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Monday, September 29, 2014

Abuses by the Marines in Guasave

RioDoce (9-28-2014)

By Luis Fernando Najera, translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Marines in Guasave


Ariel Carbajal Gutierrez could not find a way to stop the torture that Marine troopers were inflicting on him to force him to reveal the codewords and names of his accomplices in the Guasave Cartel. 

He had been stripped naked out in the woods and hung by his neck. He was beaten on the back, the chest, the abdomen, and on whatever undamaged part of his body they could find. His buttocks were purple with bruises.

After the physical torture, with could not tear a confession out of him, except for his cries of pain, came the mental torture. "We already killed the skinny guy. Now it's your turn."

He couldn't see anybody because his eyes were blindfolded. His head was hurting and he was about to urinate and defecate in his own pants.

The torturers wanted passwords, names, passwords and names. And he didn't have any of those things.

So, to stop the torture, he offered to give the marines a million dollars.

He told them he had hidden the money in his wife's house. He gave them the address: San Jose de las Delicias, known by the locals as Calabacillas.  

When they heard that, the marines (he assumed) went on alert, because they stopped torturing him. Calabacillas was one of their targets, because their intelligence information said this was the home of Mario Calabazas, known as the leader of gunmen working for Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, El Chapo Isidro.

It's Saturday night, June 28, and after a few hours in the hills near the Chumares ejido, Ariel, better known as "Azul", nickname that his friends on the ranch gave him because of the color of the plastic packaging on a certain double action detergent, had a few minutes of peace. They put him on a compact pickup and he only stopped swinging back and forth during a short, "technical" stop that the marines made in Bamos to stock up on water and other basic products they needed to go back up the mountain.

They began to climb and when they got to the town, he was made to point out the house. He did that. Some time passed until a marine, furious, came back and told him he had gone too far. "El Azul" didn't know this, but the marines had mobilized their helicopters and their quick response group which had for months been hunting the leader of the Guasave Cartel, Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, El Chapo Isidro.  

And in that mobilization, they broke into the home of Flora Olivia Cuevas and that of another neighbor. They asked them for the weapons and the money. They answered that they had nothing like that. They interrogated the young people, and the response was the same. They gave her a name: Ariel Carbajal Gutierrez, and she answered that he had left her and their children four years before.

That's why the marine, pissed off, had threatened El Azul with that thing about having gone too far.

That's when he figured it out; he assumed that in the mountains, he most probably would be murdered.

Time went by, and nothing. The beating stopped. He stayed awake all night. He only saw the light of day when a female doctor stripped him and searched even his butt. She certified that he was unharmed.

Next day in the afternoon, Sunday, June 29th, Ariel met with his friends Cesar Alberto Coronel Corrales and Francisco de Jesus Moya Quinonez. All of them were beat up, and now they were being held in a fresh building.

They didn't know it, but the marines reported that they had been stopped on the Los Mochis-Guasave highway, close to Las Chumares ranch. They were driving an old green Jeep. They were carrying rifles. A total of seven AK-47 rifles, grenade launchers, thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of magazines. They also had tactical equipment, including boots.

They went through a ministerial investigation and said nothing. They reserved their right to make a statement.

When they were in the Seventh District courtroom, testifying on Case No. 113/2014, the three laborers denied the accusations, but the marines insist on repeating their report. 

Witnesses contradicted the marines' version and testified that the three young men were arrested in front of the La Mision Hotel, on Guasave's south exit, while they were getting drunk. That the only pursuit involved a motorcyclist who chased the convoy that took the three young men into the hills, among other things. 

To this day, the three friends are still in prison. They are charged with carrying firearms and ammunition intended for military use exclusively, as well as criminal conspiracy.

The arrest of Ariel and his friends was never reported to the media.

The federal case is still developing the evidence.

Azul's wife never went to testify.

And in his head he still hears echoes of that million dollars that he invented to get out of being tortured. And it was that torture that brought him, four years after abandoning his wife and children, back to his motherland; Calabacillas, land of gunmen and murderers for hire, according to the official police narrative. 

And the hunt for Chapo Isidro goes on.


  1. Theres a picture of Mario Calabazas with grenades strapped to his body. This guy is as hard as they come. He was part of the ambush that killed 7 ministeriales del estado that were in a convoy.They say he also helped kill the 12 federal officers Thatwere inteintercepted on the freeway mexico 15. Top chapo isidro bodyguard /and associate along with chuy gonzales,el morralito

    1. 11:09 But they dont complain about it. And then they ask why things are the way they are....

