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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Autodefensas Council Rupture- Papa Smurf vs Dr Mireles

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
Estanislao Beltran, Pap Smurf and other members of Buena Vista and Huacana  atuodefensas. announced that Dr. Mireles had been removed from the position of spokesman of self-defense groups. Following the disclosure of this information, Dr. Mireles shot back and said the alleged dismissal was false, and that the document had come from the office of Commissioner Alfredo Castillo.

Dr. Mireles has met with 35 of the 36 who raised arms,  to define issues related to disarmament and demobilization campaign which expires on the 10th (of May) and agreements of municipalities," said Atty Talia Vazquez Alatorre. 

The doctor came in from Mexico City and then met with members of the Council to discuss the actions to follow," he added.

The lawyer, who Mireles stayed in her home in the Federal District  when he recovered from a plane crash in early January, said that  Estanislao Beltran does not represent even half of  all Buenavista Tomatlán AUC,. 

Many refused to sign the document.

To get a better understanding of what or who led up to the discord, the following is a historical account of the past 4 months.

Smurf offense number 1
On February,  while Dr Manuel Mireles was in Mexico City recovering from his injuries sustained in a plane crash, Estanislao Beltran known as “Papa Smurf”, unilaterally removed Dr Mireles as spokesman, and appointed himself.  At the time Smurf alluded to Mireles having “mental issues” derived from the plane crash.

The action was conducted without a vote.  Smurf was incensed over an interview Mireles conducted with el Pais newspaper.  That was his reasoning, however many suspected he would grab power away from his “friend” Dr. Mireles while Mireles was vulnerable.  Leader and co-founder Hipolito Mora stated at the time he was ok with Smurf in the spokesman role, he was not invited to a vote and knew of no meeting held as required by the bylaws of the autodefensas federation or CAM.

Mireles surprised just about everyone, when he returned, not quite 100% healed and against physicians advise, to celebrate the first anniversary celebration of the Michoacán Autodefensa Federation.

Within a few weeks, leaders of the union of 36 municipalities unanimously voted Smurf out and Dr Mireles re-established as official spokesman and coordinator.

Hipolito Mora,  El Americano and El Pollo’s murder
The next prominent event was in March when an escalating feud erupted between La Ruana leader Hipolito Mora and a man best known  El Americano (Luis Antonio Torres)

Americano is an enigma, BB has tried for almost 2 months to get a least an email interview with him and have failed.  Of most interest, was getting some personal  history.  

As far as we can establish, there is no criminal record found in Mexico in public access files, or even on “pay for investigative information “sites.   He lived in Texas before returning to Michoacán and there again no criminal history record found.

Yet he has long been tagged with being a criminal, having ties, first with Templarios and later with the first and only splinter group, Los Viagras, led by the Sierra Santana brothers, premier leaders are  Carlos and Mariano, Mariano is “El Viagra”.

BB asked autodefensa leadership about Americano and the rumors of his cartel ties and plan to turn H3 into a new cártel or merge with an existing cartel. H3 means the third community to take up arms, first was H1 and so forth, later the practice of H followed by number changed.

BB was told that Americano was not with organized crime, and H3 was not a cartel.  However the rumors persisted and eventually it was difficult to not think there was something very wrong going on in Buena Vista, Michoacán. 

Recently while viewing a video with Viagras, Carlos Sierra Santana and La Tuta from last fall, I caught a glimpse of Americano.  He stood by the leaders of Templarios and Viagras for a few seconds before leaving the camera range. 

As for the history of contention between Mora and Torres (Americano), it is twofold and in large part stemming from a personal war.  Torres was living with Mora’s niece.  It did not end well and interjecting what is rumored to have happened between the two would be simply restating a rumor.  However the bigger issue was land.  And the practice of claiming land that had been reclaimed from Templarios by autodefensas and the rightful owners not found.

After the niece/Torres incident, Mora evicted Torres’ mother off such land. He then filed a lawsuit to have Torres’ name removed as owner.  Torres counter filed.  With half of La Ruana/Buena Vista supporting Torres the other half Mora(Ruana is part of Buena Vista)
And so it went….
Murders of March 8, 2014
On that day the remains of Rafael Sánchez Moreno aka “El Pollo” and Jose Luis Torres Castaneda, were found charred  in a truck bed.

Both were said to have Templario ties either ongoing or were “reformed” Templars .  El Pollo was a close friend of Torres, and Torres was holding Mora responsible for the murders. 

