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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dr Manuel Mireles is Leading Activist Group in a National Self-Defense Movement

Borderland Beat
Headed by José Manuel Mireles, one of the originators of the movement of self-defense in Michoacán, a group of activists, victims of insecurity, violence and impunity, have formed a new front in the struggle for justice and rights humans during the government of Enrique Peña Nieto.

They are called, “Self-Defense Against Citizen Insecurity and Impunity” has among its activists and members as the poet Javier Sicilia, who heads the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity and Father Alejandro Solalinde, director of shelter "Hermanos en el Camino" on the state of Oaxaca.

Its members, all nationally known for his social activism and for being victims of insecurity or witnesses of injustices, coalesced around the prominent figure of the self-defense, from  Michoacán, who without the use of weapons, take the fight initiated in this state to the rest of the country, where violence permeates and a high degree of impunity.

On Tuesday, through a video posted on YouTube, José Manuel Mireles, released some of the names of the social activists that make up this new front I intended to permeate the concept of "self-defense" to the whole country, but this does an armed struggle.

Attorney Talia Vázquez, a victim of rape and impunity, journalist Sanjuana Martínez, independent MP from Michoacán, Selene Vazquez and Tamaulipas reporter Mario Segura, are some of the initiators of this movement.

Apart from them, is the bishop of Saltillo, Raúl Vera, defender of human rights, General Jose Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez, imprisoned for defending human rights activist military and Isabel Miranda de Wallace, president of the Association Stop Kidnapping.

This group also includes the participation of Marta Sanchez, who leads the Mesoamerican Migrant defender of human rights group of Central American migrants Movement.

Next week will be announced the public launch date of this new national association to seek justice and fight for human rights in Mexico.

In the video, called Mireles Message José Manuel Enrique Peña Nieto "And if we talk by skype with Peña?" Constitutes a direct dialogue called Peña Nieto to talk about the security issue.

And is that in the midst of a number of approaches made to  Peña Nieto, by the leader of the AUC in Michoacán.

Right there, Mireles warns that attended the Mexico City at a meeting attended by people he described as "People of considerable judgment, very brave people and people who will help me in what I want to achieve."

Besides those already mentioned, also support some political movement as the PAN former governor of Baja California, Ernesto Ruffo, former mayor and native of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodriguez. Four years ago the former mayor of Garcia, survived two attacks against the Zetas Cartel in Nuevo Leon.

Father Alejandro Solalinde
In 2007 Alejandro Solalinde founded "Hermanos en el Camino" in Oaxaca, to provide migrants a safe place. Threats from  criminal groups forced him  into exile  for two months in 2011.

Isabel Miranda de Wallace
After the kidnapping of her son Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda in 2005, Isabel Miranda founded Stop Kidnapping, AC, and after 5 years of complaints and collaborative research, the kidnappers were arrested.

José Manuel Mireles
 After suffering the murder of family and kidnapped by the Caballeros Templarios, the doctor José Manuel Mireles Valverde, who ran for the Senate in 2006, emerged as the leader of the Self-Defense Michoacanas in 2013.

Talia Vázquez
 Accusing her former husband Juan Iván Peña Neder (former official of the government of Felipe Calderón) of gang rape, and publicize the corrupt deals between Peña /Neder, its partners and the Interior Ministry, the lawyer receives continuous threats.

Marta Sanchez
Along with her ​​husband José Jacques Medina- a persecuted political refugee for participating in the student movement of 1968 - Marta Sánchez founded the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement, composed mostly of mothers of missing migrants.

Javier Sicilia
The Mexican writer and poet left lyricism and turned activist for peace after his son Juan Francisco Sicilia Ortega and six more young, were killed in Temixco, Morelos. He led in 2011 the National March for Peace.

General Gallardo
General Jose Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez a symbol of human rights became after being imprisoned from 1993 to 2002. Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience.

Ernesto Ruffo
Ruffo Appel Ernesto PAN the first Mexican governor elected by a party other than the PRI on November 1, 1989, winning elections in Baja California.

Jaime Rodriguez
Leads a fight  against drug trafficking and corrupt policemen invaded the municipality who ruled from 2009 to 2012, García, NL, Jaime Rodriguez Calderon "El Bronco" received two attempts on his life.

Bishop Vera
The  Bishop of Saltillo is recognized for creating Border Justice Project, that assists  migrants, combating discrimination against homosexuals, as well as the creation of the Diocesan Center for Human Rights.

Sources: reporte indigo and Tres punto cero michoacan 


  1. I am working on the Mireles vs Smurf/Los Viagras will take a little while.

  2. Hi Chivis, thanks for the update. I hope Dr. M survives long enough to bring this to fruition.
    I don't understand what this movement will look like. Is he encouraging other states to take up arms? Or to do it WITHOUT arms? What exactly is he intending to happen in the other states?


  3. all these people are super couregous and have balls of steel. unlike them pussy ass narcos that only kill in cowardly fashion..

  4. Dr. Mireles is a leader who can inspire people to mobilize inorder to bring change to a nation. Regardless of what type of methods they use, there is no doubt in mind that citizens of Mexico need to have the right to defend themselves. Dr. Mireles is a leader that is in a mold of MLK and Ghandi.

