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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The truth of murders has always been hard to come by in Mexico.

Lay down your weapons and go back to your home
The truth of murders has always been hard to come by in Mexico. There are several theories as to exactly how Emperor Montezuma died.  After the guests he welcomed as gods betrayed the Aztec people, it’s uncertain if the emperor was killed by his own people or by the Spaniards

Ancient chronicles say Moctezuma was stoned to death in 1520 by his own people, who considered him a traitor for surrendering to the Spaniards.   That was the government story and may have been  the first government cover-up  of the murder of a indigenous Mexican.

Mexico's largest exhibit of Mesoamerican manuscripts features a codex made of fig tree bark tells another story that Aztec emperor Moctezuma was slain by a Spanish conquistador with a sword.

The piece is among 44 codices made by several pre-Columbian populations -- including the Mayas, Purepechas and Zapotecos -- on display at the National Museum of Anthropology.    The ancient manuscripts present a vision of history from the point of view of "the people who were subdued after the conquest.  The codices were written by tlacuilos, which in Mayan means a person who carves stones.  But they also used other mediums such as the bark of trees or cactus leaves to record their history and knowledge.

A jewel in the museum's treasure trove is the Moctezuma codex, a two-meter (two-yard) long and 25-centimeter (10-inch) wide piece made with the bark of a fig tree.  

This codex shows us how he was captured by a Spaniard and then he is seen dead, bloodied with a sword.   This is another version of history that has a lot of value because the codices were considered works done by the people, for the people.
From the Montezuma codex
This codex may be an exception to that the old axiom that “the victor will write the history of a war or conquest”.  Or it could be proof of the old axiom that “the truth will always come out”.

Let us hope that the truth comes out in the current unsolved murders in Mexico.



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  2. That's true. I never believed his own people killed Montezuma or that other story that he surrendered to the spaniards because the Aztecs believed they were gods. The truth is the Spaniards got a lot of recruits from different tribes in mexico mainly the eastern region to defeat the Aztecs. The Aztecs asked the perupechas of michoacan to help them with the Spaniards and the other tribes, the aztec messenger had chickenpox and infected the perupechas and because of that half of the perupechas and Aztecs died because they had no cure for chickenpox it was a new infection brought by the spaniards. I also think the May as were killed of and only the lucky ones that escaped to the jungle survived. There is like 5 different stories of vvv the fall of the Mayas. They had a lot of knowledge and the Spaniards burned like 99.9/. Of their books. Since then there's a lot of injustice on the indigenous people of Mexico. Real

  3. what a fakk is going on with posting comments ?!
    I had big problems the last few days :-(

    anyway very interesting article, history etc.
    it puts things in perspective about Mexico

  4. the spaniards are not to be blamed for the problems of today's mexico, nor the hindu, or the chinese, the lebanese, except for carlos slim helu and his maffia platform and the butcher of acteal, lebanese emilio chuayffet, back as a priista murderer in iguala against the ayotzinapas...ernesto zedillo and emilio chuayffet got gafes and generals trained at the schools of the americas and sent them to murder the indians, women, children, men, reportedly cut 4 babies out of their mothers wombs and dashing them against the rocks... emilio chuayffet denies now that he had anything to do with acteal, saying in spain that the inter-american human rights commission and the mexican courts have never found him guilty of any wrongdoing, which would be difficult after he and his cohorts cleaned up the scene, like they did in tlatelolco in mexico 68 or after the halconazo under luis echeverria, or like pinochet, burning and hiding as many victims as possiblein the best nazi style, folloowing the desires of the henry kissinger school of hidden intervention. now with the ayotzinapa surprise we can be sure, the "man" who proposed that all the young politicians sport the copete only pena nieto adopted, is back, with all his butchering ways, vastly improved, to impose the new world order "education programs"

  5. 92 % of murders in Mexico go unpunished.

  6. It sucks that we have to go though these authentication procedures just to make a comment and express our opinions. Are you tracking us?

  7. the aztecs were blood thirsty murderer's and now mexico is returning to its past, it is revolting against is christian morals and is the devils state.

  8. 9:42 the aztecs ,may have been murderers, but hey never were armed by the US, norwere they trained on any francise of the school of the assassins, they were not paid kickbacks to sell out to foreigners, like the US government has been doing since their british masters killed lincoln and mckinley, and put teddy roosevelt in office, to destroy american monopolies and make it easy for the illustrious british colonizers to divide and conquer the US once more...
    --the usaid the US "gives" to mexico, stolen by givers and takers, has only served to help put mexico like all of latin america on a slave position on a slave platform, so shut your yap about the aztec wild ways, and go back to protecting mexican murderers posing as cathedratics in yale and harvard universities to cover up their butchering ways in mexico...

  9. Believe in Christ and stop worshipping this grim reaper the criminals pray to. I don't see how they can get away with that and not be excomunicated.

  10. no the Aztecs weren't murderers seeing as the sacrifice victim were criminals,soldiers and beurocrats. the Spanish are the murderers along with Christianity look at what was occurring in spain. christians were making torture devices and mutilating who knows how many innocent men women(including pregnant) and children. all because they were believed heretics to a false view. i agree that mexico is reverting to its past but its not the Aztec past but the new spain past which is a shame

  11. Every country has their problems when it comes to government. Aztecs were smart and new more about architecture and the constellations. Ignorant people look at them like they had no education and that they were not civilized because of how they sacrificed people to their gods. Most cultures and civilizations around that time were doing the same thing, even the Christians sacrificed animals to god. So stop hating on my people and learn about history before you make stupid comments!!!

  12. 7:55 the inner alert of el mil mascaras at work, it happens when you suck ass, it goes all in, then you get a 'handle'


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