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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Former Police Commander Executed In Morelos

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat written by: José Luis Rojas

Pedro Patrón González, former Secretary of Public Security of Yecapixtla, Morelos, was found dead Thursday afternoon in the municipality of Yecapixtla.

His bullet-ridden body was found around 17:00 hours in the street of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, in the colony Juan Morales.

According to witnesses, three masked gunmen who were traveling in a gray Volkswagen Jetta executed the former Secretary of Public Security as he was arriving at his house.  Another man was also wounded, presumably his neighbor, as they were greeting each other.

The unidentified wounded man was transported to the hospital of Cuautla, where his health is reported as serious.

According to the police report, in the street Tetecala in the colony Morelos, municipality of Cuautla, another body was found belonging to an unidentified man inside a truck.

Medical Examiners of the Attorney General of the state went to both sites for the removal of the bodies, but so far the cause of death is unknown and no people have been detained.

Patrón González was the Secretary of Public Security from the beginning of the municipal administration of Yecapixtla, but he was removed from office because of the implementation of the Mando Único (Single Command).


  1. Kinda off subject but just trying to give good and truthful info and news. A Comandante Diablo died yesterday here in reynosa. . Not sure witch one but if it's the one that did all the videos that's worth mentioning. . Anybody else have news please share.

  2. To the grammar police, really?

    If you could not comprehend the sentence , then it's you with the grammar problem.

    1. Chivas, so glad u are lurking in the background.

    2. "Grammar police" :-)
      This is new for me. I already heard "Kitchen Nazi"
      describing wives and girlfriends obsessed with
      a healthy diet and trying to force their husbands and
      boyfriends to live a more healthy life.

  3. It seems quiet around here ...

  4. The question is.. was he 'working' for one criminal group or was he refusing to work for one

  5. High ranking Zeta captured in Federal District ....supposed plaza chief of cuidad obregon and Hermosillo sonora. ...I thought that was CDS uncontested turf

  6. Un mensage para todas las autoridades de mx. ponganse al/los tiro/tiros mijos. Miren a las rratas como se ponen... siempre adelante con sus maldades. Agamos lo mismo con ellos. YO ESTOY CON LOS BUENOS Y PUNTTO.!

  7. some dude in df got busted trying to take over sonora...

  8. Organized crime is so bad in Mexico nobody is safe anymore! Is the price of peace and tranquility worth the bribes?

  9. Gracias Chivas! K. Reader

  10. If people whine about grammar,it says a lot about that individual?
    Basically,that they are trolling sad motherfuckers with no life.... For real ?

  11. Familia michoacana and los rojos are deep in morelos. They are the ones causing all this mess down there


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