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Friday, October 24, 2014


photos of the accused and their statements obtained from PGR by Sin Embargo
DD;  Many of the comments from readers of the following Sin Embargo story said they did not believe it and that the federal or state government got forced confessions from the two accused to try to quieten the protest of the missing students.

Two alleged murderers speak about some normalistas Ayotzinapa in ministerial statements made before the Public Prosecutor Assigned to the General Directorate of Control of Preliminary Common Law, Miguel Ángel Cuevas Aparicio during the first week of October 2014, based on the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero:

"I participated in killing two ayotzinapos, giving them a shot to the head, and I am not the one to burn them, now they are buried ... I killed them by shooting them from behind in the side of the head.”

 "The Gaby with Choky had already killed three ayotzinapos, beat them and shot  each one, and Gaby killed two Choky one, ‘to walk with the revolutionaires’ said Choky."

"The Choky ordered them to go down to the ten (DD. Presumeably meaning to their knees), 

I shot two  in the head with the weapon of the Mind, Gaby killed two others, Choky killed one, the Vero killed another and we left four alive ... ".

"Then the Chaky, Vero and Mind dragged the  six dead to the the hole where the Gaby sprayed them with diesel and set them on fire and kept the fire going until they were burned up."

This was their statements to  the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero. These statements are in the hands of Sin Embargo .

The statements were made before the Attorney General's Office (PGR) got the case on Saturday, October 4, 2014.

The alleged executioners of the normalistas from Ayotzinapa describe how They had killed a group of students from the Normal "Raúl Isidro Burgos", between the night of September 26 and the early hours of Saturday 27 in Iguala.

They claim that the executed them with shots to the head. They also say that the burned and threw them  into pits and burned them, say the sicarios of Guerreros Unidos from Iguala.

Their  remarks coincide with Father Alejandro Solalinde, who told reporters, first, then the authorities, the normal school students were dead and some were burned alive.

The alleged murderers executed them to send a message to the  normalistas.  The also indicate where they are buried.

The statements of the detainees opened the doubts raised by parents of normal school to the claims of the Attorney General's Office, Jesús Murillo Karam, who says that DNA tests indicate that the bodies found in the graves days after the disappearance, not correspond to the students.

"Whose are the bodies found in the first graves at the foot of the hills in Iguala?" Questioned the parents.

This and other questions seem to reaffirm the statements. A source close to the investigation told

Sin Embargo the bodies in those graves "are also normal school."   

The source did not clarify whether these assumptions are other normalistas or the missing 43.



"I received the instruction to shoot (a normal school student), by the Choky; we did the shooting in the center of Iguala ... The support Choky asked the Municipal Police, so I knew that he did reach Choky to fuck several ayotzinapos as they were getting crazy; once they begin to drop students, the others begin to run and we assure seventeen, which got into our vans and took them to the safe house where they were  killed immediately because they did not want to be subjected to more like us., The Choky gave instruction to to them to get on the floor ...

"Some were killed with a coup de grace to the head and others by blows as they became very violent when they were kidnapped and that they were not fucking kill was decided; I think they used the bulldozer to bury them in the same ranch we have, seven of these guys burned  them on instruction of Choky ...

I note that once put me to view photographs of missing people I say, do not recognize none because we immediately boarded vans to cover the instruction that it was for anyone to see ...

"I participated killing two ayotzinapos, giving them a shot to the head, and are not one to burn, how are overalls ... I killed them by shooting them from behind in the side of the head.”
 and shoot them on one side of the head ...".


"The ayotzinapos got off the bus and on the street urban Guerrero and flag; were several, about fifty, all wearing hoods and headed to the event, when they arrived there were gunshots in the air.  I stood outside the Church of San Francisco and people started running ... the ayotzinapos started stealing cars to escape, took them off to people, among whom I remember was a black CRV and several taxis ...