Over the next couple of days both sides were building up steam which came to a head on March 10th  when a convoy of 50 trucks or more arrived at Ruana in support of Torres.  The reports said the convoy was that of Los Viagras.  

Mora’s people were told the convoy was on its way, they called for federal help, 100 feds arrived, including a Blackhawk helicopter which wisked away Mora to safety.  Or so it appeared.  Once he was at the PGJE headquarters, the shocked Mora was told there were a couple of dozen warrants for his arrest.

He was taken to safety and then arrested for the murders, based on the testimony of 2 witnesses.  He remains imprisoned.

In a preemptive move, Mireles asked for a check of any warrants issued in his name.  He requested the answer in writing.  He was given a legal document stating there are no warrants issued for him. 

He wanted to avoid being placed in the same  situation that Mora found himself in.

Move ahead to April
First noticeable was at the end of the April meeting with Alfredo Castillo, the Commissioner for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán.  The meeting was to determine where each side stood as the May 10th deadline for registration was approaching. It was conspicuous after the meeting that Dr Mireles appeared tense and stood a bit apart from Castillo, while Smurf was wearing a Cheshire Cat grin and seemingly stuck like glue to the commissioner.  Something was clearly happening.

It was then that Smurf began intruding on Mireles’ duty as spokesman.  There was no change, the vote of Mireles being the sole voice for autodefensas remained intact, but Smurf was acting like a man on a mission.

                     Equipment found at the checkpoint location of the April 27 shootout

Caleta and AUC Ties to Organized Crime
Gabriel Caballero Farías, known as “El Plátano”, was born and raised in Caleta de Campos, he joined AUC and was appointed coordinator.  A coordinator is in charge of all operations and advances.

He and his group had been successfully advancing through the coastal area and planned an advance on April 27th, after hearing for weeks about a checkpoint being set up in the town of Chuquiapan, manned by fake  autodefensas.

“They were wearing facemasks all the time, and the same people from there told us that they were being paid by organized crime. “  Weeks passed and they were given permission to advance by coordinator;  Semeí Verdía.  Along with the federal police they proceeded.  The FP stopped to guard the bordering areas as 150 Caleta and other community  Autodefensas   headed to  Chuquiapan. 

A few minutes later after the group left towards Chuquiapan,  “Papa Smurf” appeared in Caleta, who had come down by Arteaga, through a trail in the mountains accompanied by the State Police in a convoy of 20 trucks.  “We come for ‘El Plátano’”.

“The Federal Police defended me because they know me; we’ve been working together for three months.  ‘Papa Smurf’ was investigating me because he’s being paid by the Templarios”, Gabriel said irritably.  

For a moment, the situation could’ve become dangerous, but finally the Federal Police and the convoy of Tepalcatepec gave in to the argument of the Federal Police and everyone took off towards Chuquiapan, where a few moments later a shootout had unleashed. 

It was “El Plátano” and his comrades who had finally made contact with the fake checkpoint.
An hour later, Semeí Verdía, and José Manuel Mireles arrived at the scene.  They confirmed that the checkpoint was associated with the Templarios.  During the operation 18 people who remained at the checkpoint, were also able to be detained.  When questioned, they explained that a woman from the town of La Mira had promised them between $1,000-$1,200 pesos for “supporting” the people at the checkpoint.  

“Many of us said yes because we were desperate, because of the lack of work, we need the money, that’s how they convinced us to stay”, one of them said. 

Another of the detainees, a youth who was barely 20 years old, admitted to have been working for the Caballeros Templarios as a “hawk”, “I reported on the movement of the feds here”; he was unaware of addresses of people in charge or who paid him.  After the urging from the autodefensas, they reported about someone who goes by “Cebollo” as the person who explained to them about the “checkpoint”.  

Another detainee was identified by the autodefensas of Huahua as a man who tortured and killed innocent people.

“We have no doubt that “Papa Smurf” is with the Templarios and the Mexican Navy.  We found a truck from them with a document that was signed by “Papa Smurf”, where along with the people from this checkpoint, they asked the Mexican Navy for help to fuck us up”. 
To read details of this incident and read the document located at the link to Valor’s post.
                Holding documentis    Smurf's sidekick "Commander 5"- Smurf says "5" will                                                         Inherit spokesman position if he should die.