  5. I cant wait for that report! Mexico's history is evolving & BB is documenting it. Thank you!!

  6. Thanks Chavis for all your work in keeping us updated!

  7. Thank you very much chivis for your hard work to keep us informed

  8. Just a matter of time!! For all of them
    Ka boom!!

  9. sure everyone of them are heros

  10. what no Americano and smurf on the panel? just kidding

  11. Mexican heroes, all of them.

  12. You have signed your own death warrant im sorry to say Dr

  13. That video he personally made for that idiot pena nieto is good. You know pena nieta isn't going to take it seriously.

  14. Look people let me explain to you all the reason why our world have too many problems ; the reason is that we have 3 choices when we take decitions or do things you have the good choice which is the most reasonble , the bad choice , and the convinience one and guess whick one most of us do yess the convinience one.but the problem with this one is not always the right one or the good one a lot of times is the wrong one or bad one but we do it anyway because is convinience for us .

    on the other hand, grown people grow up and move on, if el pitufo and el americano have found new love, they should go for it, by any means, the properties acquired remain the AD, land homes and trucks, the idea was not to personally enrich themselves, and if they need to be forcibly removed, by any means, do so.
    of course, Dr Mireles needs to run for reelection and get the people to go and liberate all the towns again, el pitufo and co, can not be having meetings and agreements with anybody in secret, he needs a warning and a firing and to go where he came from, with el americano...the AD do not need these thugs anyway, and the sooner the better to say goodbye!

  16. Chivis, I knew you can't trust this crowd.

    Miranda Wallace is now saying - "I never met the guy"

    Javier Sicilia, IMHO, is a leftist who used his son's death by narcos (while he was buying?) as an excuse to attack then Pres. Calderón.

    The only guy worth a damn in this movement was Alejandro Martí.

  17. that is not what she actually said. she says in the interview he gave her information on kidnappings at the meeting. her thing is no arming of civilians. she is saying she understands the bad position michoacana are in, but EPN will save the day, that is ignorant and elitest at best

    Sicilia is a heartbroken father in my opinion, but I understand what you are saying also.
    thanks for your comment!

  18. Is this group the new fight against organized crime? AD part two?

  19. Maybe the AD movement needs to spread to all different avenues and spread the word! Grassroots!

  20. sicilia falcon and marti's sons were kidnapped and executed by GENARO GARCIA LUNA's gangs of corrupt SSP sicario-federal police agents, la
    "señora" jetas pintadas de wallace has been his accomplice all along, putting people in prison in spite of their being innocent, in complicty with good propaganda gound el presidente FECAL, now looking to help el puñetero mayor.
    jaime rodriguez's fights with criminal elements, zetas probably, is ok, but his surviving is suspicious, even more with the nationwide propaganda this prianal panista from the priista Nuevo leon land of the panista-priista chaqueteros gets, lining his ass for the governorship of the state, and a run for president sooner or later, still good to have as an ally, but la señora perra de WALLACE, that is a no-no, from any angle, chivaaa! you and Dr Mireles can not save that woman, alejandro marti's son's kidnappers have been convicted, and they have confessed:
    Two whole sets of kidnappers, independent of each other, both sets involving federal and municipal associates of genaro garcia luna, especially the real guilty ones...
    marti junior is still dead, daddy is still being fed atole con el dedo, sin atole...

  21. ISABEL MIRANDA "DE WALLACE" the most crooked crica in all of Mexico, her son's supposed kidnapping, was parlayed into millions of pesos for her and genaro garcia luna, he is supposed to be alive and in hiding, his carcass was not recovered, in spite of tortures inflicted on the accused, as usual, and the accused were even tortured after conviction and sentencing to make them shut the fuck up about their innocence, by the SSP envoys of genaro garcia luna, again, the florence cassez, the marti kidnapping extortion and murder, and alejandro marti is still hanging with that fucking bitch? talk about blind with rage, brain washed, numb and robotized...
    alejandro marti did not see the benefits of hiting the private security services of garcia luna, SSP boss, and for being tightfisted, he paid, and his son still was murdered.
    HEY! Alejandro Marti! CARLOS SLIM HELU put your son's kidnapper and murderer at the top of the AFI and then at the top of the SSP, if you can not say thank you to garcia luna, say thanks a lot to Rudy Giulianni's friend, the richest man in the world, crooked ass billionaire CARLOS SLIM HELU, lebanese hezbollah, passing for a modest mexican of modest means...he has developed the irrigation system that brings all the water from all the rivers running from anywhere to anywhere, but bring all the water to his mill...

  22. Hi Chivis I have been reading your articles. About Mireles and the "autodefensas ciudadanas" Citizen civil self defenses" they dont want to use weapons, The movement they create is just without violence . I hope you will bring more information . All those people in the civilian autodefense are people that worked hard in Mexico, Bronco, Gallardo (Human Right,Rufo politicians working to have peace in their political issues, there are many many hard mexicans workers brining good Issues social political issues to Mexico,


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