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Monday, September 29, 2014

Was the Mayor of Aquila at a La Tuta conference against his will?.....Maybe

The latest star of Tutateca, the PRI mayor of Aquila, Juan Hernández Ramírez, may truly have met with Servando Gómez Martínez aka La Tuta against his will..

Today he sent a letter to the media, it is unknown if Agencia Esquema is one of them,  but he says the reason he met with Tuta, is that  he  threatened to "kidnap one of my sons".

"I was required to meet with Mr. Servando Gómez Martínez, that was to be held at an elementary school in the town of Tumbiscatío,  I went against my will, if I did not comply, he would kidnap one of my children. "

Hernández Ramírez says that indigenous communities Pómaro and El Coire, belonging to Aquila were with him that day.

Teachers Calvillo Ray Montes, Victor Palacios Lugardo Hector Arroyo Ramirez, Efrain Arroyo Chavez Chavez Rumuel Flores, Noah Avila Méndez and Narciso Mendez, among others, he says are  with him. 

"And they can testify what happened with Mr. Servando Gómez Martínez in this public meeting, in view of all the community."

The PRI mayor added that his administration, which ends in 2015, has had to confront new situations and nobody can blame him that he stood up for his people, and the struggle that began with the issues of the indigenous community of San Miguel Aquila and the mining company agreement  granting royalties to the nearly five hundred families in the Nahua people.

 Hernandez may be truthful in what he has said.

The meeting place was not at Tuta's man cave, it did appear to be at a school, and that there was an audience or group he is speaking to.  It was a structured meeting, Tuta is using and or taking notes.

Tuta has not provided a video that narrative is heard.  He has only provided two screenshot images.It is possible Tuta wanted to frame Hernanadez, and  assumed people would believe in Hernandez' willingness to work with him by seeing a couple of photos, because the video demonstrated otherwise.  Hernandez does not seem to be excited to be there, based on the two photos.  The video would be helpful but as it stands, Hernandez may have met with Tuta under duress.

If that truly is the case, Hernandez better move his children far away from Michoacán.


  1. That Tuta moves along freely holding meeting with people in schools testifies to the complicitly with the leadership of those who are supposed to hunt him. In other words: if they want to he could be nabbed any time.

    1. It must had been in a rural area where that sob has total control of the situation those ppl must have been terrified by having that monster close to them. if someone wants to finish the monster then they must set him up good leave it ready for the marines, but whos willing to risk the live for the cause??

    2. Somebody will if the opportunity arises. Maybe a person with a blood revenge score to settle, a person with nothing to lose, a martyr for the people, or one wanting to make history.

  2. He don't look too happy, His countenance and affect look defeated, but who knows, might be a good actor too.

  3. This is a very convincing article and is there for the time I believe this man was there with Tuta unwillingly! On that note either they form an armed community guard or leave because Tuta will kidnap his kid now that is out!


    got anything better!?!?

  5. when will the ** Government ** Put This Turtle where he belongs???
    what a Joke ....

  6. he should of accepte Tuta's invite. walk up to him and put a bullet in his head.

  7. Send in the u.s. seals to take la tuta out he isn't any harder to find and kill than osama bin laden. Also the CIA already knows where he is, they knew were Z40 was and el chapo.

  8. Tuta the Puta has got to DIE! Imagine this sadistic motherfucker as an elementary teacher. WTF?!? He he raping all the lil boys and girls then killing them for failing his class. I hope one of his bodyguards puts an ice pick thru his skull!

  9. La puta tuta sin camisachivis, BB women and quite a few guys would go crazy at seeing wha a marrana parada looks like.
    It is ok to hate la puta tuta, but let's remember that there are worse people there, like el traficante mas poderoso de tierra caliente, miguel angel gallegos godoy, who has always been behind all the mafias and drug trafficking, and el americano, el cinco hindu, and the castillo de cagada, presiding over the state with his ruralez, and nobody is demonizing any of them nor disturbing their peaceful lives of imunity and more bigger better crime...

    1. Thats true monsta tuta most know who they are.... he should kill all em motha fackers do at least one good thing before he gets taken down. Sob's with "maskz" like the ones 11:41PM mentioned controling mafias behind mafia scenes are the most dangerous types they commit crime after crime and dont get punished for it since nobody knows who they really are. its time for some one to take all em snakes out 2!

    2. See thats what happen when the law doesnt do the job. everyone wants to become a big criminal. mexicos case what a shit

  10. What happens now?

  11. Chivis i always think i know it's me, even when i know clearly it isn't so, you're welcome... that is some ego trip...about, ojos de arana...

  12. @9:35 la pocahontas, aka el mil mascaras wants the photos of la puta tuta sin camisa, and if at all possible la camisa tambien, to smell it all night long, you know, lonely colonel Frank Fitts no tiene quien le escriba, buuuh!
    --I'm here for you american beauty, right outside of your closet...


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