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Monday, September 29, 2014

Guerrero PAN Party Chief assassinated

Borderland Beat posted by Spike

Braulio Zaragoza Maganda Villalba,  was in a meeting with other politicians, at  8:30 AM on Sunday morning, when three gunmen approached his table, seeing what was occurring Zaragosa jumped up from his seat and began running.  He was shot in the back by the assailants. 

He was the general secretary of  the conservative opposition National Action Party (PAN) Guerrero state.

Several politicians have been targeted by drug cartels operating in the area.

Police say an investigation is under way but no arrests have yet been made.

Mr Zaragoza, 35, died before paramedics arrived at the El Mirador Hotel, located in the tourist area of Quebrada.

He was having breakfast with two local politicians before a meeting with regional leaders from his party in Acapulco's port area.

Last week, a member of the Chamber of Deputies for the governing PRI party, Gabriel Gomez, was kidnapped south of the city of Guadalajara. 

His burnt body was found a few days later in a car in the central state of Zacatecas.
Gomez, 49, was a pediatrician who previously served as the mayor of the town of El Grullo in Jalisco state, also plagued by gang related violence. 

 chronica and reuters


  1. For sure the murderers were criminals , and he opposed them. Who was he ? He was opposition for sure . Why did they want him dead ? Was he fighting against crime in some way ?
    God bless him if he was.
    How can a governed country be so unstable that criminals are so brazen that they execute elected officials having breakfast in public and continually get away with it . Crime has run rampant in a country of this size boasting the largest city in the world .Will Mexico ever find a solution ?
    Maybe we should start by closing the CIA drug pipeline AKA NAFTA .

    1. Lla se aclararon las cuentas puta me la devias jajajaja puro cdz

    2. The CIA is a fetus in age compared to the history of rebellion, assassinations and treacherous acts by Mexican politicians. If you have ever followed the history of Mexican politics you will see dozens up on dozens of times the governmental power has been seized by opposing candidates. This kind of thing has always been apart of Mexican culture. It's not the CIA's fault. Blame the Spanish and French monarchies for what they have taught the fathers of Mexico.

    3. Can you explain to us what and who was behind the murders of President Abraham Lincoln, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother Senator Kennedy? Is that what the English taught to the founding fathers of the USA?

    4. AS ALWAYS BLAMING OTHERS. English, Spanish, French have taught?... Those are old skunkz and they well know what they do unless they are retarded or something. or just are worthless evil selfish animals even womans work as killers down ther.

    5. 9:53 Identificate perro indio. dices cartel de zetas o ke?

    6. 6:58 hi millie!

  2. Great I hope puta tuta is next

  3. Was maganda a real mexican? From where?
    El PAN must be going desperate, they them capitalistas do not really like people of color, unless they are really good candidates for houseboy, like san martin de porres...
    i'm more for san felipe de jesus, a swashbuckling bullying womanizer, ended getting burned on the stake for trying to save japanese or philipinos as a catholic church missioneer, there used to be some other kind of chilangos there in the DF before, now the only good thing in el DF is when you get lucky in el metro or the bus and get some good frottage with a beautiful lady, or gentleman, depending on your rainbow persuassion...

    1. Maganda is a filipino family last name. It's possible his one of the descendants of many Filipinos who worked during Spanish times on board the Spanish galleon ships trade. Again, another politician with no bodyguards or gun on him.

  4. A nation with armed citizens will never be oppressed by criminals, allow mexicans to carry weapons and u will see a change.

  5. at 8:48 PM
    A nation of whiners

  6.'d think the politicians would give themselves, if no one else concealed carry permits


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