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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coahuila claims Z42 gave information on "Lalo" Moreira's murder

Lucio R Borderland Beat written using material from:BB Archives, Vanguardia, ElSigloTorreon

The day after his arrest,  Coahuila authorities (PGJE) took the formal statement of Omar Trevino Morales, aka "Z-42", which could help clarify several murders, including that of Eduardo “Lalo” Moreira, son of former Governor Humberto Moreira.

The Secretary of the State Government of Coahuila, Victor Zamora, reported yesterday, that the day after the arrest in Nuevo León of Treviño, the alleged leader of the Zetas,  last March 4, staff of the Attorney General of the State, was in the office of the Attorney General of the Republic to request authorization to take Treviño’s statement.  Notably, the Coahuila government was seeking information from Treviño that may be helpful in several previous investigations in the state.

According to the official, the case will be strengthen with the information received from Treviño, “however the details are reserved as to not hamper the investigation”. Coahuila assures that data revealed by Treviño, who was arrested on 4 March by federal forces, will help to clarify not only the murder of Moreira, but also other crimes.  Another of the topics touched on in the interrogation was the massacre of 300 in the Coahuila city of Allende in 2011, however, no comments or details about any statement by Treviño, was forthcoming about the Allende mass murder.

Treviño is suspected in 11 federal criminal cases for crimes of, kidnapping, robbery, oil theft, money laundering and organized crime. There is also a current warrant for extradition issued by US authorities.

"Z-42" assumed leadership of the cartel in 2013, after the capture of his brother, Miguel Angel Trevino, alias "Z-40", who was arrested in July 2013, nine months after the Marina killed previous leader Heriberto Lazcano, "The Lazca" in a Sabinas, Coahuila shootout.

From San Fernando fosas-mostly migrants one American was found

Z42 is being investigated in 661 other murders:

San Fernando massacres:
In August 2010 and April 2011, were at least 260 migrants murdered in Tamaulipas.

Mass killing of Allende:
About 300 people killed by Los Zetas, after a supposed betrayal of two members of the group.

Mass killings in Monterrey at the Casino Royale:
A commando torched this gambling venue in Monterrey, killing 52 people.

Massacre in Cadereyta:
Federal authorities suspect the brothers Omar and Miguel Trevino Morales as the masterminds of the murder of 49 people in this municipality of Nuevo León.

Note that in these crimes, at least one or more “masterminds” have been arrested and charged with these crimes.  Just this week another “mastermind” was charged with the San Fernando migrant murders.   That is the fourth author of the same crime arrested.

Eduardo Moreira, nephew of Governor Ruben Moreira, was found dead in his truck on the evening of October 3, 2012 in Ciudad Acuña.

Reports indicated that the motive for the murder was revenge for the death of Alejandro Treviño Chavez, Miguel Angel Treviño nephew at the hands of Group Special Weapons and Tactics (GATE), the same morning.

In late October 2012, Humberto Moreira publicly stated that it was revenge murder. Humberto's family and Lalo's widow also placed blame on his brother, Ruben Moreira, the sitting governor of Coahuila.  Ruben took away guards and Lalo’s amor truck a few weeks before his nephew Lalo was killed.  He stated the municipal police could guard the former governor’s son. 

And it was the Acuna police, including its chief, who were arrested for his murder having participated in isolating Lalo under pretense, so that Zeta sicarios could conduct the killing.  Read Chivis' detailed account by using this link.

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  1. The Massacre in Cadereyta:was particularly tragic...There is hardly any doubt that the human beings these pigs murdered were mostly innocent migrants.Used at that particular time as a grisly reply to other massacres..Lazcano in particular should be viewed as a monster of iniquity,is there any doubt that he was orchestrating these acts?
    What a dog Lazcano was....

  2. I find it hard to believe a weak clown such as this was the head of Los Zetas?If indeed he was,, it obviously devolved onto his fat inadequate head by default..The crimes these people committed boggle the mind?At the same time his family are safe,him and his minions are destroying countless innocent(and guilty)families?

