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Monday, September 29, 2014

The 57 students missing after the Iguala attack, are feared in the hands of organized crime

Borderland Beat posted by Pepe

 "Mondragon's face had been flayed and his eyes removed, the kind of mutilation typical of underworld killings."

The students attacked over the weekend in Iguala, a city in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, said Monday they feared that the  57 young people reported missing in the area are in the hands of an organized crime group.

The incident started on Friday night when "a group of police officers tried to cut off the buses" carrying the young people, a student at the teachers college in Ayotzinapa who witnessed the violence told Efe.

"After a struggle, the (municipal) police officers used their arms against the students, who had just finished taking up a collection to cover the expenses of the boarders at the Normal (School)," the student said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Mexico's normal schools train future primary-school instructors.

More than 20 classmates were taken away in patrol cars with the numbers 017, 018, 020, 022 and 028, the student said, adding that since then "nothing has been heard from them."

A group of armed civilians attacked the students just before midnight Friday as they held a press conference, killing two young people.

"We all ran away from there, it was very dark and all you heard were the blasts, the comrades dispersed and we have not learned of the whereabouts of at least 30 others who are still missing," the student said.

Authorities found the body the next day of Julio Cesar Mondragon, lying 500 meters (about 1,640 feet) from the scene of the second attack.

Mondragon's face had been flayed and his eyes removed, the kind of mutilation typical of underworld killings.

Three people, including a minor, were killed in another attack on Friday night targeting a bus carrying the Third-Division Avispones soccer team from Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero.
15 year old futbol player killed in team bus attack
Relatives fear that an organized crime group may be holding the missing students and called on army and police commanders to speed up the search.

Classmates and relatives have been searching for the missing students, who range in age from 18 to 25, since Saturday, contacting hospitals and the morgue in Iguala, a city located about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Chilpancingo.

The disappearance of the 58 students reported by the Ayotzinapa Normal School's Student Committee is being investigated and a search has been launched, the Guerrero state government said Sunday night.

Protests were organized Monday at the nine normal schools in Guerrero to demand the safe return of the missing students.

The demonstrators plan to demand the resignations of Gov. Angel Aguirre and Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, who are both members of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD.

Abarca told MVS radio that he was informed on Friday night of disturbances involving the students, who allegedly beat and robbed people attending an official event in Iguala's main plaza.

Security Secretary Felipe Flores was given orders to monitor the situation but "not touch anyone," Abarca told the radio station on Monday.

The mayor said he learned about "the deaths of some people" via social networks and media reports early Saturday.

Twenty-two police officers have been arrested in connection with the wave of violence, which also left 17 people wounded, the Guerrero state government said. 

Meanwhile, president Peña cancelled his scheduled trip to Guerrero, his visit was scheduled for today.
2000 Normalistas march on the capital of Guerrero
At least 2,000 normalistas-students studying to become primary school educators) their families, and teachers, marched at  noon  through the main streets in the capital of Guerrero to demand justice for the violent events recorded on 26 and 27 September in Iguala, which took a toll of:

six dead, including three normalistas
17 wounded 
and 57 missing

In mobilizing the protesters decided to march to the headquarters of the local Congress to demand a meeting with MPs. 

At the main entrance of the compound burned in effigy two figures  with the face of the governor Angel Aguirre.

When the group was ignored, they began throwing stones at windows and set afire the library building.   

SDP-Latino Fox-EFE


  1. Now why would the good Predisent Nieto cancel his scheduled trip? What a perfect opportunity to show his support and commitment to the common Mexican man! It couldn't be that he is afraid or in bed thith these criminals could it?

    1. Nooooo there going to remove there organs to sell them

  2. You can say what you want about the usa.but there the only one who can clean this shit bad does it have to get.i dont no.but its going to get alot worse.

    1. I could understand if the people were having a civil war & were asking the USA for help. However that is not the case. It doesn't make any sense to have the USA go into MX when in reality this cartel phenomenon is something very recent in mexico. It's not like it's been even 20 plus years of gruesome violence towards everyday civilians & the people of MX have tried everything they can to overthrow the cartels. That's not the case. Cartels affected the everyday civilian until recently. The last ten years but it really escalated in 2009. MX society believe me has what it takes to clean up the plague in morality the cartels have brought. MX does not care about drug trafficking. They never have. So narcos will never be obsolete, but the character of the narcos is one that has to return to the character of the guadalajara cartel

    2. Cartel violence has been part of mexico since the 80s were the fuck have you been? Is just more excesive lately.why in the world disorganized criminals attack students is beyond all reason.

