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Friday, January 15, 2016

Former Coahuila Governor and PRI party chief, arrested in Spain for Organized Crime

Posted by DD from material from Borderland Beat  Archives
By  DD and Chivis for Borderland Beat
"EPN: Mission Accomplished?" Same phrase tweeted  by EPN announcing Chapo's
re-capture, and the phrase used by The Natl Police of Spain announcing the arrest of Moreira  
What the U.S. wanted to do, and Mexico failed to do, the arrest of Humberto Moreira Valdez, was conducted today at the Madrid International Airport.

No details have been given by authorities, but it was the Anti-Corruption officers who made the arrest based on a Spanish warrant.  Off the record sources say the arrest was for “organized crime” and “money laundering,”funds resultant from drug trafficking.

El Espanol reports, that the Economic Crime Unit and Attorney (UDEF) investigated the funds the former governor has in Spain.

The legal team of Moreira gave a statement to Formula Group, claiming that his arrest was due to "migration issues," but gave no further details of his capture.

He resigned from Governorship to run for PRI chief, and resigned from that post under suspicion of being culpable for missing state funds and falsifying state loan docs.  a $2.6 billion state government debt accumulated when he was governor of Coahuila, financed at least in part by falsified documents.

The state now governed by Humberto’s brother Ruben.  It is widely thought Humberto cut a deal with PRI to resign to protect the Pena candidacy, leave in exile and return to have his name cleared. 

Before the scandal he was at the top of the list of probable candidates for the next Mexican presidential election.

It was in  the Barcelona township of Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain where he and his wife and children went into exile for 2 years.  Presumably these charges are for activities during his stay there. He has long rumored to be in collusion with the Los Zetas Cartel, as is his father in law.

The former leader of the PRI has been accused of belonging to a group called "Connecting Coahuila" involved in money laundering and embezzlement. Among the members of this criminal group is Rolando Gonzalez Treviño who last May 28 of this year pleaded guilty to justice in the United States with conspiracy to transport stolen money from the state of Coahuila.

During the administration of Humberto Moreira, state officials processed bank loans by at least 3 000 100 million pesos, using apocryphal documentation, as evidenced by complaints from the Ministry of Finance with the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

Of the 14 involved in "Connecting Coahuila", six are or have been imprisoned; one is indicted and two have been killed. When Humberto Moreira took office as Governor of Coahuila, the state debt was 323 million pesos. At the end of his mandate was about 34 billion. According to data from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), between 2005 and 2009 the government of Coahuila raised its debt by 709 percent.

Forbes magazine named him as one of Mexico top 10 most corrupted.  After the Forbes list was released, he threatened to sue the magazine, but of course that would have presented a multitude of problems for the disgraced governor, beginning with depositions and mandatory questioning in civil court. 

After issuing his bombastic threats, he withdrew and has not been heard from since.  It is rumored he lives in upscale Cuernavaca with his wife and 3 children, including a new son born since his return to Mexico.

Another son, Eduardo “Lalo” Moreira, was murdered by Los Zetas in Acuna,Coahuila, in October, 2012.  

Members of the Acuna police department, including the Chief aided Zetas hitmen by calling Lalo for a meeting at a desolate part of the city where hitmen were waiting. 

The relationship of the once close Moreira brothers has been fractured and more so after Lalo’s death, which Humberto blamed his brother for exposing his son to danger, by taking away his armored vehicle and leaving his personal security in the hands of the municipal police.  

Municipal police along the border are corrupted and work in collusion with organized crime.  In effect one brother gave the son of another into the hands of his assassins.

Video narrative translation to English:

English translation of  Moreira Family Corruption video:
(0:05 -0:08)
In the State of Coahuila, behind the face of what is supposed to be a social government that helps people 

(0:09 – 0:17)
is a well-armed criminal net of corruption, shadowy businesses and influence peddling; by Humberto and Ruben Moreira, their relatives and unconditional friends.

