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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

La Tuta's lieutenant arrested in BC served as police chief in Michoacan

Borderland Beat
Tijuana: On Monday following the capture of regional leader of the Caballeros Templarios , Juan Carlos Almazan Mendoza, 35,  the Attorney General of Baja California (PJEBC) reported that the member of the criminal organization was masquerading as entrepreneur of the construction industry in the western area of this border town. 

Almazan Mendoza, is known to be  a lieutenant for  Servando Gómez Martínez( La Tuta), but moved to the city in 2013, living in a luxury residential subdivision, of la zona, Playas de Tijuana, where he bought a house from which he was operating Templar activities out of.
Almazan, nicknamed “El Pillo” was police chief in Nueva Italia, a civil servant in Tingambato and in 2009 he served as head of the Secretariat of public security of the municipality of La Huacana .

El Pillo has accumulated arrest warrants on charges of kidnapping and murder, committed in municipalities in the region of Tierra Caliente , including Apatzingán and Nueva Italia. In one warrant out for his arrest, he is suspected of being connected to at least six illegal deprivation of liberty crimes and killings in the town of Apatzingán.

He had had a direct line to cartel leaders, such as the now deceased Enrique Plancarte Solis, alias' Kike Plancarte'; Miguel Ángel González Godoy, alias' El Migueladas' and La Tuta the leader of Templarios organization. He was in the city to help organize a Templarios cell, and was funded by Templarios.

 Sources: RioDoce Frontera-AFN


  1. We keep hearing about this Migueladas? Is he higher up than Puta, I mean Tuta?

  2. Guy looks like he was out partying all night and was picked up for DWI. Lol Anyway, I can't wait til they bury ol' man tuta and bring some sense if peace to that region in Mexico.

  3. Try going out in TJ during the weekend and your bound to find people of interest out and about like normal... Playas, Otay Mesa, Puerto Nuevo, Rosarito, Bajamar, Fraction Chalpultapec Tijuana all have nice areas to live :) ... Also, how can there be all these people of interest around this area and know one knows anything??? Lol... C'mon now, Knights of Templar operating out of Tijuana... No Bueno :( ... The Fleas, I mean Z's tried that before... Arellano's and CDS control this area...

  4. miguel angel gallegos godoy,aka migueladas, el traficante mas poderoso de tierra caliente, said to have paid 67 million dollars to the CIA/ ruana libre.
    --amazing how almost nobody knew anything about him until borderland started posting about him, he has become very famous, from little posts here and there...
    --anything about el tito?

  5. @12:39AM Well I remember seeing on Mexican websites a few articles about Migueladas, that were kind of passed of guard or unnoticed by the general public outside of Mexico. But one thing for sure, Borderland was the first English language or non-Mexican site to post about Migueladas and make his name well known all over the internet.

  6. The U.S. knows where la tuta they have been tracking him for a year now using drones.

  7. Michoacan best state in Mexico with the most culture out of any state michoacan is in Tijuana and they have the strongest cartel the best of the best.

  8. Michoacan Ya esta en Tijuana Arriva La ruana vale.

    1. Michoacan ya esta en tijuana vendiendo carnitas y trapeando pisos en los bares de la coahuila
      Bola de hediiondos aborigenes tantito peor que los chinolas

  9. Of course they know where la tuta is but money makes the world go round and he has more than enough to pay the crooked government to leave him alone. . Real

  10. Por Favor...Michoacan may have a mini presence in Tijuana, but they do not run it!!! Even in la Zona Rosa... Who cares if the guy selling mystery hotdogs outside La Coahuila on the "corner" works for La Familia as long as the money is flowing... That area is "controlled" as there are houses, less then 1-2 blocks with specific purposes, like being locked and loaded, ready...

  11. the mini-presence of the ct in tijuana, represented by this guy, represents, --el tito, el putito de la puta tuta, ct, an architect famous for dirty tricks as a professional, involved on frauds against even the mexican government, like civil engineers:
    --raul salinas de gortari
    --carlos slim helu
    --hank rohn brothers
    --some arellano felix engineer
    --atracomulco group/grupo atracomulco
    --all the best engineers, lawyers and professionals involved on state owned enterprises...
    --just mentioning el tito to make sure we don't forget that this lieutenant has some big powerful associates that boss around all the cartels, and that there are some scatological relationships among all of the powerful and connected in mexico, and some little dog fights among the rabble..

  12. 11:07 no dope, it is a condensed version of about 20 reports from here and there, and there are mountains to dig from, if you know what to look for, before "they" send the internet to malaysia to grant the right to disapear to a few crooks, we the rabble will lose our archives...


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