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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Posting comments on Borderland Beat


After a few days of frustration, we were advised, the only way to enable the text space to type in the human code, was to choose a different template.

Blogger is now requiring that all templates use the "I am not a robot" feature.  The old template did not fully support the feature.  Thus, the new template.

Sadly, much of the BB information is now gone.  Buggs does not have much time to devote to developing a new template and customizing it.  

If there are any talented web developers out there wishing to help out, send me a message or email.  

But now you will be able to post comments on a computer without a gmail account.  The robot feature is not a BB tracking tool, in fact we don't want it, but we have no choice.  It is to stop spam, and phishing comments, however the spam bucket works great for us, because we moderate all comments, but most blogs do not.

Change is not always better, or necessarily desired, but it is what it is and I hope you will get accustom to the new requirement.




  1. Thank you for all of your hard work

  2. I guess thank you, do to the content, I feel suspicious, I thought blogs were individual little web sites,

  3. Chivis, please get a handle on things around here. The incompetence is literally breath taking. Does anyone on this blog's staff even care about how this site functions?

    1. @4:04PM

      Did you even read what was posted????

  4. Where is the forum?????????????

  5. The forum is gone!

  6. forum is not gone, to the right link on the blue hyperlink or just use the forum url

  7. 4:04 how is anybody going to get a handle if you got all of the handle up there?


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