(0:18 – 0:28)
Thanks to a very extensive investigational work, secretly obtained several months ago, it has been discovered the tentacles that form the corruption net, that is headed by Humberto and Ruben Moreira,   through front men -  Prestanombres (

0:30)  that cover and hide sources of illicit enrichment

(0:34 -0:38)
It is a casualty for  the government of Coahuila resulting debt for around 20 thousand million pesos.
(0:39 – 0:43)
Much of this money was derived from the honest effort of the people of Coahuila.

(0:44 – 0.55)
The reality is that it has been blatantly destined to enlarge the personal fortune of the Moreira Family and their unconditional friends. These are some of the unconditional friends and partners of the brothers Humberto and Ruben Moreira:

(0.56 – 1:06)
Javier Villarreal Hernandez: Former secretary of finances and actual head of the SATEC (Tributary Administrative System of the State of Coahuila) He is an employee of the Moreira’s.

(1:07 – 1:15)
From his strategic position inside the government of Coahuila, he has become the head of the financial operations of the Moreira net.

(1:16 – 1:18)
Javier Villarreal Hernandez has been very careful that his name doesn’t appear in these transactions.

(1:19 - 1:28)
He does everything in the name of Francisco Javier Flores Valdes, supposedly the nephew of the Moreira brothers and husband of his subordinate Anabell Torres Leza

(Below the tweet from National Police of Spain announcing the arrest with a hashtag "Mission Accomplished", the same comment EPN issued when re-capturing Chapo)

(1:29 -1:32)
Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes, his wife’s brother in law; Aurora Villarreal Hernandez,

(1:33 – 1:37)
his sister and his father, Hector Javier Villarreal Garcia   

(1:38 – 1:42)
Who have under their names, ownership of  gas stations, car washes and expensive real estate.

(1:43 – 1:50)
Vicente Chairez Yañez: Former Secretary of administration of the State and current Finance Secretary of the Directive Committee of CEN of PRI.

(1:51 – 1:55)
He is the main operator and protector of Humberto and Ruben Moreira’s interests, as well as for their family.

(1:56 – 2:06)
Vicente Chairez Yañez
is a dangerous man that enjoys of the trust, Humberto Moreira, has granted him. He is his lieutenant in dirty businesses and operations with abusing authority and police force use in Coahuila.

(2:07 – 2:10)
Vicente Chairez Yañez is the direct link of all the corruption net

(2:11 – 2:20)
With Ruben Flores, a questionable  attorney of San Antonio, Texas, that according to the proof obtained, he is who is in charge to legitimize and sanitize the operations of the Moreira net in the foreign country. (US)

(2:21 – 2:24)
He is also the personal front man of Humberto Moreira in construction enterprises

(2:25 – 2:28)
and real estate in the city of San Antonio, Texas, such as 

(2:29 – 2:31)
Transnational Construction and Real Estate Co, LLC,

(2:32 – 2:33)
Procon Marketing, LLC and

(2:34 – 2:36)
VICAP Global Investments LLC, among others.

(2:37 – 2:40)
Among the properties, and enterprises that appear under the name Vicente Chairez Yañez

(2:41 – 248)
include a mansion in Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas with a contractual value of more than 700 thousand dollars,

equivalent to approximately 10 million pesos.

(2:50 – 2:55)
attention is drawn to the fact that Vicente Chairez and Roberto Casimiro Gonzalez,

(2:56 – 3:02)
owner of the powerful communication media group RCG of Coahuila and one of the principal

(3:03 – 3:06)
partners and benefactor of the Moreira’s , creating operations out of the country

(3:07 – 3:12)
as front men of Humberto Moreira , Vicente’s wife’s brother in law is  Arnoldo Rivas Duron.

(3:13 – 3:18)
On September 16th, 2009, Vicente Chairez suspiciously, through a questionable transaction became the owner of channel 22 of Piedras Negras,

(3:19 – 3:21)
previously it was  as part of the RCG group and owned by Roberto Gonzalez another front man for Moreira,

(3:22 – 3:31)
furthermore as the enterprise Radio Communication of Saltillo S.A de C.V., that was obtained through Super Medios of Coahuila S.A de C.V. in October of 2009.

