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Monday, January 12, 2015

Michoacan: Ambush leaves 5 Autodefensas dead and 8 injured

Translated for Borderland Beat from a article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

Ambush leaves 5 Aquila Auto defensas dead and 8 injured

The PGJE of the State of Michoacán has initiated a preliminary investigation in relation to violent events which took place this morning in the community of Huahua. In the municipality of Aquila where five men lost their lives who were identified as communitarios. 

According to the testimony given to ministerial personnel , at approximately 10:00 am on Sunday , a group of 13 men who were identified as communitarios ( autodefensas ) performed a patrol on board a pick up truck and during the patrol passed through a gap that lead to a ranch "El Socorro " , they were ambushed by unknown individuals who withdrew from the location after the attack.

Resulting from this attack were five men dead at the ambush site , plus 8 that received various injuries , the wounded men were channeled to different health care institutions to receive treatment for their wounds.

Agents of the public prosecutors office assisted criminal justice experts , who went to the ambush site to perform the corresponding proceedings and order the removal of the bodies, which were transferred to the forensic medical service for autopsy.

Ministerial staff are already conducting research which will clarify the incident. The place of ambush is located in a rural mountain area in the proximity of the limits of Aquila's municipality with that of Coalcoman being not far across the mountains of Arteaga and Tumbiscatio , where the perpetrators of the ambush fled.

After what happened in the high lands , in the micro region of HuaHua there persists an atmosphere of fear and uneasiness despite the large presence of Federal Armed Forces.
This Huahua ambush is the second to occur against the coastal auto defensas of Michoacán. The first happened on the 16th of December on the coastal road in the vicinity of the villages of La Placita and Xayakalan.

When hit men fired at a van which they believed carried the Commander of the Municipal Police of the Nahua people of Ostula, however his life was saved because he changed vehicles.

The auto defensas killed in the ambush include the commander of Huahua autodefensas Rafael Meraz " El Chopo " among other.

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  1. The fake auto defenzas trying to get rid of the real protectors of their community. They want more sicarios, more extortion, more land to grow/make synthetic drugs, complete control of the people, control of the avocados and lemons ( michoacan is the place where more avocados are exported, mainly for the U.S. also the U.S. gets more than 95'/. Of their limes from Columbia but mostly michoacan. ) the cartels get alot of money taxing the local farmers. Remember last year how the limes/ lemons were so expensive? The cartels from michoacan put up the price because other places that grow them were in a draught. The c.t made millions putting the price at like $3.00 a pound. Why do you think they want to control of that state? They got access to the biggest port on the pacific in mexico. There's a lot of money to be made real

    1. I ment to say that U.S. gets 95'/. Of lemons/limes from mexico. From state of Colima but mostly from Michoacan. Part of 11:10

    2. Makes a lot of sense to me.. I questioned why the michoacan Governemt could never find tuta, but you my friend have a very good hypothesis!

    3. No wonder the god damn lemons were so expensive. Even the avocado at subway was expensive.

  2. We will see if Castillo actually at least tries to find the perpetrators?

  3. isn't Aquila this Tuta's hometown and stronghold

  4. Don't really know what to make of it, but here's a report that "El Chopo" was busted for stealing some old Nissan pickups in the area two years ago. Has his picture:

  5. And here i am thinking el chapo was in jail and it looks like he was out and got ambushed?

  6. Castillo sent in his boys to finish them off.Corrupt POS.

  7. It's been said that Castillo already knows which auto defensa fired the first shot and that the masked gunmen fired in self defense.

  8. Cacastillo is the bad white brother of bart simpson if you look carefully.

  9. Tuta is good at turning attention away from himself. Pretty slick dude, he might be working for CIA. Why can't Tuta be touched, because Tuta and Castillo have dinner together.

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