"Chinese told me that me that Choky had kidnapped three ayotzinapos ... "Choky said they were going to pull for the hill was when the Chinese sent me out to buy diesel, gas station Zaragoza Street; after  twenty minutes he returned with them to the hill above the Old Town neighborhood to leave the diesel; Gaby at that time together with Choky had already killed three ayotzinapos, beat them and shot in the head each, and Gaby killed two Choky one, this one walks with the revolutionaries  said Choky ... "Mind told me Chaky ordered to make a pit and later with The Choky Gaby tossed the bodies  into the hole and sprayed diesel over the bodies and set them on fire until they were burned up.   for this, the Chinese told me by phone that to take them more diesel by orders of Choky ... "When I got to the hill at the time also came in white Tacoma and Gaby had ten of the ayotzinapos, and came to Vero; Mind was waiting and fell down ten at the time, ordered the Choky go down to ten ... I shot him twice in the head with the gun of Mind, Gaby killed two others, Choky killed one, Vero killed another and let live four others;

then  the Chaky, Vero and Mind dragged the six dead in the hole where the diesel Gaby sprayed them and set them on fire until the calcined and subsequently with Gaby The Chaky plugged the hole with soil and that left tied to the other four left alive who he beat and left unconscious ... ".


Sin Embargo also reported today that some student personal effects had been found.

A backpack, pencils, a T-shirt of a technical high school, sandals, slippers, shoes and a blanket, are some of the belongings that the Union of Indigenous Peoples of Guerrero (UPOEG) found pits located in the day yesterday during the Loma del Zapatero in Iguala, Guerrero.

Vazquez Manuel Quintero, a lawyer for the organization, Sin Embargo confirmed the finding was made ​​in five  of the nine graves found in an area located in the rural area of Iguala.

"The are talking with peers of the missing students to see if in one or two days we hold a meeting with parents to present things, to see if anyone recognizes that bag," said Vasquez Quintero.

In the pits no recent human cadavers. According to Vasquez Quintero, the authorities assured them that they had made the discovery of the graves earlier.

"But it's not true, because we arrived and we saw no evidence that they  had worked here. We dig and found the graves and gave them notice. Do not tell that they had found them before, "he said.

The graves were found yesterday


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  3. emilio chuayffet the butcher of acteal is BAAACK!!! Hermann Bellinghausen: ACTEAL:a crime of state, accuses the evangelical national presbyterian church of having been stealing from the indians, and of egging the zedillo-chuayffet team on to the indians, and sending in the school of the americas trained soldiers to persecute them, ending in the ACTEAL massacre, in the name of the national presbyterian church's THEOLOGY OF PROSPERITY, of course the theology of liberation's prophets have been losing a lot of ground and people to the "progressives" and their butchering allies who claim immunity of the state covers them "if by omission"

  4. CHIVAAA!, could you check: army of god commander-in-chief Esdras Alonso, connected to the national presbyterian the butcher of acteal is working with the butcher of atenco, a enrique pena nieto who has been declared not guilty of sending his police to murder, rape and arrest the people of atenco in mexico state as governor and in michoacan, where alfredo castillo has been caught STEALING from the aguililla miners, tons of iron ore, and now refuses to face the people asking questions... el castillo de cagada is being accused with zeta and former governor osorio chong of selling iron ores stolen from the michoacan miners to the chinese, for benefit of stealing the money, with help from the juersaz ruralezzz, "for pay promises"...

  5. Words only fail in the face of this constant wide ranging Mexican brutality.
    To many people seek to make excuses,it is 2014,there is no excusing constant savage brutality like this.There is no rhyme or reason to it and with violence there does not have to be reason.We make our own societies through participation and respect and not allowing ourselves to fall prey to violent behavior,sadly,in Mexico many just don't seem to care

  6. This is a very important quote, not sufficiently focused on: "el Gaby mató a dos y Choky a uno, esto por andar de revoltosos, dijo el Choky” (from original SinEmbargo article.

    DD translates it as "to walk with revolutionaries." I'd say, "for being troublemakers." Either way, this COMPLETELY refutes the statement of AG for Mexico, when he said "El Gil" or "El Chucky" thought they were members of Los Rojos.

    They were killed for being troublemakers, or left-leaning troublemakers. Political.

  7. Yes, that's me at 10:16 a.m. Chivis, could you tell??

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  8. Narco-sicarios do not easily agree to get arrested, by the police or other narco-sicarios; unarmed revolutionary troublemakers, do not easily get captured so easily either, but you can capture students begging for some spare change on the street, or for comandeering a few buses that they always returned after their activities are done with, for years...
    --everyone will cal them what they want, the bottom line is, they were students, and they did not deserve to be arrested and disappeared, and their families do not deserve any of it either...
    --They also did not have anything the narcs could use, not los rojos and not the guerreros unidos, they had a lesson for the rabble, to learn, like dogs who the master is, emilio chuayffet, "el maestro" de pena nieto in charge of "educating" the mexicans, a worse horse's ass than la chuky esther gordillo...


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