(3:32 – 3:35)
Oscar Moreira Flores, uncle of Humberto and Ruben Moreira is the brother of their father:

(3:36 – 3:39)
In 2009, the newspapers El Norte and El Siglo de Torreon

(3:40 – 3 44)
exposed his dirty businesses with a value of over 50 million pesos.

(3:45 – 3:50)
Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes: the nephew of the Moreira brothers and husband of Anabell Torres Leza,

(3:51 – 3:54)
former secretary of Programming and Budget of the State of Coahuila.

(3:55 – 4:01)
Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes amassed an unimaginable fortune for his 26 years of age,

(4:02 – 4:04)
thanks to his unconditional relationship to the Moreira Family.

(4:05 – 4:21)
Numerous signs and evidence place him as one of the principal front men inside the corruption net of the Moreira’s. He is owner, majority shareholder or stockholder of the enterprises and properties that the net possesses in Saltillo. It is estimated that altogether,

These businesses have a value that exceed

(4:23 – 4:24)
1000 million pesos.

(4:25 – 4:39)
His enterprises are favored directly through his wife, Anabell Torres Leza, former secretary of Planning and Budget of the Government of Coahuila or through third parties with acquisitions and millionaire contracts by the State of Coahuila in an illegal covert method.

(4:40 – 4:44)
Some of these enterprises are JP Incorporated S.A de C.V.,

(4:45 – 4:49)
Grupo Inmobiliario e Infraestructura Los Alpes S.A de C.V.  (real estate corporation),

(4:50 – 4:52)
Business Storage Corporation S.A de C.V.

(4:53 – 4:54)
 Servicio El Toreo S. A. de C.V.

(4:55 – 4:56)
and a ranch named Los Mimbres, near Parras, Coahuila.
(4:58 – 5:08)

One of the multiple procurements of Javier Villarreal Hernandez, and operated by Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes, was the acquisition by the State Government through the Secretariat of Finance,
(5:09 – 5:13)
of the offices of the Governmental storage center in Arteaga Coahuila. This property was deviously purchased
(5:14 – 5:28)
 by the business Storage Corporation S.A de C.V., under the mane of Marco Antonio Martinez Saucedo and Francisco Xavier Flores Gonzalez, partner and father of Francisco Xavier Flores Valdez. The property was acquired with 
(5:29 – 5:40)
15 million 500 thousand pesos, to be sold just 23 days after the purchase in 68 million 400 thousand pesos, 4 times more than the original price.
(5:41 – 5:49)
Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes: Javier Villarreal wife’s brother in law and front man. He is the head of the Tributary Administrative System of the State of Coahuila (SATEC)
(5:50 – 5:58)
and the principal operator and front  man of Javier Villarreal Hernandez in the purchase of properties and business openings in the state of Texas. The participation of Schuessler Reyes in the Moreira net
(5:59 – 6:05)
consists in acquisitions of properties in different cities of the state of Texas under the name of Schuessler enterprises
(6:06 – 6:10)
Some of the enterprises under Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes’ name, within a very long list, include
(6:11 – 6:22)
MPV Family Partnership, LLC, Peninsula South Padre 1, LLC, Aero Premio, LLC, Alpes Group, LLC, Barcelona at Stone Oak, LLC, Villa Premio Gas, LLC and IXE Systems, LLC.

(6:28 – 6:38)
Additionally, several properties are registered in the Public Records of Texas, under the names of Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes, and/or his wife Itzel Rotelo of Schuessler, sister in law of Javier Villarreal Hernandez.

(6:39 – 6:51)
Ruben Flores Jr., lawyer of San Antonio, Texas: His law firm is in charge of giving legal representation for the multiple commercial, financial and property transactions that the Moreira net create in the foreign country.

(6:52 – 7:08)
The law firm, The Flores Group, specialized in International Corporative Rights, Tax and Migration Services operating for the Moreira net, and the transactions and operations in the foreign country. The address of The Flores group is 7272 Wurzbach Road Suite 901, San Antonio, Texas.

(7:09 - 7:13)
Rodolfo Camara Ahuja, representative of the Government of Coahuila in McAllen, Texas.

