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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In Video: "Mayor of Chilapa is linked to Los Rojos"

Borderland Beat
A video was posted on Youtube of a man who was kidnapped, while being detained by men armed with AK-47s,accuses the mayor of Chilapa de Alvarez, Francisco Havier Garcia Gonzalez (at left), of having ties to the leader of “Los Rojos” Zenen Nava Sanchez “ El Chaparro”. 

The person deprived of his freedom is identified with the name of Filiberto Meneses Garcia, he is a halcon in Guerrero municipality of Chilapa. He ssaid  that the director of vehicle maintenance from Chilapa, Fortunato Nava Diaz, aka “El Loco” is the link between the PRI mayor and “El Chaparro”. 

According to official report,s Meneses Garcia works as driver of the taxi number 235 and last Friday the 18th, in Chilapa, was intercepted by armed people whom took him to the community of Tlanicuilulco, in the municipality of Quechultenango, considered as the bastion of the criminal group “Los Ardillos”, who commands the family of the congressional committee chairman of Guerrero, the local Deputy from PRD, Bernardo Ortega Jimenez. 

Two days later, relatives of the taxi driver filed a formal complaint with ministerial authorities to report he was missing. This case was added to the other 10 who went missing during the confrontation between criminal bands and state police 2 weeks ago left 14 dead and several people wounded.  (below)
In the video entitled ‘El Manotas” Zenen's Alcon, AKA “El Chaparro” boss of the plaza of Chilapa de Alvarez Guerrero”. The video is one minute 23 seconds duration. The armed people questioned the victim about the alleged relation of politicians with Zenen Nava“ El Chaparro. “El Chaparro speaks to Fortunato, he is who organizes the meetings with El Chaparro to give him the time and place to meet the municipal President, Francisco Javier Gonzalez El Tepache”, said the kidnapped man in the video.

His captors question him about the relation of the PRI former counselor Francisco Benitez “ El Tigre” with “EL Chaparro structure. “Benitez is whom organized the March for peace in Chilapa, he has the responsibility of charging cuotas (fees, piso) to businesses and tickets for taxi drivers (taxi drivers must pay organized crime to conduct business these are called pasajes or tickets). also he charges fees to the constructor worker, taxis driver, and people that sells knock off CD’s”, said the kidnapped victim. 

They then asked about a politician identified as Rufino Eusebio Juarez, candidate for the candidacy of the municipality of Atlixtac in the mountain region.

“About that”, Meneses Garcia said: “He is the one that collects the cuotas of the municipal presidents of the surroundings areas, important people, and politicians of Chilapa. He is also is the Godfather of Geovani AKA “ El Chivo” second in command of la plaza of Chilapa, along with his father Jorge AKA “ El Aloque” both are natives from the town of Moyotepec.” 

Tomorrow a group of citizens headed by the former counselor of PRI Francisco Benitez, called for a second march to demand security and the release of the people of people who was deprived of their freedom two weeks ago, among them the son of the politician and leader of taxi drivers and dealers of Chilapa. Benitez' son, Tizoc Francisco Benitez,  was kidnapped on July 7, during the first shootout of the month.

He says the number of missing is large but people are fearsome of reporting kidnappings.

"It's worse when someone has his missing family and remains silent, because that way the government assumes that nothing happens," he explained.

This is the same person in charge of charging cuotas, according to the man in the video.

Is BLO regaining strength in Guerrero?

Posted by Itzli "The capture of a leader of the local group La Familia, José María Chávez Magaña, El Pony -on Tuesday the 1st in Pénjamo, Guanajuato–, and of the head of the group Guerreros Unidos, Gonzalo Martín Souza Neves –on Tuesday the 10th in Puebla–, mark a new stage in the dispute of the drug corridor that connects the sierra and the northern zone of Guerrero with the south of the state of México, where it is warned of an upsurge of violence, of which in Chilapa, plaza that connects the mountain with the center of Guerrero, left last week 14 dead and 9 injured. 

Federal informants consulted by this newspaper acknowledge that the group directed by Héctor Beltrán Leyva, El H –seated in Acapulco–, allied with the local gangs seek to retake control of the plazas that Arturo Beltrán Leyva once dominated, which now are under the control of what is left of Los Rojos."

 Note: from From my own research, it seemed as if C.I.D.A. won the war against La Barredora and reabsorbed its members into their organization. Thereafter, it appeared that C.I.D.A. was reabsorbed within the BLO. This article alludes to this and indicates that they will now seek to take control over areas controlled by Los Rojos. What will be interesting to watch is how the BLO will handle Guerreros Unidos and CJNG affiliated groups.

 sources: El Sur, Monitor Expresso, Face Book, Proceso


  1. first of all who would get in a cab with this guy, and second of all shoot this piece of s***

  2. :) I guess you have never been a NYC cab....
    and i am sure he was shot

  3. All they ever interrogate are low-level members who probably don't know shit. They make them read some shit and then proceed to murder someone who means nothing to the cartel.

  4. Hi chivis, hope your regaining your health. You and BB are the best when it comes to covering the narco war in Mexico. Not to change the subject though, maybe somebody in BB should post the the new rola about el R-1 titled "Cato Quintero Soy" by Los Incomparables de Tijuana and Los Nuevo Rebeldes. Very interesting song. Apparently RCQ wants to enjoy the retired life. Again Chivis keep-up the good work. Saludos desde Texas.