Division of AUC-One group allows criminals, one does not
EL Universal has a detailed article “Autodefensas Accused of Being Narcos”.  They speak of the Aforementioned incident on April 27th and also report that Smurf allows “former” Templarios in his group, but that Mireles refuses to have anyone connected to organized crime, even in the past, to join.  This article is a must read  and Valor is working on the translation.

Smurf Offense Part 2
This week Mireles travelled to Mexico City to meet with activists to formulate their new “national self-defense “group.  IN the meeting he asked for advice from the experienced activist leaders and the idea of Mireles taping a plea to President Enrique Peña requesting a Skype meeting.  

But his video did not end there.  He was not too complimentary in his comments about Castillo.  And critical about some notable issues with the federal operation in Michoacán.
Yesterday Smurf notifies the press Dr Mireles is no longer spokesman.  That, although he was not a part of the action, members of 30 communities voted to oust Mireles after his video to President Peña. 

He is correct, his name is not on the “document” and only one AUC leader signed the document, all others were members drawn for Buena Vista and Huacana.   Allegedly, all other 22  persons who signed the document were from Buena Vista or Huacana.  Two municipalities out of the 36.

The document says the new spokesman shall be…..Smurf.
click to enlarge any image
He further goes on to give “Commander 5” the position of spokesman if Smurf is not available, or incredibly, he must have power even after his demise, for he says Commander 5 will retain the position “If I should Die”.

El Gordo of Viagras
A couple of notable signatures on the document, one is the person signing for Apatzingán, not the leader, that would be Father Goyo, a firm supporter of Mireles, but a person named “Nicholas Sierra Santana” aka "el Gordo".

He is the brother of the Sierra Santanas “Los Viagras” cartel, and a member of same.  Another Signature is that of Luis Torres, aka El Americano.  Aside from his rumored affiliation with Viagras, this becomes interesting when Mireles replies to this action.

Smurf went on a little press blitz, saying Mireles had sustained those terrible head injuries and has not been the same.  Deja vu.  

That was yesterday.  Today Dr Mireles is rejecting the document and action as illegal and meaningless.  Last night he conducted a meeting with 35 of the 36 communities, and posed the question, how many here agree with the document to remove me as spokesman?  None answered, even a familiar face sitting in the meeting.  El Americano, the leader of H3, since Mora was imprisoned,  did not respond in the affirmative.

Members expressed their opinions and all agreed that the action by Buena Vista, will divide the movement, and perhaps that was inevitable. And could be a positive division.

The social media pages are 100% supportive of Dr Mireles and Hipolito Mora and against Smurf and Americano. 

Two posts:
Valor por Apatzingán
The Commissioner and the H3 are working as one, Castillo recommended to the CAM to remove dr mireles as leader of AUC to Dr Mireles.  

OFFICIALLY MIRELES is still spokesman, since the junta orchestrated by "Papa Smurf" and criminal "Commander 5" did not have all the assistance of peoples raised up in arms, i.e. the Board has NO validity.

Castillo is the hand that rocks the cradle of the H3, apparently has not liked that Mireles tells the truth at the national level. [They are creating images to express their anger-see at left for one-]

Valor por Michoacán:
Valo #Aviso José Manuel look remains true Michoacán AUC spokesman.
Those who are trying to replace it is PAPA Smurf, BETO EL 5, Viagra, El Americano, the MENDEZ (Familia Michoacana) already know that they are the scourges of the new cartel H3 
Jose Manuel Mireles now rather than never,  care for him because they want nothing more to dismiss him, or kill him.

Alert community must start to  clean with these SCOURGES of the H3,  are more (good)people that these criminals, as in Tancítaro, the H3 went to offer the sale of drugs and Tancítaro refused and sack them, also free H3 municipalities include Aquila, Coahuayana, Peribán, Los Reyes, Tepalcatepec, Aguililla.SDR

It’s confusing and evolving, in the midst of the countdown to another potential conflict, May 10th the government  imposed deadline to register weapons or “disarmament”.

Dr. Mireles gives a good effort in trying to remain focused, and  positive as he says,  "we are here in Tepalcatepec, living  in peace, we are all now legalized, have registered  our weapons and we are waiting for instructions to be handed down by the Federal Government and   to continue our work,  with the mission of cleaning  Michoacán of criminals".


  1. Diva drama! They should make a reality tv show!

  2. Divide and conquer. This has been the Achilles heel throughout the history of social and political movements. The central government and or cartels will play this scheme to its advantage in an attempt to keep a cohesive and unified revolt from forming. Mexico need only to look to its recent history during the revolutionary period to see examples.