(7:14 – 7:17)
Multiple properties of the Moreira in the foreign country are registered under his name

(7:18 – 7:33)
In addition to all this net of corruption, illicit businesses and influence peddling, through front  men of Humberto and Ruben Moreira, exists strong evidence that with no doubt show how members of Moreira Valdez Family have acquired

(7:34 – 7:42)
numerous properties and buildings in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, so blatantly, that without shame they are acquired  under their names

(7:43 – 7:55)
as the compound  that Humberto Moreira possesses  in San Antonio, Texas under the name of his mother in law, Herminia Martinez de la Fuente, with swimming pool, spa and 5 spacious bedrooms with a value of more than 1 million dollars.

(7:56 – 8:11)

This is just a part of the criminal corruption net that head Humberto and Ruben Moreira, and is what they plan to continue doing in Coahuila with Ruben Moreira as Governor.  


  1. I sure hope these charges stick, I heard the U.S. wants him and has enough to charge him with money laundering but that he likely would never be caught outside Mexico. This may be a game changer.

    1. I am embarrassed to say I am Mexican.

    2. 12:31 all countries have crooked politicos. embarased? your dumb!

  2. The moreiros built their businesses the old way, "aall by themselves" like all the mexican politician narco-ratas, bertie boy may be.left alone when the mexican government stops facking around with spain and it's petro-contractz and "Oceanografía" the dirty dealing spanish contractor left behind by pretty boy juan camilo mouriño when genaro garcia luna murdered his ass, he almost had the mexican presidency in his pocket, but bertie and epn had other plans...fecal wanted no "problems"

  3. Nothing like dragging their big political asses in the piss and dirt of the pigsty, with photos, the capo bertie boy moreira was ot going to get much more fatter, market time...

  4. The U.S. needs to clean up Mexico, cause obviously Mexico can't keep up.

    1. us PRIVATE CONTRACTORS ARE behind all the problems all over the world, and they are ready with ready solutions for all the problems they create, FOR A FEE
      that will be exacted no matter what,from the american taxpayer

    2. They just want to steal the mexican ratas and capos money, they put deposits in the foreign banks, many of them in dollars, and those banks are taking posession of their friends money.

    3. @12:45
      Do some research first,the U.s has a 17 trillion dollar economy.What are a couple of million going to do?it's costing us 1.4 billion a day in interest alone for the national debt.

    4. No one can! not eaven the dea their scared of the real zetas in torreon with guns! and get the politicians ..

    5. 2:28 the competition may come down with a few million dollars in fines, el vicentillo zambada I billion dollars, making sure the competition works and produces for YOU IS PRICELESS...
      --the taxpayers can be damned and go to hell with their national debt and their taxes, we are about PRIVATIZING A FEW BILLION DOLLARS HERE AND THERE, ALL TAX FREE from the US or any other country's government, and taking posession of the drug trade and its many billions of dollars is just part of the game of being in power...

    6. 4:49 you don't know shit !

  5. What about his involvement in the Allende Coahuila Massacre!!! In town is rumoured that he gave the OK to rural police to stay away while the town was closed so the Z could massacre for a week.. Only a high ranking official could call shots like those to the police an other state cops..

    1. Just like you said its a rumor they never released or showed any evidence

    2. La gran familia priista compró el "down payment" de la candidatura de peña nieto con abonos de moreira y robos de veracruz y coperacha de todos los estados, aparte de lo que epn gano con el narcotrafico desde el aeropuerto de Toluca Estado de Mexico que les robó a la barbie y a arturo beltran leyva...
      --todos los pinchi pendejos setas trabajando para los ELITE ZETAS que hoy "gobiernan" a mexico mediante vender a la verga todo lo que no se pueda robar, reforzados por los paramilitares revueltos con "DEA" Y SEALS Y DELTAS que nomas asisten a los pobres Gorilas que sostienen al pinchi gobierno mexicano de mierda en el poder, porque desde ahi mantienen a los americanos "dueños" de todo el pais...hellshet, even el chapo sent his cooperation, IN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, no pesos.