  3. What do you expect of Los Zetas and their brilliant commander, Z-42 the village idiot...

  4. It sounds like a lot of bullshit made up by the government

    1. Right, all the zeta mass murders were just made up by the 'gummint'!

    2. Made up my ass, the crimes happened, but when they happened el mongolitro was not the boss yet, z40 was da boss's girl, AND "he himself got those who did it killed"...
      Because he is just a farmer...keep stirring the shit...
      On the other hand, the retirement colony for military in coahuila, full of all kind of experts who probably never saw anything strange, WITH MAKING SOME $$$ off osiel cardenas by infiltrating gafes in tamaulipas police, and powerful politician assholes like manuel cavazos lerma and Tomas yarrington... now that is jundillos, they should be waterboarded and all kind of enhanced interrogated instead of living safe away from the spotlight...protected by the governing mexican narco-mierdocracia...

  5. Its not a claim its a fact...pinche chiyon hes giving names n info on alot of unsolved murders. They should send the same person that is making Treviño cry to.Chapo...squeeze the nuts with a vise grip!

      z42 got a leadership position after z40 was gone 'be cuás' the original zetas had no english speaking assyciates, the Treviños had the language skills and the Texas gangs connections of their perra de la carcel and businessman brothers...
      --don't blame z42 or los zetas for the leadership...probeshittos...
      --It is interesting that Alfredo Rios Camarena, from sonora, an expert police officer, radiopatrulla commander, murderer of security guards and police officers used to run to hide to hidalgo state, home of El lazca, murillo karam and expert criminolocuentista miguel angel osorio chong, and where the altiplano, Almoloya de juarez warden who tortured rafael.caro quintero was assassinated at the u iversity of Hidalgo, where osorio chong was a student leader and a porro himself...

    2. --you're the bb nutcase buddy, congratulations!

    3. 2:27 thank you buddy! Now to make it even bring me some evidence on the contrary, or you are la perra de BB... just post it until it passes...
      --I am betting on the latest...□■□■□

  6. The top dogs get charged because they're ultimately responsible for what their "subordinates" do. It's that old saying: You can pass authority but not responsibility.

    1. @1:32.Wide Receiver passed responsibility on to Fast and #urious
      the low level crooks always get blamed, caught and punished, even if they didn't do it, but the MONEY ITSELF, NEVER GETS GOT...except for som' talbe scraps

    2. 1:38 Fast and Furious/...some table scraps...
      Dangitty dang, don't post while under the influece

    3. Fast & Furious was implemented in 2006 and dissolved in 2010.

  7. the Lalo thing is the only thing i would forgive him for. Knowing political dynasties in Mexico, Z-42 saved the state of Coahuila BILLIONS of pesos and an untold number of lives. The most dangerous organized crime syndicate is the State which kills and robs with impunity.

  8. April 3, 2015 at 11:59 AM So right. The various governments and law enforcement groups are the BIGGEST bunch of criminals in Mexico. There needs to be a fucking revolution right now. All the narco groups would not even exist without them. So everyone crying about why aren't they captured, why aren't they killed blah blah blah...the reason is because they work hand in glove with the authorities.

  9. We need founding fathers to cook this for us, anonymous pussies that can't or won't put their names or dimes on the line suck, my only proposal is we put la eMe to watch the proceedings, and be BB vigilante state's attorneys, for free, with eMerican Justice for All...

  10. It takes a special kind of sh#bag to stand around killing a couple hundred innocent dirt poor migrants. Then to throw their bodies ontop of one another in a shallow grave. That's some evil sh#. I have no respect for any of these Mxn Cartels, the Mxn Government, nor the people as a whole, who for fear, allow the former to hold them & their Country captive.

    1. 5:42 it takes an even more special kind of shit bag to condemn without regard for the facts...
      --iran and iraq had a big war, the US supplied weapons to both sides AND instigated the war, with israel helping iran all the while...
      --same thing in mexico and all over the world, the US instigating little wars like there is no tomarra, arming mexican criminals, moving drugs with them and absconding with all the money...

  11. Wondering how many names we have heard about who was the responsable, when inmigrants were killed we heard blaming kilo, a plaza chief, then la ardilla, then 40, then pitufo, then pollo, now 42,/ thisis bullcaca, and still the media neews says all the blame was because 42? Lol..and in any zetas event is the same name it royal casino, ice agent killed, cadereyta murders, etc.


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