  5. If kidnap and beat someone im pretty sure if you torcher him hard enough he will tell you the earth is flat.

  6. --in the seventies, cab drivers in started being heavily recruited into drug trafficking.
    --sinaloans and private airplanes all over mexico.
    --fuerza aerea mexicana elements training the narco air force that would move weight to the US.
    --guadalajara cartel was there mainly because zapopan had the mexican air force school with plenty training for pilots...
    --commercial airports were being established also, not so much to bring mexico into the XX century, but to get mexico into a debt with catastrophic consequences..
    --brand new school buildings, hospitals...
    --socialism was taught to brainwash students into becoming guerrillas since high school and in prepas, others became military and DFS to "protect the nation"
    --the campeche sound oil was going to pay for all the credits obtained to save mexico, but became a nightmare of a mortgage that mexico never got out of...
    --taxi drivers all over mexico know a lot of stories of the narco-life, and politicians and different clubs of businessmen on each and every city, just another mexican business full of corruption and organized crime, but why blame the drivers, they like those farmers who produce the drugs, are just trying to make a living and are very poor and poorly paid, let's have some class ourselves and go for bigger game like PRD governor, former priista angelico rivero "el gavioto"and "HIS" guerrero state controlled auto defensas trying to hold on to the bounty against priista caciques...

  7. I am sure the guy does not look like that normally. A little disheveled I am sure after bring roughed up. If you are a less attractive white dude that was just getting ready to be killed, could one say the same about you. He was probably shot, but to blame it on his looks is pretty sad. You are right Chivas. If we based it on looks, there would be a lot of Cab drivers in NYC that would need killing. I live in Mexico and you have many people that drive cabs. I base my judgement on how decent they are, and not by their looks. But knowing what he was doing gives me a low opinion of the guy. If they said he was a kidnapped farmer would you say the same thing, or feel sorry for him? But like you, knowing what he was doing I have no sympathy for him.

  8. July 22, 6:58 P.M. you got powned. Chivis is in rare form. LOL.

  9. I live on Long Island and work in the city .but you're right Chivis ,this guy would blend right in with the rest of the Hajis in nyc.and shit..with his good looks he may want to run for Taxi and Limousine commissioner.but as for getting into a cab with him next time I'm in Mexico ,(I don't think so ) I'll take the next one .

  10. Ive been in a nyc cab i use to live union city nj and always went down to Manhattan and they dont like this guy sorry chivis

  11. @8PM

    I would if someone would translate it. You are not the first that has told me about it. But honestly, I am not buying the retirement thing. Even though he has money enough for anything he can ever desire. His family invested his money while he was locked up and he is incredibly wealthy.

  12. Chivis Texas Syndicate shooting in Texas

  13. Caro did his time... He did not say anything about his part of the Iran / Contra drug & weapons trading or name drop on Special Agents who were present when a certain DEA agent was killed... Like the one who helped kill Che Guevara, CIA operative Felix Rodriguez... Time always let's out the Truth... Kind of weird that our US Government did not attempt to freeze his companies or assets while he was locked up??? Or was it.... Smoke and Mirrors, CIA is paying Mr. Quintero back for being a Stand Up Character... Much Respect Senior R-1... Much Respect...

  14. Im more interested in what he has to say than how he looks. My question is: Is his info solid or was it fed to him through a beating?

  15. ...and his money was never sought out by even the US, no RICO to apply...
    --the US righteusness stopped right there, by rafael caro quintero's bank, did not even go by the bank's street, for covering up about the CIA and max gomez,aka lazaro, aka felix ismael rodriguez's involvement in kiki camarena's kidnapping, three day torture and murder in jalisco.
    --thirty years later, the US most famous intelligence agencies under the commanding and able leadership of the CIA, including their new puppet the DEA, still can't find this "illetteratte" international bankster billionaire, rafael caro quintero, make sure and don't lose his name, US intelligence agencies!

  16. A halcon is a snitch! Snitches get what they deserve


    1. Cálmate entrale al tapón puto los Beltrán son puros lacras tumbamos mucho en guerrero con la familia

  18. So R1 is working for Caro is that correct??

  19. no thats his moniker. el R1

    So R1 is working for Caro is that correct??
    July 23, 2014 at 2:39 PM

  20. thank you for the translation of the corrido. I will probably post it with along with another one.


  21. Its amazing..
    how people..tend to glorfiy all these dusch bags.
    no good for nothing.
    Humanity needs to learn to get along with one another.

  22. he is clearly reading a poster they are holding up behind the camera

  23. no Cara is R1. not the R1 from CDG. a lot of people use r1

  24. R is for RAFA, RAFAEL CARO QUINTERO, aka r1 or R1; now that his other partners in crime are too old to fuck around or to even try to get out of prison, he is out doing his best for the compania, while staying alive, not because he needs money but for the best reason of all, for the hell of it, por amor al arte...
    --what gets me wondering is if rafa and Sarah Cristina Cosio Gaona's love story ended with his arrest in costa rica, and if he ran to see her when he got out of prison, if they wrote letters, or what, was it just an affair for one or the other, or both?
    --i know women love forever no matter what, and men refuse to even think about it, but real love hits like a flyswatter, it happens to me all the time, like every day...
    --getting loved back is the impossible task, almost, because mainly, men are such babies...

  25. these dudes always look like they never take showers ...dirty stinky filthy rotten low life


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