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Monday, January 12, 2015

" El Canario" of the Independant Cartel de Acapulco arrested

Translated for Borderland Beat from  proceso article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

El Canario from the Independent Cartel of Acapulco arrested.

Luis Alvaro Leon Morales

A group of the special forces of the Federal Police detained Luis Alvaro Leon Morales " El Canario " , presumed operator of the criminal group known as the Independent Cartel of Acapulco ( CIDA ) , he is in charge of the sale and distribution of drugs in the zone " oriente de Puerto", the oriental port.

The Federal Authorities located " El Canario" , a direct collaborator with Victor Noel Piza Nogueda " El Erizo " , who together with ex Federal Policeman Victor Aguirre Garzon, are identified as leaders of the criminal organisation who operate in the tourist destination with impunity.

Official information signalled that Victor Aguirre is a cousin of the Licensed Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero , who was separated from power by the social pressure exerted on the state administration after the case of the massacre and disappearance of the 43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa.

The capture of " El Canario " was registered yesterday in the colonia Poza , located marginally in the exclusive zone Diamante de Acapulco, indicated an official report for Proceso.

Leon Morales , 44 years of age , is originally a resident of the port, besides which its indicated that he controlled the narco operations in various colonias in the area of Oriente de Acapulco , Puerto Marquez, La Poza , Bonfil , Llano Largo , Colosio and Lomas de Chapultepec.

In the operation to capture Morales , there were no shots fired , and the Federal agents confiscated drugs and radio equipment.

On the 19th of December , the Federal Poice detained Irving Gutierrez Sandoval " El Duranzo " , the financial operator of Victor Aguirre, who remains at large.

Since this date, the escalation of violence in the port has not ceased , and there have been shootings and executions carried out in the plain light of day, principally in the popular zones of the port where there is persistent kidnapping, assassinations , and extortion contrary to the public good.

Therefore teachers of the port decided to close more than 100 campuses on the grounds that there are not security guarantees for students and education workers.

For their part , the Federal Authorities have reinforced the tourist port , while the State Government has left to their fate , the inhabitants of the popular colonias of Acapulco after the Municipal Police decided to stop work for more than five months , displaying the full absence of Municipal Authority.

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  1. Que animal es ese????? Esta medio feito, No¿

    1. Aparentemente un canario, pero mas bien parece un chango malparido. Jajaja

  2. The government of Mexico needs badly reform!

  3. Canario? He must of being singing alot lately

  4. This guy looks like a drug user and no cartel leader come on this crap getting old every losser is jow a cartel leader

    1. The quality is definitly going down.Whos left they are all murdered or arrested or at least a great deal of them.

    2. Yeah right. This one is supposedly a leader but as in a Neighborhood zone type of 'leader' or what they call narco menudeo in colonias (small sales of drugs). Those are low level compared to other thugs that control entire plazas, cities, towns. They make the big dirty ones. But that is how they start sometimes in the 'hood'

    3. @3:27 & 2:51 You both clearly have no clue of what you are talking about. Mexico still has the same amount of big fat cats out there. They only keep getting replaced. Narcos love their dirty easy money.


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