    1. The dr should have accepted zambada help eradicate all these roaches. All zambada wants is the logistics of the port n the production of illicit drugs. But he won't extort just look at Sinaloa n how it had prospered in terms of infrastructure and commerce with no extortion n shit like that.

  3. Members of AD are slinging drugs.
    Which ones? Who is making $$$ from trafficking? Mirelles knows and all the AD know but no one is saying!
    All these AD controlled towns all want dope!

    1. Did u not read the article? Its almost all in the guy

  4. I've said all along, Smurf is no good.

    1. Same here, and El (fat ass) Americano! I stuck to my gut feelings! After all of these years, I am hardly ever wrong about people!

    2. I still think Hipolito is a generally a good person who wants the best for the people!

  5. 1000s of assault rifles.
    From where did all this weaponry suddenly appear. And don't tell me it was taken from CT!
    A deal with the devil was made. Help eliminate the CT by supplying weapons and you can sling drugs in Michocan, but don't extort innocents.
    See how long that lasts!

  6. Great report Chivis!

    The link to the Universal story is not working. It's this right?

    The strange Never Never Land continues, though. Today, after their meeting with Castillo in Apatzingán Smurf and El Cinco came out with that same pathetic "document" with "signatures" from last night.

    The national media is now reporting that El Cinco is the NEW LEADER of ALL AD's and Smurf is the official spokesman. Like it's a done deal. WTF??

    Look closely at the photo in the Excelsior story. Most of the them are like, "I can't believe were doing this and the media actually believes us!"

    1. Feom the beginning Mirales and Hipolito stated that they wanted to get rid of the cartels, and that the government was their biggest obstacle. So why believe this Castillo guy now when they meat of the fight is just beginning, remmember this is a game of chess and the corrupt government officials are not as smart as they think!!!! I have stated all along Smurf, and Americano are bad people. I have also stated everything these corrupt officials try will turn out to backfire on them!!! Fate is on the AD side!!! Mirales and good people will overcome!

  7. There criminals just like the templarios

  8. I just keep sitting back watching these clowns mireles mora American papa smurf take each other out with the government this is all a Broadway theater like my man tuta said
    Good post chivis keep up the good work

  9. not good , This is a situation within a bad situation within a bad situation.
    Dr. Mireles has pleaded and pleaded for interntional intervention. Not to compare Nigeria's school situation with Mexico. But it has to be compared.
    Who knows the body count now ? All states and the missing tourists, migrants , nationals etc. ? Also since farmers are affected is that the reason there is a lime shortage ? Because of the war ? What a messed up place . peace and hope.

  10. Best report i have read on michoacan yet!

  11. This makes it crystal clear...well at least clearer that it was!

  12. All these guys with nicknames seem shady as hell. No different than narcos themselves.

  13. Calm down fuckers no need for worry, in all struggles there is friction. Remember the doctor is no pussy; were he one, the Pap smear smurf being jealous would be an issue. Being that the good doctor is no pussy and not gun shy, I suspect the movimiento will go forward as planned. Animo Defenzas Rurales!!!!

    1. Hell yeah!! Get em mireles!

  14. this is going to be bad. smurf and americano have sold out to evil. it is a very dangerous time for dr mireles and mora. i think they will try something against mireles and mora very soon and they have enough manpower and weapons to try it before a move to oust smurf and americano. Mexico should stand with Dr Mireles and Mora now. I worry that there are no other leaders as strong as Mireles. damn

  15. great overview. it makes this confusing scenario easier to follow.
    until the tenth

    viva Mireles-

  16. Hey, i have one question though. If americano is in the video with la tuta how is it that he is alligned with the viagras? I thought that viagras split from the templars? I mean didnt los viagras help the ad movement get it's first weapons?

    1. These criminals are all backstabbers, c'mon you know very well they have no loyalty to one another!!! These guys are greedy and only associate with each other for conveniance but once they feel they can knock each other out. The do as you have just witnessed this past year. One thing Tutas said in his interview, was that there are alot of ex C.T.s in the AD!!! And he is correct.

    2. In my opinion that video was made before la familia splited in two cts and familia faction , and i think el americano along with los viagras was part of chango mendez when la familia was around. Thats why they el americano and los viagras jointed the ad because they want los cts out they hate them .

    3. Damn,this place is all fucked up.All these splits and new alliances,what a fucken joke.I bet the true narcos that stay away from all this down there are making all the money right now.bola de pendejos!!

