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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Those Kidnapped In Route To a Wedding and others from a school Found Alive and Well

Posted by DD Republished From Yahoo News
Mexico's Guerrero has been plagued by violence and multiple cases of missing people, including the notorious disappearance and presumed massacre of 43 students in September 2014 (AFP Photo/Yuri Cortez)
 On Wed. of this week BB published a story , In Tierra Caliente (Hot Land) It Is Getting Hotter ,
in which we reported that a caravan of families traveling to a wedding were intercepted by heavily armed uniformed men and the 15 men in the families were put into trucks and carried away.

Today Yahoo News is reporting that Mexican authorities are reporting that 21 men who  had 
 been kidnapped earlier in the week had been found walking and they were alive and unharmed except for injuries to their feet which indicated they had walked a long distance.  They said 16 of those found were the men traveling to a wedding.  The other 5 were teachers and a principal abducted Monday  from a school as we reported in the above linked BB story.  

The above "facts" were announced by the governor of the state of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo,  on television.

The numbers don't add up though.  At the invasion and abductions at the school, it was reported that one of the teachers was female.  I also read earlier in the week that the principal had been murdered after the abduction, but the other 4 were released by the kidnappers.  We will follow up tracking this story and find out why the discrepancies.  

The armed uniformed masked men who kidnapped the 16 from the wedding caravan told the group that they were part o "a new group" and accused the men of belonging to a rival cartel.  Two men in the wedding caravan were killed during the abduction of the other 16.  

In response to the claim that the men were part of a cartel, the Mayor of Arcelia, Adolfo Torales, rejected that claim.

 "They are working people, humble people who have to go out to work every day," he said.


  1. Video of the 21 kidnapped in arcelia

  2. Dang...a story about two innocents and school principal murdered, and all I can think is, "it could've been worse" seems like the kidnappers realized their mistake and cut 2008, they would've just murdered everyone

  3. Chapo desperate move failed,glad everyone is safe

  4. Glad they are going home! Do your dirt if you have to but keep innocent people out of it.

    1. My family went to Mexico to visit their family in 2014 and he bought a Tahoe just in time, for the drive there from the US. Well, on the way to La Piedad, he got held at gun point by fucking idiots like the ones this whole website is about. They stole his truck but after reading everything on here, GOD AM I GLAD THEY JUST DROPPED HIM OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE INSTEAD OF .. yea I don't even want to think about what could have happened god I hate these fucking idiots

  5. Looks like the state kidnapped and released them to prove there are "positives" now with the "negatives" by the hundreds in mexico, these days, isn't it funny?
    --Kidnapping to release immediately not the way 'Tiatro' used to be.

  6. It's being reported the body of the 'assassinated' teacher has been found, in advanced state of decomposing.

  7. the only reason why they were even released was because el pez leader of LFM put up banners around arcelia stating if the government didn't do anything to rescue these innocent citizen that they would unleash hell of government officials and the group responsible for the kidnappings los tequileros. I found a youtube video of the kindappers interrogating the people who were kidnapped stating the why they were doing this and claiming they are simple ADs defending themselves from el pez and lfm but i doubt any legit ad would resort to kidnapping innocents and asking for a ransom


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