    3. i agree with you.the mexican people tried to rise up and the goverment put the doctor in prison. and this is a ten year old problem.but its getting worse fast.ten years from now i beleave it will be so bad that millions and millions of mexican will flood the united states.

    4. United States of Mexico nice!

    5. In case you didn't know since 1857 Estados Unidos Mexicanos is the real name of the country, or Mexican United States.

    6. Yes I knew that I was just referring to mex invading the US and getting more states.

    7. Getting more states? Lol... That is ironic.. since if you check the history books... according to our so called "Manifest Destiny", the U.S. where divinely destined to occupy and expand throughout the continent.. A great excuse to take over the land of the Natives and Mexico as well.... so LOL to the idea that Mexico wants to invade the US and gets more states.. If that is the fear, then maybe the fear comes because that is exactly what the U.S.A did..

  3. Wow these guys just want to become the biggest pieces of shit they can, If you still think cartels are cool and play corridors, just don't cry when its your kids.

  4. Exactly...if you listen to're a piece of shit. No question about it. Can't stand how people act like benevolent investigators on the forum...and then talk about how they like certain Narcocorrido songs. GAG!


  5. Governor angelico rivero, el gavioto, is a life long priista, he became a chapulin to take advantage of the good name of the prd, and jump over the pri pecking order, just a chapulin, full of priista methods of repression like the former governors figueroas, as a matter of fact he may be the illegitimate son of some figueroas, by the look of his face.
    Those guerrero politicians will sure fight for what is theirs, namely power, and their police will help, unless the job is too dirty, then thosegierrero politicans will send their own tea party to do their crimes for them, itis funny how the big bad-ugly narco-guerrilleros came to finish the job after the police took 20 and we end up with almost 60 disappeared, to me it all looks like neo-porfirismo priista, forged in the atracomulco quiet, dark, smoke filled rooms...
    No room for protesters or any kind of troublemakers, after stealing pemex, the mexican priistas do not have to kiss anymore ass, especially not the rabble's...

  6. Que limpien la basura podrida y pongan governadores, alcaldes que trabajan para el pueblo honesto y trabajador no para gusanos criminales destructores. ese tal penia nieto deveria de formar un grupo que este bien monitoreado especialmente para eso, para que investiguen a todas esas ratas "que seun trabajan para el estado" y el perro que no hace bien su trabajo afuera... o si a cometido algun delito a la jaula de ratas. Ese tal penia si de verdad esta trabajando para el pueblo mexicano ase tiempo tenia que verlo echo. Oh es que le falta inteligencia? oh es que trabaja para el mismo y sus amigos nadamas?? si ese es el caso entonces no sirve para nada porque el trabajo de un presidente es para mejorar a su pais no para joderlo mas!

  7. What's with "futbol player?
    If you are writing the article in English, then it's "football player".

    1. Seriously STFU. Is this even relevant? Posting this does it make you feel better?

    2. If the article is in English then it's "Soccer Player". Menso.

  8. This story kinda reminds me of the movie Blood Diamond except the kidnapped persons are an older age and different race. How can there not be any outrage from the federal government? Nieto decides to NOT visit Guerrero in the mean time. Hmmmmm, hear no evil see no evil speak no evil.

  9. I cant understand how this sort of thing happens and no one in mexico that has any power seems to even mention it. very bizarre country

  10. Guys remember the Nigerrian girls kidnapped in April? It caused outrage ALL over the world. The news spread all over but I doubt the news from Guerrero will spread at all. Well the Nigerian girls are missing abd these 57 kids will not be found either. Sad but true.

  11. they are not in the hands of organized crime. this has all the markings of a dirty war against dissidents.

  12. when the three hundred school kids in africa got kidnapped.the whole world was out raged.looks like nobody gives a shit about them mexican kids.

  13. "el trabajo de un presidente es para mejorar a su pais no para joderlo mas!"

