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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Legislature Asked to Rescind "Bullet Act" After 12 Year Old Boy Killed

Borderland Beat

Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno Valle sent an initiative to the State Legislature that it might on Tuesday repeal the Law to Protect Human Rights and Regulate the Legitimate Use of Force, better known as the "Bullet Act", which was passed on May 19 by the LIX Legislature in Puebla.

The Legislature's agenda establishes as Point 16: "Official reading of SGD/0120/2014 of Citizen Luis Maldonado Venegas, Secretary General of Government, who by agreement with Citizen Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas, Governor of the State, sends the Initiative of Decree by virtue of which the Act to Protect Human Rights and Regulate the Legitimate Use of Force by Police Agencies of the State of Puebla be abrogated."
The governor's action follows an escalation of protests in the state after the death of a thirteen-year old boy in a demonstration on the highway, where he was wounded on July 9, presumably by a rubber bullet. After being diagnosed brain dead, the finally died last Saturday.

The "Bullet Act" Last May, Puebla's lawmakers approved the law that permits the police to use firearms and other non-lethal [weapons] in violent protests, emergencies and natural disasters. Article 7 of the law regulating the "legitimate use of public force" states: "The police officer may only make use of the firearm in case of the legitimate defense of himself or third parties in imminent danger of death or serious injury."

The law was approved with 35 yes votes cast by legislators from the Institutional Revolutionary [PRI] and National Action [PAN] parties; five leftist deputies from the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and Green Democratic Revolution parties abstained. In the event of violent demonstrations, the law established that police will make gradual use of force for the subjugation of people and by the use of "batons, chemical irritants, electrical control devices and stun guns."

The law was to be applied during violent public demonstrations, acts of vandalism, arrest warrants, or when there might be acts of violence or robbery during a natural disaster, stated the [original] initiative presented by the Governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, who is now reversing his position. 

Aristegui Noticias- translated by Jane Brundage Mexico Voice


  1. Poor guy and poor kid rubber bulets are ment to hit the body not on the head they were shooting to kill not to stop them

  2. U.s tactics, awesome.. Keep up the bad work Americaaa

    1. Ha ha,ja, the USAS fault is it?
      You way of thinking is the reason for the stupid suffering in mexico.blame others for your lack of personal responsibility.

  3. Wasn't this blog to publish news about the drug war? Why are you up loading news about state conflicts?

    1. Don't like what it says? Don't read it!

    2. Everything in Mexico has something to do with the drug war... mexico economy is based on the drug war.

  4. --millions and millions of dollars from US taxpayers spent by the mexican government on US (made in china probably) weapons, to defend themselves and their satrap narco-government from the people, 50% comissions to the middlemen and 30% mark-ups for mexican government satraps as "commissions".
    as usual, the US furnishes the weapons and the gorillas, the people furnishes the bodies, THANKS US TAXPAYERS!!!

  5. 6:38 there you go, with your "topic, on topic, off topic" diarrhea, drugs, weapons traffickers legal or illegal, crimes against the citizens, murders cartels, ALL OVER MEXICO, and connections around the world, all kind of statements and reports are welcome here, seems to me, who the hell are you to determine BB agenda? why are you trying to control the output?
    --i suspect you are an infiltrator, manipulator and agent provocateur, mister, and paid by the devil himself: US government private contractors getting millions of dollars in corporate welfare contracts to help the mexican gorillas keep down the rabble and the idiot trolls...

  6. The US has nothing to do with this. Sheesh! Each must take responsibility for his own actions and behavior.

    Anyhow, it is a world standard (IACP) that rubber bullets, bean bags, etc are not to be fired at human heads. Those people suffered due to either poor training or knowledgeable police that simply felt like they could get away with it.

  7. the mexican government would not be so cocky if it wasn't for their american weapons and US mercenary trained gorillas, publiczing photos like these is bad PR for them and bad for business, we want more photos, let the whole "conspiracy theory" hang out there in the light, thanks chivis for this post...just more AMERICAN BEAUTY...

  8. 11:48 & 3:45 "la martina" denies hereby any and all responsibility regarding the crimes of the mexican police and state of mexico governor, the US salesmen and weapons manufacturers only sold the equipment, just like the nazi gas chambers manufacturers only sold them to hitler and co, but bear no responsibilty either.
    --sharp US warlords know how to get the US help given to mexico used to buy these and other even worse weapons, US taxpayer paid...

  9. 12:47 everyting in mexico, especially crimes against the citizens, is based on the accelerated quest to accelerate the privatization of all the mexican and latin american assets, a lot of it financed with the drug money moved around by the global powers who take more than 90% of all the profits and confiscate the capos' money from the foreign banks, that is the reason the farmers and producers still don't have even decent food or shelter or schools, any other statement, contrarywise, in spite of all the evidence, leads some to think the mexican criminals are the bellybutton of the devil, and it s just not so...
    --because getting richer and richer is a hard job that is never finished, but someone has to do it...

  10. "la martina", a fawx news commenter, yields the point, after his/her intervention complicated the denying cause for the defense's case, the US TAXPAYERS are hereby declared:
    GUILTY of not knowing how their government spends their money on corporate welfare contracts used by private contractors to privatize their money, jobs, schools, health care, post office, defense, war making powers, the internet, pensions, 401k's, social security, intelligence services and freedoms, supplemented by the customary drug trafficking to the US and all over the world...
    --i hope some TIME reporter sees this report and has the balls to raise some hell


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