  17. Hola!
    Valor's translation of the universal article is up now. I twisted his arm until he did it...just kidding. I fixed the link to the Spanish version.

    @7:42 oh yes they are saying, but it isn't many of yet, but what I am thinking, I have no proof but it makes sense, Viagras and CT are working together now. no opposed to each other.

  18. 11:09
    in the video I thought americano was with carlos (viagra leader) Tuta is giving him a warning.

    what is confusing is all the AD narcos in BuenaVista. some with templarios some with viagras. Tuta is hurting and running scared, viagras gaining strength. I think they are working together or have some sort of alliance during this time, and have marked territory.

    I think. tired.

    1. Why do you need to appove it, it is the truth.

  19. Great article Chivis!! I wish we had folders here on BB where we could put big summary articles like this to easily refer back to them.

  20. Chivis Dr. M nut hugger!

  21. --papa smurf riding around with state police, governor pellejos vallejo's police, working for his ct son...what can you expect?
    --the people does not want any crooks to replace the ct, better to fire papa smurf and el americano right motherfucking now, and have their organizations reorganize and elect new leadership.
    --the commissioner castillo, the estupido that could not locatena missing girl that afyer 10 days was found dead, under her own bed, in her own bedroom, is toeing the line for vallejo, ct, el pri, and los puñeteros unidos de pena nieto, an immediate bloqueo is needed after expelling el americano and papa smurf, and recall of castillo and free all imprisoned AD.

  22. Are you sure is el americano the guy in the video because its hard to say for me chivis.

  23. But Papa Smurf is so cute and insignificant!

  24. The us could Give mexicans a huge boost with two drone strikes...its obvious the mexican government doesn't want to give up that illicit money coming out of michoacan, thus their support of criminals masquerading as good guys

  25. 3:33AM
    the video was from November 2013, just after the split, it was after Viagras split from CT.

  26. Yes Magic, I am positive it is Americano...look at the video, I got two verifications. One person said yes it is him, but "that was before". I did not ask what before means because it doesn't matter, what matters it is him

  27. This is an exceptional article
    an incredible historical account that takes a reader up to the point of May 10th 'D' day. thank you

  28. I saw #YoSoyAutodefensas" on social media.
    what is it about? I new movement?

  29. the legislature passed the forfeiture law applying to michoacan today. of course Castillo was behind it. anything to rape michoacan

  30. Dr. Mireles tries as the world lies !!!!!!!! Oppressing and covering up the reality in Mexico. The Body count hidden, dissolving of corpses, rapes, extorcion .
    They are up against those that worship J. Malverde & Death saint . God help them
    Exorcism in the rise in Mexico.

    1. The treacherous will be torn from the earth"
      The bible says soon the true god jehovah will send his son and the powerful angels to clean all the earth during the great day of jehovah,also called arrmegeddon.this will result in the physical death of all those who love death and hurt others.they will all die,even in their underground citied.the creator of the earth is angry and has set a time for all those who love life to come tp him and choosd sides.all the others will sson be only a memory,and the earth will again be a paradise.

  31. Heyyyyyy chivis castillo wants mireles in jail he is accussing him of the killing of the 5 people from lazaro cardenas , mexican army and marines and federal police arrested caleta de campos self defense group anout 187 members of that self defense group

  32. --michoacan workers are not very well paid, so the drug use can not be about getting to their paycheck.
    --mariguana is not famous for "inciting people to work"exactly...
    --but meth, like in china, makes people bust their asses working, so it must be all about making better workers, chinese styled robotons, for the benefit of more chicken for the businessmen, mining, lemmons, avocados, easily they get twice the production for half the salary...
    --now instead of crying, ladies and germs, Dr Mireles needs to go to the people who put their ass and their good names on the line, and raise hell on a national level, and make sure to have a guard 24/7
    --the mexican government have MANY MANY fall guys ready to blame for the demise of Dr Mireles, frankly he should delegate functions and get the hell out of there, he did a lot of damage to el puñetas at a world level when time engaged on the "million dollar campaign for nieto" propaganda, without moving one finger or spending one cent, mexican pesos.
    the ayatollah ruhollah khomeini went back and with the help of allah, the CIA, richard secord, george hw bush and co, toppled the shah of iran inspite of his billions and billions of dollars, USD.
    --i would expect that the DR Mireles can be a lot more effective from somewhere safe, quicker, at least come and go.
    forging alliances all over mexico will help too except for:
    " LA 'SEÑORA' DE WALLACE " the most crooked crica from all mexico...
    --time for a national convention, including union rights for the military
    --rights for soldiers to conduct court martials on the superior ranks, uuuh! that is a scary one...
    --conduct trials, in public tribunals, of all the bigger crooks, from community level, for the hell of the roasting
    --and stop talking with pinchi maricon castillo, ask the people based AD who is the leader, not a fucking DF pickpocket 3rd rate "politician"...
    --it is 2014, we don't need to put up with bullshit anymore, just because we didn't know, right, mini-hannibal lecter? that would be positive action