  6. Christian Lopez PalafoxJanuary 15, 2016 at 3:59 PM

    Spain doesnt fuck around. Natenyahu is next

    1. Cristy, spain extorts the victims of their righteousness, even augusto pinochet, nicaragua, and Mexico wherever they go accusing the local satrapy, they shut down the prosecution for contracts and fees

    2. That would be great!

      Netanyahu has far more power than all the cartels combined though.

    3. Christian Lopez PalafoxJanuary 15, 2016 at 10:19 PM

      So your'e saying @7:13 if Moreira forfeits some of his assets in Spain he will be cleared?

    4. 10:19 Forfeits? It is in the bank...
      --Spain wants OCEANOGRAFÍA left alone, a virrey to replace Juan Camilo Mouriño, new contractz ON mexico, maybe some streets named after what's his name cordoba montoya? And a few futbol players to help the Gachupines...
      --Spain is not making much money from its investments in foreign putas walking spanish streets buttnaked...
      --Spain is killing bullfighting to become civilized, now they bitch fight their former Colonies, but they still garrote people when nobody is watching, to help "el rey"...

    5. I wish Spain would fix their Spanish. Mexican Spanish is so much prettier.

  7. I think the last post I read involving the Zetas.. It mentioned something about how now they identify as "Cartel Del Norte".. Uhh can we get a tad bit more consistent here lol

    1. put on your listening ears, although they are cdn they are also identified as zetas and clearly during the moreira reign they were identified as only los zetas

      it would be in error to refer to them as anything else. No one knows this better than DD and I we are both Coahuilense


      I was just knit picking lol..

      It is a good read & post though :)

    3. 15 mins in the naughty corner..... :)

    4. Chivis, did you ever think you would see this day!?

      They figure he already blew his chance being Prez, so they might as well make an example of him, huh?

      Much love!

    5. Chivis no eres mas k una narcoplaticante lambiscona. ..kien te cress k xk eres moderador aki y tienes atus LAMBISCONES IGUAL K tu....PIENSAS KOMO SI LO K TU DICES ES VERDAD ....YOUR NOT THE WORD OF GOD HERE BITCH ATT TU VERDADERO PADRE

    6. jesus go back to school asshole. Learn language skills, at least one. "kien te cress k xk" what the fuck?

      and for the record Chivis is the word here.

    7. Hey chivis I was watching a video the other day where Phil Jordan Dea agent and ex head of el paso intelligence stated that he doesn't understand why peña nietos government arrested el Chapo when he made million dollar donation to his presidential campaign any thoughts/info on this subject?

    8. @8:48
      I think Jordon should go away and retire in a nice sunny place. The problem is he supports his speculation based on his past credentials. He has no proof, when asked for it, he says "I don't have documentation but it is widely known". then what he says will never happen....happens Chapo is captured. "There must have been a big rig between PRI and chapo....." do ya think?

      but even the million dollars, really? that's so low bid it is laughable.

    9. 6:31 there you go, posted.
      --all your barky bark guau guau does not do anything but make chivis laugh so hard her belly hurts, mine does...
      --xktves bien p&dejo komo un fundillo de perro con colorete

  8. Off topic BB they found a cell phone on one of the three killers who killed the mayor of Temixco I believe was the town. In the cell phone thers a video of them cutting up a guy with an ax and a machete as they drink beer an listen to music they cut fingers than an arm then at the end lays a penus they cut off while teasing the man and making fun of him..

  9. Right out of La Reina del Sur! :)

  10. This is great. So the moral of the story is sending a message to all those crooked politicians in Mexico. Stay in Mexico so you are not arrested and avoid rival cartels. If you leave the country the US will make sure you are arrested! This is truly a sign that the behaviours of these cartels are being pushed right back to Mexico. It is becoming less tolerated everywhere but in Mexico.

  11. im fucking ruthless...if you don't think i am... fucking test me. the day i go to my parents hometown... which i loved going to when i was younger. but not as much now. i have plans on going before this year ends. the day i do, im going to be head hunting if you're a templario or zeta soldier/sympathizer im not going to have mercy on you. if you think i aint with it just fucking wait and see

    1. STFU...keyboard princess, your mom has your Hot Pockets right out of the toaster for you honey

    2. Yeah you can operate with impunity there.Be my guest!

    3. Just don't mess up and grab an innocent.

    4. Broly,is that you?

    5. 10:52 @
      Casi me cago de LA risa ...
      No pues wow. . .

