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Monday, December 14, 2015

Tijuana: Los Aquiles lieutenant detained

Lieutenant de Los Aquiles detained

In the latest hit to the structure of Los Aquiles, the trafficking group headed by brothers Rene and Alfonso Azarte, an alleged lieutenant was arrested in Tijuana. Los Azartes began working in the Arellano Felix organization, sometime in late 90's, either under Teodoro Garcia Simental, or another cell leader.  They remained outside of the spotlight in the midst of the Inge/Teo war, that covered Tijuana in blood, flayed limbs, and bodies dangling aimlessly from bridges.  

It said Los Azartes were instrumental in bringing a truce between Fernando Sanchez Arellano and Ismael Mayo Zambada, negotiating an alliance and non aggression pact, that has ebbed and tided over the years; and may have finally eroded after the capture of Inge last year.  Los Azartes became Mayo's top people in Tijuana and handled tons of marijuana and hundreds of kilos of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.  Several tunnels uncovered in San Diego and Tijuana since 2010 have been linked to the Azartes.  Aquiles packaging was Captain America stickers on the bales. 

After being indicted in 2015, and fleeing the city in year previous, they have had difficulties maintaining control for Tijuana retail markets, fighting against other cells in the city.  Yet, Los Azartes likely remain the top Mayo Zambada customers in the city.  They have evaded capture, despite many arrests over the years, and Sinaloa's infiltration of Tijuana's political and judicial structure has protected them.

Adam Castillo Hernandez, from Sinaloa, and 27 was the leader arrested Monday in Tijuana.  Castillo Hernandez was arrested in January 2011 in Tijuana, on drug charges.  He was in the company of Jesus Angel Yocupicio, from Sonora, who was said to have worked with Jesus Israel De La Cruz, El Tomate, a mid level Sinaloa trafficker, who flipped from CAF, and wasn't admitted into Mayo's inner circle, as the Azartes were.

The two were in possession of about 800 grams of meth, and apparently no firearms.  It is unknown why authorities have alleged Castillo Hernandez had a leadership role, his age and arrest don't suggest that.  The men were in a 2009 jeep, with US plates, and were detained by the PEP, who have made several arrests recently, including members of Aquiles rivals, Los Pelones/Los Erres.  

It could be the arrest of the Azarte brothers is imminent, or they may continue their reign from the shadows of safe houses and alert of cell phones....

Sources: AFN Tijuana


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  2. The brothers come from los mochis sent to tj by CHAPO and mayo

  3. Acquiles has been like a ghost. I saw his name mentioned here years ago but there is only 1 or 2 bad quality pictures of him. Everyone that has been arrested has said he's hiding either in Mexicali, a resort in Sonora or perhaps even back in Culiacan. I think he'll probably stay but who knows.

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  6. Excellent article, great back story

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