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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Goyo: "La Tuta escorted place to place by Department of Defense"

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Apatzingan activist Catholic priest Gregorio Lopez, better known as Father Goyo, reports that good information has been secured from Ana Patiño Lopez, wife of Servando Gómez Martínez aka "La Tuta" leader of the Caballeros Templarios.

 Patino Lopez, 46,  was arrested on Wednesday of this week.

Father Goyo says, that Patiño Lopez told authorities in her statement, that Tuta was escorted from place to place by the Department of Defense. She says that during those transfers he wears a military uniform.

He added that "the Department of Defense receives a million-dollar payroll for the service.  It was not known if it was a general or a colonel who is directly involved.

He also stated that recently, autodefensas while conducting surveillance  near  Tumbiscatio, they reported detecting a suspicious "security barrier, created  by soldiers".

Tuta has long been thought to have protection by state and federal agencies working in Michoacan.  Much as other capos ensure corrupt federal and state agencies by high payouts, or "putting them on the payroll". 

Mencho is said to have federal police on his protection team working in Guerrero and on the Guerrero/Michoacan border.  When American Harry Devert was kidnapped, one of the rumors was federal police tipped off Mencho, thinking Devert was DEA, and Mencho had the Sierra Santana brothers pick him up.  In Devert's last conversation with his girlfriend, he told her that he had been escorted by "military" and that another group was going to meet him in the next town.  His body was discovered in Guerrero last month.

Ana Patiño Lopez, is Tuta's first wife,  and mother of Huber and Sayonara.  It is not uncommon in
Mexico for a couple to split without benefit of a legal divorce, and enter into subsequent relationships  referred to as marriages, but are not a legal marriage.  When Chapo was captured he named his first wife as his wife.

Tuta had a second "wife", and was to marry his long time girlfriend but her arrest this year put a damper on that plan.  He met the 18 year old at a cock fight in 2007, (at right)and they had been in a relationship since that time.  They had no known children.

When Patiño Lopez was arrested, she had 6 cell phones, computer equipment, 120k Cuban National currency, and 6,350 USD.  She also had in her possession 5 boxes of the prescription drug Klonopin.  Klonopin is prescriped for a variety of illnesses, anxiety, bipolar and seizures.


  1. Well, that explains La Tuta's seemingly relaxed, no-one-is-going-to-touch-me attitude, and why Dr. Mireles remains in detention on bogus charges.

  2. Why are there no ambulances?
    Where did the money collected in the US go?

    Why didn't Doctor Mireles bend, instead of being broken.
    What was gained by his intransigence, his failure to cooperate?

    How did he advance 'The Cause' by going to prison?
    As was foretold, right here at the BB.

    1. Dear Jack
      You were released from spam :) the grand mass escape.
      I saw you in spam 3 or 4 times asking the same question, now I can answer.

      The ambulance were taken my the government, the trucks by government and organized crime.

      He will never "bend" or compromise, history tells us that is how Mexico found itself in the sea of corruption and criminality. Making a deal with the devil before realizing the devil would one day control the country.

      It advanced the cause, because now the world is watching. But you should be advised autodefensas never disbanded, especially Doc M's coastal AD. Castillo threatens but has done nothing.

      Doc always knew he would either be killed or go to prison, he told me a couple of weeks before he was arrested that his time was near, but he thought he would be killed more than he thought imprisoned.

      He will be released IMO. But he will not bend like Lito. Doc was not disappointed in Lito saying "he did what he had to to protect his family".

      Doc is a humble man. He owns nothing and has no money. His home was that of his father. He lived in the US for a decade, very humbly, and always an enthusiastic volunteer, as a translator for the American Red Cross, where my close friend met him, and as president of the largest migrant association in the US.

      Welcome back to mainboard!

    2. thanks jack...everything was taken after his arrest and shortly after including his armor car. He had one given to him by the government but they took it away, so his friends and atty bought one on payments, that gob took that. It was not all at once, but over 2 months. there have been posts with the info. or in comments.

  3. Cuban pesos or dollars?
    Nothing there, globalization and free trade makes everyhing available everywhere cuban currency is as included as poverty, ignorance, free trade, competence for jobs among the poorest and foreign ownership of everything, natural resources and cattle, monkeys and bananas, in the best tradition of the english empire who will use their brahmins from india, amerikkkan, chinese, irani, isis, nazi germany, jewish, chilean argentinian, even mexican!!! To attain ownership of the whole world again...

  4. Im sorry but thats badass to have the military as your security! !!

  5. Every body knows that the military and police help tuta. unfortunately tuta is not as wanted as chapo was by the us government so he's not going to get caught anytime soon he might go longer than chapo before he gets caught or killed . hopefully the autodefensas get the job done because nobody else will.

  6. This article reminds me an excellent film "Bordertown"
    with Jenifer Lopez and Sonia Braga.

  7. La tuta's daughter looks like a drag queen version of himself LOL and what kind of name is that, goodbye in Japanese? Seriously WTF ghetto people these days. She will have to say sayonara to her mom and pretty soon to her scumbag dad.

  8. What became of his sons arrest?

  9. No onder the soldiers didnt want to go with dr. Mireles when they had tuta located a couple of times. Because the soldierswere protecting tuta.

    1. Of course he is protected. But, his number will soon be up. He won't have the huevos his brother showed in Lazaros. I bet he'll sing like a bird. No scruples !

  10. He's very influential, that's why they haven't caught up with him yet. He's smart, he used to be a teacher not like the averAge drug dealer that can't read or write. But every dog has his day!

  11. Alfredo castillo caught stealing iro ores from the miners of agulilla, practicing institutonal robbery and fraud against the government and the agulilla miners...

  12. Actually they gave her the name because they though she was Japanese at first. Every time someone would say "Hop on esa" (Japonesa) she would run over to the nearest guy and jump on top of him.

  13. K bonita familia, el huber Tiene Cara de puñal y la sayonara de travesty lol.

  14. Its only a matter of time before they get sick of la tuta killing the wrong people. El Chapo paid the same protection fee for decades but eventually things went south and he was wanted.

  15. Black eyes jack, maybe you sincerely just want to know and that is it, but i feel a streak of resentment and questioning of Dr Mireles on your part... i hope i am wrong, we'll see what you come up with in the future.
    The biggest and more powerful drug trafficker from tierra caliente, miguel angel gallegos godoy keeps flying under the radar, he has got done with the la familia michoacana, the caballeros templarios, keeps going with worse and worse like the viagras, H3 and chapulines auto-defenzas juersaz ruralez, and nobody says anyting about him anymore, that is agreat statesman of crime eeh???
    --Also not much wondering about the other certified criminals, el castillo de cagada and genghis chong, two of the most powerful of epn's high flying zetas...

  16. A million pesos or dollars a month, either way, the moment he is short a few thousand in his payments he will get screwed


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