  2. "BUT the marinas are honest, they do not torture or kill or abuse prisoners"
    Maybe that was before el pri came back, el pri like "la fabis or la muneca" manlio fabio beltrones, and his beloved teacher fernando gutierrez barrios and all the motherfucking mexican government and police will tear anybody's nails off for money, keep going for tourism to mexico my dears...manlio will get photos and videos of your affairs and he will get your ass and your money, the US government itself is affraid of manlio and his friends, they own all the pacific cartel, not little chapos or mayos, and is in cahoots with manuel cavazos lerma from tamaulipas, another mexican lawmaker the US is affraid of because they want to be nice to the mexican government as a matter of "politics", orders from the US dept of state and foreign relations commitee.
    Absolut power corrupts absolutely, who cares about some drunkos borrachos?

    1. So accurate thanks for the info amigo

    2. Fck the pacific cartel fck them all. take them out malditos cerdos corruptores de la sociedad.

  3. Mann if only that bitch of mario calabazas and that bitch of isidro had been there para el merecido de ellos.... par de perras gruperas sin su grupo no son nada

  4. Remember people saying about the Tlatlaya victims"good riddance"The Army ends up doing what it pleases to whoever it pleases...

    1. STFU Allready! at least they do it for a good cause unlike others! they just trying to clean the mexican garbage pendejo. And they are humans they can make mistakes trying to do whats correct. inbecil

  5. I do not have a problem of bad guys being tortured by Marines. Bad guys kill, tortured, and kidnap innocent people.. Now all of the sudden newspapers are writing articles about bad guys being tortured.. So what if Marines can get information by torturing criminals it's all right..

    1. The US did why can't mex do it too!

    2. Because you aren't entitled to do so 10:33. You have to be worthy and so far you are not. I

    3. @9:39PM Damn right why can the bad ones do it to civilians? and the dumb mf's are saying the marines cant do the same thing to them.? says who? the pro-crime mf's? you gots to be kidding me. Maybe they should be torture too para ke dejen de defender a los malos. idiotas..

  6. You must not believe in democracy and in the constitution. There are laws made to protect people from such things because if we permitted military to operate in the same way that you are thinking innocent civilians would be killed and tortured a lot more than they already are. I hope those responsible for this are brought to justice. More than likely not though.

  7. marines anit shit but cowards with guns

  8. hey and...where all you chapo lovers now!! helping him get better food in super max!omg.sooooo funny!

    1. This article is about how el putito isidro is hiding like a little bitch, like omg sooooooooo funny!!!!!!!

  9. The US helped pinochet to fuck up the civilian government in chile, with CIA and US navy involved, but pinochet put his billions he stole in european banks and ran to england for help and to hide, which proves who the US works for and that the military can do as they please on the banana republics, all of them, now being re-colonized by the US for their european bosses, but NOT without depopulation, murder and mayhem, like hitler taught them to, HEIL!!!

  10. 9:39 the fucking marinas are not abusing or torturing criminals on this case, the people say they were laborers, grting drunk by la mision hotel.
    --the marinas say they were arrested driving an old jeep (left over from operaton desert storm i'm sure) and that the criminal gun toting drug trafficking-torturers assassins-murderers even had an associate chase them on a motorcycle...
    --It looks like the marinas can arrest your aguelita or mine and mak any kind of wild eyed charges, again, ya te agarre ya te chingastes, presumed guilty...
    --And to make my day, the propaganda ministereds cheering up for the marinas, you insult your intelligence, assuming you have one, not mine!!!

  11. 11:48 not all the nations have an excellent system like the US, that only the rich multibillionaires can fuck up and fool as the see fit, as they do not allow other countries to have anyting like it, to make it easy to keep them down as they rape their economies and their environment and patrimonies.
    --The marinas err not because they are humans, but because they have been evolved into US paid, trained and armed gorillas, a sub-human subspecies, lower intellectually to any real gorilla, iNbecil, inVesil or imbecil...
    --no rules of war approve of torture to exact money from anybody, not even george w bush's legally authorized laws, john ashcroft or alberto gonzalez ever said anyhing like that, are you really that IMBECIL?
    --Some day these marina bastards will come for you, what will you do then?

  12. @October 2, 2014 at 2:35 AM

    "not all nations have an excellent system like US"
    US system isn't excellent, you retard. It's absolutely fascist. USA is a dictatorship. Your cops will murder you if you do ONE thing wrong.

    All USA defenders are fucking idiots.


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