      Son muchas horas de vigilancia

    6. 6:48 Canadiana, que es eso?

  12. chivis finally this man may face judgement for what he has done to our city and state. I thought of you when Emiliano read this to me in the .

    1. And I thought of you amgia Lacy :)
      I am not certain what justice will be achieved in Spain, but no matter what, it is SOMETHING. I want him brought to justice but also my hearts aches for my friend. and you know who I mean......Paz, C

  13. Por ratas komo esas es ke mexico y latino america estan todos echos mierdas, solo roban y roban a los municipios y estados y le dan proteccion a las otras ratas komo ellos mismos, arruinando mas las cosas esos malparidos.

  14. No todos pero La mayoria de los politicos en Mexico son puras bolas de ratas que se rascan la espalda unos a otros. Por eso los carteles triunfan en Mexico. Lastima de gran pais.

  15. Mexican politicians always look so sleazy. Shiny suits, slicked back hair.

    1. That's cause from a young age they learn to steal and extort bribes to make their families proud while the poor beg on the streets to feed their families. Personally I don't admire Mexico's politicians. I see them as a low form of life.

  16. Damn. I guess in mexico you don't have to be to smart. Especially with an approval rate from epn. All his propertys are in his name or near family. Ima go to mexico and make a couple million too.

    1. Go ahead all you have to do is... Become a mx-politician then from there you can start your brilliant career as a big rat in suit and tie, you can burn the rest of the rats while your at it... A few rats is better than a bunch of rats. Lol !

  17. He had to be arrested in Spain because EPN the rat would have never arrested him. I'm still waiting for the governor of Sinaloa to be arrested. Everybody knows that he was Chapo's buddy. He's a horrible man. I imagine that most governor's in north-western Mexico are on CDS's payroll still.

    1. El PRI, governor Cesar Duarte, and la linia fought el chapo in chihuahua, Duarte won, he is a million dollar mexican "banker" now...

  18. This is the best article/report out there. I recall Chivis being the first to call Moreira "Bert" years ago. Chivis your love for Coahuila has prompted some outstanding articles over the years. The Lalo murder, the moreiras at war, the exile, zeta connection, the Santa Muerte chapels (zetas), all stories that were ill-reported or non existent elsewhere. They keep me connected to the state that is my heart. you should compile the articles into a book covering the years you have been in Saltillo.

  19. Isn't strange that moreira is nieto's buddy and member of the pri that arrested el chapo and now he gets arrested. after all el chapito, Does have a big back up that's a message to el pri,if u extradite el chapo bigger heads are going to roll i don't think el pri is very happy with spain this gets interesting with this arrest.

    1. Salma hayek and spanish actress penelope cruz made movies on are del golfo properties, and spain has singers and actors all over Latin America as cultjral ambassadors of good will, always pushing dirty business tricks...

  20. Seems that pri political party is going to pay for chapo's arrest that's a clear message to the president his pri best friend gets arrested coincidence?

    1. Interesting observation!EPN must really have his knickers in a bind.Damned if he does extradrite Chapo damned if he doesn't.If he does maybe consequences of some kind personally and if he doesn't to please the world his funding from US gets cut off!Gee I wonder who pays better:US or Sinaloa Cartel?

  21. Mission accomplished one of the mexican president best friends gets arrested the rats from both sides are falling el pan is on chapo's side yel pri on arellano's

  22. mexico is soooooooooooooo third world. scumbag politician leaves in disgrace? who cares, lets put his brother in. smdh..... Nepotism and clan politics at its finest.

    these are the real cartel drug lords, the EPNs, Moreira, Gortaris, the slim helus. Guys like chapo, el mayo, arturo beltran, z40 all muscle head pawns in a chess game.

    PRI and the political power structure are the real cartel overlords while the drug cartel heads like chapos are mere enforcer gangs in the big picture scheme.


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