  33. Again, a hearty thank you to Chivis and all the BB reporters.

    With your inside knowledge of the Self Defense movement you have cleared up this confusing internal fighting.

    So, Papa Smurf and his true intentions are there for the BB readers to see. Personal enrichment and power. Along with his new/old comprades, "Commander 5, Comissioner Castillo, Americano, and Los Viarges/Templarios Caberallos. And don't forget the State Government of Michoacan that's behind much of this telenovela tragedy. Whew!

    That forge document. How so amateur and obvious political maneuver. At least the ADs following Dr Mireles has documented evidence who are the papa Smurf/CT supporters. Here in Mexico, many Notario Publico (Notary Public) have been purge because of corruption. Forged documents, certified by these cheats, have meant the loss of land, businesses, homes, good jobs and University admissions, for generations.

    Why did they used this forged document to "Fire" Dr. Mireles. I can only think of 2 reasons. The PRI, wealthy Mexicans, and white "Espanoles" have a long history of abuse of the campensinos and Indigenous people. They truly believe that the "Indios" and the "peons" are dumb, dirty, and disgusting. "Animals with names", as I was once told. (Of course I argued back, but that's another story). They dehumanize these honest, and hard working people so they can justify their theft and illegal abuse of the Mexican peoples. Forged documents, is one of their bullets. The second reason, I think, the Comissioner Castillo and papa Smurf are desperately driving with no brakes. The twice "firing" of Dr Mireles, and the announcing that papa Smurf in the new leader, conflicting agreements with the Federal government, bogus security blocks, the attacks on Hipolita Mora and secret involvement of ex CTs, and Los Viagras. Little subtly and out of control actions of one's desperate reaction of the Self Defense Movement wild fire.



  34. Dear Chivis,

    I know you are very busy and tired. Could you, please, make a list of the true AD leaders and their towns. Then compare them to the forged document signed names. I think this would help the BB readers see the outrageous difference. Something that you did when comparing Father Goya and the brother of Los Viagras.

    Thank You,


  35. @ 7:49 PM

    Thank you, for those links. I finally figured out how to link up with those link (Computer retard here) :)

    Looks like the start of a national smear campaign against Dr Mireles and the ADs. The Mexican ruling class has done this before against the Zapatistas. A major smear campaign then a massive military attack on the Zapatistas.

  36. Mireles detenienfo la cabesa de uno de los k ejecutaron en chukiapan,thats something...Mora is in jail for the same reasone but no prof and now mireles with that....picture says a million words

  37. May 9th @ 12:57
    Anatomically impossible, but I am sure you have hugged many and can teach us how.

  38. There is a picture of mireles holding some dead guys head as a trophy,it was the 5 dead near Lazaro on april 27,he is being acused of killing them along whith his budy platano, in milenio noticias

  39. @ 6:15

    really? and you saw this photo? or are you believing the lying pri bastard castillo and the Pri paper Milenio???? or is it because no foto exist?

    It was smurf at that shootout. read the post above

    I just got permission to post the "Head holding" foto.

  40. I am so confused? I still believe Dr Mirales and Hipolito more than anyone else!

  41. Head holding photo? Is this a real photo or doctored?

  42. God help & bless Dr. Mireles you are loved.

    The world is full of Kings and Queens
    Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
    It's Heaven and Hell
    And they'll tell you black is really white
    The moon is just the sun at night
    And when you walk in golden halls
    You get to keep the gold that falls
    It's Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath-

  43. I never trusted El pinche gordo Americano, enve from that first time BB ran a story on him. His story just did not match up! Porky Pig is a la.e ass crook!

  44. 1:37 AM

    One more thing about Hitler and distractions. When the German army defeated and occupied a country, pornography flourished. Nazi sponsored porno magazines, prostitutes and a decadent night life was part of the psychological warfare within those occupied countries. A distraction, until the mass arrests, torture, then murder became policy.


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