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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Search for 17 Kidnapped In Apaxtla, Guerrero

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The mayor of Apaxtla, retired Army General, Salvador Martínez Villalobos, informed via telephone that the land and air operations in search of the 17 people who were kidnapped by members of a criminal group continued yesterday, but they had not had positive results.

Martínez Villalobos, who was elected mayor by the New Alliance (PANAL) party said, however, that he believes that the criminal group continues in the area.

He also assures that the criminals have not asked for money in exchange for the people, so they do not know the causes for why they were kidnapped, since they were common people.

Since, Tuesday, December, 8, a group of around 15-20 men with rifles, military-style fatigues, and huaraches intercepted a public service Nissan Urvan along the road Apaxtla-El Caracol and deprived five people of their liberty who were from the communities of Tetela del Río and Amacahuite, municipality of Heliodoro Castillo (Tlacotepec).

It subsequently emerged that some 17 people are being held by the armed group.

“Until now, the operation has not been successful, there have been two flights, yesterday (Saturday) and today (Sunday) but nothing has been located,” said the mayor, who explained that yesterday’s aerial reconnaissance was in the municipal capital of Apaxtla and in the communities of Xochitepec, Tierra Blanca, San Felipe del Ocote and Liberaltepec.

Martínez Villalobos added that he assumes that the criminals are still in the area.

-Why do you believe that they are still in the area?

“There are things that cannot be assured, but we believe that they are still in the area because it isn’t easy to get out.”

He reported that the Military Police, soldiers from the 27th Infantry Battalion based in Iguala, and members of the Federal Police who are stationed in the municipal capital, are participating in the search operations.  But, he said that he doesn’t know the number of troops involved, “because it isn’t convenient to ask.”

But he explained that the encirclement that has been established is via land and air, because since yesterday, the helicopter that was sent by the state government was hovering overhead.

-On Friday, the governor declared that until that day, they had not contacted you personally, what is it that prevents communication between you to?

“I am communicating with the secretary of government because the last time I wanted to communicate, he was in meetings with the National Security Council.  I think he has many important activities as well, and with me, with the education that I have, I do not like to disturb when it’s not convenient, but I am coordinating with the people who manage the issue, and I inform them in writing, but his colleagues would tell me when I have to communicate with them, or if there is a need for a meeting,” the mayor answered.

-What do their families say?  Is it any kind of revenge or why do they believe that they took them?

“Nothing, they are humble people, and they say that they have no connection with any activity that may be the result of a vendetta.”

For the mayor, the deprivation of liberty of individuals is a rare situation, since they haven’t asked for money to release them, “there is no indication that we can tell what the motive was,” he said.

He also said that the place where the criminals are supposedly in, there is no communication, “even if they want to talk, if they are outside of the area, there’s no chance, hopefully if they are out and they have the ability to communicate, they’ll communicate or ask for something, if they want money or something like that.”

He said that from testimonies of neighbors who saw them in the communities, they say that there are 22 and others say 14 armed men who took them as hostages.

-Are they people from the municipality or did they come from somewhere else?

“No, they aren’t from this municipality, they came from elsewhere.  They are armed people who I can’t say if they belong to this group or that,” the mayor said.


  1. For the mayor, the deprivation of liberty of individuals is a rare situation?

    What does he mean it's rare, he was army general that was their daily practice.

  2. Ok I get this cartels situations now if cartels don't pay government they get screwed

  3. When the mexican military "don't know nothing"or how to find something about anything, they are usually lying...
    People from other places evade retenes and guardian to come and kidnap 17 year olds, or younger for slave labour, and some money keeps the former general quiet and at bay...

  4. When is this going to stop. When is enough enough. why have we let this get so out of control. Why have we let drug cartels dictate a whole country. I hate that i will never be able to peacefully and safely visit family like it was possible before 2005. Seriously have we not had enough

  5. Everyone should view Grillonautas2 in Face and Youtube.

  6. Not good, another massacre most likely! Hope those poor people get released? But in Mexico these days, not likely.

  7. Here we go again with the double digit kidnappings!

  8. Desde tierra caliente
    Los secuestros are reten for power. No pone molestias contra los carteleros. They are to move drogas sin problemas. This is bad how is said hostges para seguros de negotio.

  9. Thanks for posting this .
    Oh , and I am sure the authorities from Igual will be a great help........sigh

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  12. Seems to me that all serpico here is sure of is that the kidnappers aren't from the area.
    Worse than useless, and 10 times more dangerous.

  13. AP DEC16 2015

    Mexican police find 19 bodies in remote mountain canyon
    Dec. 15, 2015 4:49 PM EST

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Authorities have found what they believe are at least 19 bodies tossed into a deep, narrow canyon in the violence-plagued southern state of Guerrero, two Mexican officials said Tuesday.

    The federal officials said eight of the bodies had been partially burned, and two more were found in pieces. Authorities were not ruling out the possibility of finding more bodies at the site.

    They said the bodies appear to have been dumped — not buried — between a month and a year-and-a-half ago.

    They were found in a gorge about 1,500 feet (500 meters) deep in a mountain area near the town of Chichihualco, west of the Guerrero state capital of Chilpancingo.

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    The officials said authorities received an anonymous tip about the dumping ground late last week. The bodies were found between Dec. 8 and Dec. 11 by a team of investigators researching the cases of more than 200 people who disappeared in the northern part of Guerrero state over the last several years.

    The location and time frame would suggest the bodies were not those of 43 radical students who disappeared in Sept. 2014

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to be quoted by name.

    The mountainous area is dominated by drug gangs, and local farmers frequently grow opium poppies.

    There was no immediate information on the victims' age, gender, or what gang might have been involved in their deaths.

    YES, thank you Valor
    and Thank you GADEJO for your always excellent comments.

    Mexico, General news, Missing persons, Environment and nature, Canyons

  14. What is up with kidnapping 17? Back in April 2012 in Cuetzala to the east 17 were kidnapped. Then in July 2012 in Cocula 17 where kidnapped. This seams to me to be some tit-for-tat of shifting borders between the groupos malo pindejos.

  15. How about 19 ?
    PROCESO Dec 18 2015
    Chilpancingo, Gro. (Approved) .- The governor Héctor Astudillo Melquiades Olmedo Montes dismissed as Secretary of Civil Protection in the state, and instead appointed Marco Mayares Salmeron.

    According to an official statement released last night, the "resignation" of former official "due to the omissions incurred by not informing" the president about the discovery of 19 bodies near the town of El Naranjo, in the municipality of Leonardo Bravo, in operations conducted from 8 to 10 December.

    Failure to Olmedo Montes caused the governor Astudillo qualify as false the discovery of bodies in El Naranjo, and days later had to admit it was true the information disseminated in local media.

    "The delegate of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), José Juan Monroy, informed me 20 minutes is confirmed the discovery of bodies in a ravine near the town of El Naranjo, municipality of Leonardo Bravo ago," he confirmed yesterday in an interview that was done to him in the port of Acapulco.

    The governor declined to elaborate on the issue, arguing that it is a case directly investigating the PGR.

    The ousted former official is known for being the former mayor of Acapulco unconditional allegedly linked to drug trafficking, Manuel Anorve Banos.


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