    Not just the president but the whole Mexican elite are the epitome of venal arrogance who couldn't care less about its people.They remind you of some sort of caste system or class system where they look down on everyone else as expendable and not worth bettering?They continue to hold the reins of power to the detriment of everyone else..They need sweeping out ..

    1. 11:56AM Thats a whole different story idiota.. you obviously dont know how things work. without "elites" you wuldnt have jobs, it's the gov that is suppost to have things running in order.

  14. Unbelievable; so now the municipal scumbag cops as well as the Punk Gangs who work for the corrupt politicians are Killing and maiming children?
    What the f--k is Mexico coming to. It's definitely Off the Chain at this point!

  15. This mentality and action should meld with the ADs(the decent ones)and take these protests further and spread to other parts.The status quo the political system has in Mexico needs dismantling.Its patently obvious the governing parties and personalities couldn't care less about bettering the average Mexican,in fact they seem actively against bettering Mexicans.... ?

  16. "If you are writing the article in English, then it's "football player""

    Ye,ye,ye,whatever,now you know the Spanish word for football is futbol..
    Keep going and you may get to know more..

  17. It is sad how much power and control the cartels have over the municipalities and cities. The town my parents are from is controlled by the cartel, and the killings have gotten worse over the years. It is normal to hear about all this cartel violence specially in Guerrero, but lately is just nonsense. I don't know why they have to attack civilians and in this case students.

  18. officially it is

    " Estados Unidos Mexicano" or "United States of Mexico" or "United Mexican States

  19. "when the three hundred school kids in africa got kidnapped.the whole world was out raged"

    Taken from classrooms and completely innocent of any wrongdoing,to who knows what fate.Of course these young girls will rightfully strike a different chord with most people..

  20. Con una chingada!!!!!!!!!When are the Mexican people going to turn off the damned television,find their nuts and rise up and fight back?Mexican people wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. If mexicans wake the fπππk up they can be making the minimum wage of the US, 8.25 US dollahs an hour, no school needed, instead of 4.00 US dollars a day, 45 mexican pesos, if they have at least some college... really, we need to invade more US states... but we need to swear, no mexican politicans ever!!! Unless they accept the death sentence if found to be corrupt, in mexico or on the US...
    --Amigo anonimo, you, playing soccer with the head of the catrographyst, expert on grametrica, i didn't know you knew any eingleish, good job...

  22. Correct name officially, Estados Unidos Mexicanos, the republic does not endorse any other names, because we don't want to be confused with the los Estados Unidos de Norteamerikkka, or los united states of northameriKKKa...
    It is bad enough that paul revere's raid has been replicated on running to advise them mexica plotters that they had been discovered and other implausibilities, all the revolutionary stories, made into novelas full of romance where mexican heroines are getting sold on the streets of the US, and their cacaina is more appreciated at times.
    --For a better memories, play: A Deguello/youtube, and learn about the Battle of Angostura, for some mexican pride, you are welcome...
    It is funny how US propaganda masters promote the 5 de mayo, when the mexicans sank a french ship full of mayonaisse on the veracruz harbor, but never celebrate columbus new mexico's pancho villa's day, or the batallon de san patricio, full of irishers loaded with potatoEs, fighting for mexico, or the garibaldis teaching them how to have spagheety fights, or the 20 de noviembre's festivities in the name of the start of the mexican revolution, less them those there mexicans start getting some ideas

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. "whole different story idiota without "elites" you wuldnt have jobs, it's the gov that is suppost to have things running in order."

    Who do you think im talking about nobhead?"hold the reins of power"
    Pendejo eres tu y tu comentario,quiero pedo en tu boca..

  25. 4:30 AM
    I wonder if anyone even reads your hate manuscripts?The same"regurgitated"(apt word there)agenda of hate and bile?I would bet you peruse hate sites like some weird loner who wants to bomb places?
    Not quite kosher in the head is it ?Why don't you write a book?I mean manuscript?


  26. October 2, 2014 at 4:30 AM
    You could be doing more you know,Mexico needs you..Will you forsake her?
    How can you live in the US amongst all that you hate and despise?
    You are in the US aren't you?

  27. dumb fool the usa is the main contributor and I don't mean the addicts look up cia drug trafficking


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