayor of Pungarabato, Ambrosio Soto Duarte, that took the life of the mayor and his driver, and also left two police officers injured along the highway San Lucas-Ciudad Altamirano.
Along with the municipal, state, and federal police forces are also the former autodefensas that became a part of the former Fuerza Rural, and which have also fallen prey to ambushes.

Such was the case of a command of the Fuerza Rural, which was also a victim of an ambush by an armed convoy in San Juan Nuevo Parangaricutiro-Uruapan, which received at least three gunshots in May 2016.

Source: Quadratin


  1. I love every moment zervando aka la tuta got a ride in the police car for ordering coward ambushes to federal police fucken bum said he will go down fighting and at the end not one shot fired lol
    Bless all the arm forces they all not all bad man

    1. 7:50 the "arm" forces are under direct command of some of most corrupt crooks mexico has ever seen, starting with el pendejo mayor en la presidencia, all over mexico, and that inclues michuacan.

  2. Sinaloa killing soilders and michoacan police officers mexico is getting worse every day now imagine civilians we got no one to protect us but our self but then againg its illegal to carry a weapon smh

    1. Se que no es mucho amigo pero te recomiendo que de perdis te armes con una 22lr con varios cargadores. Registrate en la sedena para poder pedir el permiso para portarla.

      Creo que una .380 es legal tambien no bien recuerdo, Saludos!


  3. It's common in michoacan to hear about killing police and federales. thats why michoacan is where more federales have been killed. They are crooked too so right now cjng is trying to take out autodefenzas and police who get in the way because they work for ct or federales who are trying to get them. la familia michoacana, ct and cjng are always killing them.

    1. Its a cartel fiesta in Michoacan. But Guerrero is way worst, I believe every cartel in Mexico has a presence in that state. Thats why you got that murder fiesta going down in Guerrero.


    2. 1:44 the murder Fiesta in guerrero and michoacan is for all the iron and gold and silver, GEORGE SOROS WANTS IT.
      --argentinian gigolo carlos ahumada kurtz, the man that gave a Mercedes Benz car to general gutierrez rebollo from amado carrillo fuentes, and has been receiving government contractz from the mexican government and has sued Rosario Robles and the PRD for more than 500 millions of pesos, reportedly makes 19 million dollars per Kilo of Uranium he sells TO CHINA.
      --THEY ARE THE GREEDY CARTEL that has michoacan and guerrero en Llamas...

    3. 3:46 You think the U.S doesnt know Chayna (trump voice) is getting those shipments??? Or are they so busy catching the "bad hombres" (trumps voice). For all I care sir the day they die those people you mentioned wont even take their shoes.

      Cada quien forma su destino y fortuna a su gusto.

  4. Don't get confused, it's Viagras/rurales against autodefenzas. Viagras are trying to gain more territory and discourage the real autodefenzas by force and if that doesn't work the government will be glad to help them by catching the main leader (cemei). Don't like the thought but they is the only outcome in that situation


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